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Friday, 15 March 2013

I thought I would let you guys know what my top 5 beauty products are so here goes. I found it really hard to choose because I have so many that I love but If I was going away to a desert island, these are the 5 products that I would take with me! 

Moroccan Oil - I literally couldn't live without this! I have really curly hair which I don't really like that much (even though everyone says I should keep it curly), so I straighten it loads which I know is really bad for your hair but its just so much easier to manage. Because I straighten it so much my hair is in pretty bad condition but it would be so much worse if I hadn't been using this product. I use it every time I wash my hair before and sometimes after drying (or frying) it! It helps to keep my hair smooth and tame and makes it silky and shiny. 

Benefit Browzings - I've only recently started using this product and I love it! My eyebrows don't really grow very full so I used to fill them in using eyeshadow and just an eyeshadow brush, I thought this looked okay at the time until a lovely lady at the Benefit counter suggested I try browzings. It comes with a setting wax which you use first with a little angled brush. I'd never used wax before but it really does make such a difference, it keeps my brows neat and they stay put all day. It also comes with a powder which you apply over the wax with a little blending brush to fill your brows in. I think eyebrows are really important because they frame your face and when I look back to photos from when I didn't really care what mine looked like I just think 'what was I thinking?!' 

MAC Zoom Lash - I first tried this when I got it as a present and I think its great, it makes your lashes look so long and volumized. The brush is quite thin and small so its good for getting right into the corner of your eyes to make your lashes look thicker and longer and give you a more wide eyed look. 

Benefit Highbeam - This is my favorite highlighter. Its a pinky coloured highlighter with a slight shimmer that looks really pretty when the light catches it. I use it everyday on my brow bone and on the tops of my cheeks to lift my face and give me a glow. You can see my full review on this here

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation - I first tried this foundation when I was given a sample whilst buying another product. The sample was tiny but it lasted me ages! I bought the full size of this foundation as soon as it was released in the UK because I was so impressed with it. It smells lovely and feels really light on your skin. It gives you a medium coverage and has the touche eclat formula in it so it gives your skin a really lovely glow. When you first apply it, its quite dewy but it you leave it for about 5 mins it has a more matte effect with a subtle glow. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what your favorite products are in the comments box :) 



  1. Love love love benefit highbeam! I really wish I could pull off the YSL because I've heard so many good things, but it just doesn't work with my oily/combo skin.

    1. I could not live without highbeam! I find that the YSL is okay on my skin which is oily in places if I wear a good primer like the porefessional by Benefit. I love the little OPI Oz nail varnish you reviewed! I tried the minnie mouse collection when it came out over the summer and loved it! xx

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