OPI Minnie Mouse Collection

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I wanted this collection for ages because I love Disney and Minnie Mouse is my favorite character, and all the nail varnishes are pink which is great for me! They are quite expensive to buy every shade in the collection so I found a mini collection with little bottles of every shade and bought that. I was dissapointed that it didn't come with 'Nothin' Mousie 'Bout it' because thats the shade I really wanted, so I did buy a full size bottle of that. 

The collection comes with 4 shades and a Rapidry Topcoat which is amazing and drys in seconds! 

Nothin' Mousie 'Bout it - I think this shade is really pretty, its like a pink shimmery glittery shade with little hearts in it which you can use on any of the shades in the collection and it goes really well! The only thing with this one is that it is really tricky to get on and controll where the hears end up so if your not very good at painting your nails (like me) it can look a bit messy. 

Im all ears - this is a really nice colour for summer because its so bright and looks really nice with a tan. Its a fuchsia colour with little shimmery bits all through it and looks a bit like gel nail varnish when you put it on because its super shiny. 

The colour of minnie - This is kind of a red colour, but more of a pink red. Its also really bright and it looks really good with the Nothin Mousie Bout It on top because you can really see the hearts and the shimmer on the darker colour. 

If you moust you moust - I love this colour, its such a girly pink colour and I just think its so pretty. Its a bright bubblegum (barbie) pink and looks good with a tan or if your pale like me. This is one of my favorites in the collection because I just think its a really pretty colour. 

If you moust you moust (Left) with Nothin mousie bout it ontop (right), sorry about the messy nails!
A much neater view of the colours!
Photo taken from: www.suburbancitychix.com


  1. This looks gorgeous! The first polish looks similar to Essie's Beyond Cozy which I have and absolutely love! Love the polish with the hearts in :) xo

    1. I haven't tried many essie colours but I really want to. Yeah the one with the little hearts is my favourite by far! xxx


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