Bare Minerals Eye Colour

Friday, 15 March 2013

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I absolutely love Bare Minerals eye colours, they are so pigmented and shimmery and I think it gives you a really pretty look. They do such a range of colours, I couldn't decide which ones to get! I decided to get two shades called Nude Beach and Serene which I can wear in the daytime because I already have quite a lot of eye-shadows which I can wear when I go out. I think I could wear these shadows when I go out though if I didn't want to go for a smokey eye look. 

Nude Beach is definitely my favorite of the two because it goes with everything and can be mixed with other colours or just worn on its own. Its a nude colour with a slight hint of gold and is really shimmery and pretty. I usually wear this product on its own in the daytime and for a night time look I get a darker gold colour and fill in my crease and outer corners to give it some depth. This colour also looks great with a tan. 
Serene is a really pretty pink colour which is also really shimmery, I like shimmery eye-shadows because you can wear them on their own without needing to build on them if your in a rush. I know pink eye-shadows can be hard to wear but I think this one is a really nice colour because it is so pale. I only wear this eyewash on its own because I haven't found a colour that really goes with it yet. 

The only problem with this eye colour is that it does drop onto your cheek bones when your putting it on because it is a loose powder, I don't think this is a problem with these two shades because you can blend the excess into your cheek bones and they also make a great highlighter but I imagine it could be quite annoying with some of the darker shades. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know in the comments box what you thought of these eyeshadows and if you have tried any of the other colours! 



  1. These look amazing, but they look quite messy? If I put one in my makeup bag I'd be worried the lid would come loose and the power would cover everything!

    1. They are quite messy if you are carrying it round with you. I keep my make up in a make up box so the powder is fine in there, but I recently took them to london with me in a make up bag, so thats why theres a lot of powder around the lid! The lid has never come off though :) xx


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