Revlon Lip Butter - Strawberry Shortcake

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I bought this lipstick the other day and I've not been able to stop wearing it! I got the colour strawberry shortcake which I think is a really cute name and its like a light bubblegum pink colour. I usually wear pink lipstick because I just don't think I suit red lipstick so this shade was perfect for me. 

The lipstick is so conditioning and makes your lips feel really soft which I really like because I know some lipsticks can make your lips look dry or crack if they're too matte. I like how it gives the impression that I'm wearing a little bit of gloss without me having to add lipgloss on over my lipstick because sometimes that can look and feel a little sticky. 

I think the packaging is really nice too, its quite sleek, and I think when you take the lid off its more high end looking too which is great because it only cost me £7.99. 

This shade is quite sheer but it is buildable if you want a brighter colour, I quite like it being sheer though because it means I can carry it around in my bag and apply it without the need to use a mirror and I wont end up with dodgy lipstick lines or lipstick all over my face! 

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