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Sunday, 10 March 2013

I have recently been sent 'Abi O Shimmer Tan Boost' to try out so I thought I would share with you all what I thought of it! I love fake tanning products as I am very pale and I think that a good fake tan can make you look healthier so I have tried a fair few different products. This product comes in the form of a very sparkly golden liquid which I think is really pretty! 

What I really liked about this tan is that it doesn't smell like most fake tans so you don't have to put up with the baked or biscuit smell, but it doesn't really have any perfume in it so it smells pretty plain. . I really liked the gold packaging, which you can see in the pictures, It isn't too over the top but you can see that it is a high quality product.

To apply the tan, I just used my hands and applied it using circular motions like the packaging said to. I found it really easy to apply as the colour is not too dark and it was just like applying moisturiser. But you must remember to wash your hands afterwards or you will have hands like a disco ball! 

The tan was instant and left me with a really pretty gold shimmer but it didn't really make my skin any darker than it was before I applied the tan. I think that this product would be great to use on top of a natural tan or other fake tanning products if you were going out to give a really pretty sparkle to your skin. 

I hope you like my first review and feel free to leave your comments in the comment box to let me know if you liked it and if there are any other products you really want me to review! 



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