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Thursday, 18 April 2013

I've seen quite a lot of these Instagram posts and I love them and am slightly addicted to Instagram so I thought I would do my own. I hope you all like it! xx

1. A cute Mickey Mouse present I got at an event
2. A sunset I took while in Miami, wishing I was there again!
3. Pampertime on a Sunday night. 
4. I was looking for motivation to crack on with my revision
5. Love getting my nails done!
6. My room was smelling lovely with this scented candle. 
7. Pigging out on Ben and Jerrys haha
8. Having a healthy snack.
9. I love making cupcakes like these! 
10. I love Yankee Candles, this one smells so sweet!
11. Having another bath, I like to treat myself!
12. My gorgeous cat when he was a kitten. 

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