MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Young Punk

Thursday, 14 March 2013

I've wanted this eye shadow for ages but it was out of stock everywhere for months! I finally got my hands on it and I'm now in love with it. Its so pretty to wear on nights out and makes your normal smokey eye look a little different. 

This eyeshadow costs £16.50 so for some that may seem a lot but this eyeshadow is a lot bigger than MAC's normal eyeshadow so I am fine with paying this price for a good brand of eyeshadow. MAC describes the colour as black with pinkish pearl, but the eyeshadow is more purple than pink and has the prettiest purple glitter blended in with the black. The actual eyeshadow looks so 
pretty in the packaging with the purple marble 

I use this eyeshadow when I go on nights out because I think the purple glitter looks great when the lights catch your eyes and it gives a nice twist to a normal smokey eye or dark eye look. When I went to buy this I was torn between this shade and Blue Flame which is similar but with a blue glitter through the black. I really love purple eyeshadows and they are always the first to go in my eyeshadow palettes so I decided on young punk and always wear it when I want a smokey eye now! 

Let me know what you thought of this eyeshadow in the comments :) 


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