Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

Friday, 3 May 2013

Hi Ladies! Firstly, I'd like to thank all my lovely followers for all their support so far, I really appreciate all your lovely comments and tweets and I love reading them! As you can probably all tell by the picture, I am entering the Cosmopolitan Blog awards this year! 

I would love it if all you lovely ladies would take the time to nominate for me as Best New Beauty Blog in this years competition. If you would like to nominate me you can do so by clicking here

It really would mean so much to me if anybody voted for me because I'm not really expecting  any votes! 

Let me know if you vote for me so I can thank you all too!


  1. I'm sorry Becky, I tried! But they won't allow votes or nominations from International BBloggers, that is outside the UK :( Sorry! Hope you get the Award! <3333

  2. Hey lovely, I don't think it matters how many nominations you get - I think its about votes later on, once the panel makes a "short list" (it says it in the terms and conditions) :)
    Maybe double check with Cosmo but I'm pretty sure that's the case!


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