Yume Sunless Tan Extender

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hi Ladies, I hope your all having an amazing weekend! I was in London yesterday looking at houses all day, so exciting but now I'm shattered! So, I thought I would do a post on a different kind of product today and something that I haven't really seen on other blogs yet. I got this product from the Pro Beauty Show and I'm quite impressed seeing as I've never heard of the brand before. 

Yume tan extender is manufactured by Tampa Bay Tan. The lotion contains vitamins A, D and E and natural ingredients such as Lavender  Chamomile and Lemon balm which all contain properties which clarify, heal and protect the skin. It also contains essential fatty acids which penetrate deep into the skin to provide a high level of moisturisation, which is key for making your tan last longer. 

This tan extender contains DHA (the ingredient which makes the tan stain your skin) which means that the tan stays on your skin longer without drying out your skin like a lot of tan extenders. 

The packaging of this product isn't really much to look at but I think it is meant to be for salons, not for home use so they haven't really made it look pretty or anything but if the product works then I'm not too concerned about the packaging. I use this when I've had a spray tan and I have to say it does make my tan last longer and prolongs the nice looking tan before the cracked and faded look appears. When I use this product, my tan actually lasts the whole week which it's supposed to, I'm not sure how much this costs but if you are spending money on a spray tan your going to want it to last! 

Also, you only have to use this product maximum every other day but I only use it the day after my spray tan so it lasts ages! The product does smell slightly odd, kind of like a sickly sweet coconut fruity smell, its hard to explain but its not a great smell, but its bearable. I think if you can stand the smell of having a spray tan then you won't mind the smell of this. 

I am a spray tanner and I use this product and recommend it to all my clients so I would definitely recondite investing in a good tan extender. What are your favourite tanning products? I'm always looking for new ones to try! 



  1. This sounds really lovely, the odd sickly smell appeals xx


    1. I think its more of a salon product which is great because I always think they work better and it lasts ages! xx

  2. this products sounds really good :D


    Kamila xx

  3. this looks great, all my moisturisers make my tan end up peely! xx

  4. This sounds great! Shame it's only in salons
    Kirsty x


  5. I know this one keeps your tan on for way longer than a spray tan or fake tan usually lasts. Kirsty, I think you can order this online from tanning websites and get the smaller size so not the salon size :) xx


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