Benefit High Beam

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This is another one of my favourite products which I just couldn't live without...Benefit Highbeam! Its a light pink coloured shimmery highlighter which Benefit describes as 'The make up artists secret to a healthy glow'. 

I use this product in so many areas of my face to make my skin look healthier, and I think its really pretty when the light catches your cheek bones and you can see the slight shimmer. I bought this product to wear on nights out because I thought it would look great when the lights caught my face but now I use it everyday and my make up just doesn't look the same without it!

I use this highlighter underneath my brow bone to lift my eyebrows and on the tops of my cheek bones everyday but this highlighter is also really good if you use the tiniest dot on the top and bottom of your lips to make them look fuller, also it can look really nice if you use a tiny bit down the center of your nose to give a natural look. 

I really love this highlighter and wouldn't look at any other brands to buy a highlighter anymore because I just think that the Benefit ones are the best on the market, when I run out I think I'm either going to buy this one again or 'Watts Up' also by Benefit for the tops of my cheek bones. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know in the comments if you love this highlighter or if you have tried any of the other Benefit highlighters because I'm really interested to try them! 


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