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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hey everyone :) I thought I would review this foundation because I use it every time I go out and I think its such a good foundation. I bought this last year because I had been really wanting to try out a Mac foundation but wasn't sure which one to get. I spoke to a lovely lady at the Mac counter who said that this would be best for covering everything up and making my skin look completely clear without drying my skin out. 

I have very fair skin so I started off with the shade NW15 which is very pale and a complete match for my skin, the only problem was that it washed me out a tiny bit so I had to use bronzer if I wanted to wear it, but because I bought this foundation for going out at night, this wasn't really a problem. Since then, I have also bought it in the shade NW25 which I use when I have fake tanned so my face matches my body but I think mixing them both together makes a really good colour for my face to give me a bit of warmth. I also sometimes mix in some Benefit Highbeam which I am going to review next, because I think it gives a subtle shimmer to your face and looks really pretty when your face catches the light. 

This foundation is very thick so it might not be everybody's cup of tea but I really like it because it covers literally everything up and you don't need to use concealer with this foundation! You can see this on my hand where it has covered all the freckles and evened out the colour on my hand but you can still see all of this on my arm where I did not apply the foundation.  

It is very heavy so if you don't like the feeling of foundation on your skin your probably better off using the studio fix which is more of a liquid and not as thick. I only use this on nights out because I think it would be too thick to wear in the day. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and please don't hesitate to leave me any feedback in the comments box :) 


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  1. I bought this a little while ago and I completely agree(: I love it and it gives a really flawless finish if you use the right brush/blending sponge. I only wear it on nights out or events/big occasions though cause like you said it's pretty thick.
    Love your blog x


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