Clarins Colour Quartet for Eyes

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hi Girlies! I hope your Mondays weren’t too terrible! I’m back home from Uni at the moment so I get to take a little time off in between revision and I must say, it is nice to be able to relax a bit before all the madness of exams starts again! I thought I would do a post about my Clarins eyeshadow palette as it has some great spring pastels and it’s supposedly spring now, even if it is as cold as winter but we can dream!

I got given this palette from a friend as she no longer wanted it and didn’t think the colours suited her which was great for me because I love shimmery eyeshadows! This palette is called ‘Pastel Shimmers’ colour quartet for eyes and its by Clarins. I’m not sure if you can still get this palette as I received it quite a while ago and they tend to do palettes with eyeliner included now which is always a bonus.

The packaging for this product is quite small as it only has 4 colours so it’s much easier to pop in your handbag for touch-ups than some of my Urban Decay or MUA ones. It’s also quite chunky and has a large mirror and it just seems to me like its a high quality palette. I’m not sure how much this cost as I didn’t buy it and they don’t make the same ones anymore but I’m guessing it was slightly pricey like most of Clarins stuff so I would expect it to be good quality.
The palette comes with 4 colours which are all really wearable. There is a yellow, lilac, pink and a green which are all light and shimmery. However, they are quite sheer so if you want a more intense colour then you will have to build it up, I found this when swatching on my hand but I like the sheerness on my eyes as it gives me a nice shimmery subtle day look.

The eyeshadows are all really soft and blendable making them easy to apply. Also, as the colours are so light they work really well in your tearduct area or as a base when creating other eyeshadow looks. I don’t think I would buy this palette again purely because, apart from the fact I cant, I think I prefer more of a glittery shimmer that you get with the Bare Minerals eyeshadow pots.

Which eyeshadows are you loving at the moment? I’d love to know!



  1. Love this palette! Such cute pastel shades, perfect for summer!

    Like your blog, I'm a new follower, maybe check out my blog? :)


    1. Its great for sunny days! Of course, I'll be sure to check it out when I get a chance, Thankyou for the follow, I really appriciate it :) xx

  2. This palette looks so cute, love the pastel colours! X

    1. I Love the cute pastels and I cant help but love everything shimmery! xx


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