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Monday, 29 April 2013

What is your favourite Spring nail polish?
I really love pastel colours for spring but most of the time I can’t help but put some glitter on top to make it sparkle! At the moment Im wearing a pastel pink with Barry M Rose Quartz glitter polish on top and I really love this look.

What is your must have lip colour this spring?
I like a  pastel pink because I like to save the brighter colours for summer or maybe a coral, at the moment I’m loving strawberry shortcake Revlon lip butter or sugared grapefruit by Clinique. 

Show us your favorite Spring dress?
My favorite spring dress is actually one I got from Topshop last year. Its a white strappy dress with a lace panel around the waist and a kind of swishy skirt, sorry for the awful description but I cant find a picture anywhere! I like to wear it with some pastel pink suede flats and a pastel pink cardigan with ruffles. 

What is your favourite flower?
Im not sure if this counts but I really love blossom on trees, I think all the pink colour trees are so pretty and it looks amazing when it all starts to fall down, like a flower shower haha. 

What is your favourite Spring scarf/accessory?
My favourite spring scarf would be this floral one I got from Lipsy, I’ve had it for ages now and I still love it, its nice a bright but its also thin so I can get away with wearing it in spring. 

What Spring trends are you most excited for?
I love all the more delicate clothes which come into stores in spring, and I also love some of the new makeup trends like some of the pastels and also some of the brighter colours. 

What is your favourite Spring candle?
I really love scented candles, at the moment I have a Lily Flame candle called Fairy dust which is so pretty and delicate and smells kind of like sweet baby powder, but I want to change it and get the Yankee Candle ‘Sweet Pea’ because I think that’s more of a spring scent. 

What is your favourite body spray/perfume for Spring?
I love Victorias Secret Pink in ‘pretty and pure’ its such a fresh and fruity smell but unfortunately I’m running out and won’t be able to replace it because we don’t get them over here! 

What is Spring like, where you live?
I live in the Uk so most years its sometimes sunny but sometimes rainy, but this year it’s only just began to stop freezing and snowing, we’ve had such a long winter! 

What is your favourite thing about Spring?
I love it when the weather is warm, I can’t wait for summer! 

Are you a Spring cleaner?
I do sometimes go a bit spring cleaning mad, I sorted out my room a couple of weeks ago and pretty much binned half the stuff I own, but it needed to be done. Thinking about it, I probably should have done a blog sale as I threw out quite a lot of unused beauty products! 

Any plans for a Spring break/vacation?
I wont get a summer this year as I’m starting my placement straight after exams, but I am really looking forward to having a proper job and living in London! 

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  2. http://aliciajadex.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/tag-i-love-spring.html

    This is my tag! Great blog :) x


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