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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hi Ladies! First of all, apologies for the image heavy post, I know some people don't like that in blog posts but I wanted to show you each product up close so you could get a better idea of what the products are like instead of just going with my description. This is my first empties post because I was really stupid and threw out all my empty make up products and anything I didn't use or like anymore just before I started blogging so I couldn't take any photos! Anyway enough rambling, I'll get on and review the products now! 

MAC bronzing powder in 'Golden' 

I got this product in September so I guess it has lasted quite a long time as its just about empty now, despite my attempts to get my brush right into the corners of the pan, although I've had a bronzer from Clinique for ages now and its nowhere near as empty as this, but I guess I do use this one more as this is kind of been my go to bronzer. I got the colour 'Golden' because I didn't want anything too dark for my very pale skin. The lovely lady at the MAC counter was very helpful considering I didn't really know what I was looking for when I went to the counter. I ended up going for a slightly shimmery bronzer because at the time that's what I liked the most, however I think if I went back I would go for a more matte effect as I think that's better for contouring. I did love this bronzer, it was the right shade for my skin and wasn't too heavy and cakey, I just wish it would have last longer! 

MAC blusher in 'Springsheen'

I got this blusher a few years ago while I was in duty free and I used to love it, I mean I wouldn't even consider using another blusher. I think maybe this was because it was my first MAC blusher, I think even my first ever MAC product and I was in love. I wanted a coral colour for spring/summer time and this one seemed great for going on holiday and using with my skin tone. Since then, I've moved onto more pink toned blushers and am currently using 'Pink Swoon' by MAC but this is my go to blush for when I have a tan. As you can see from the picture it has a golden coral effect which looks great in the sun (the pic was taken in the sun'. It makes my cheeks glow and is perfect with golden eyes and coral lips. 

Benefit 'Thrrrob' 

This was actually my first ever Benefit blusher as well  lots of firsts in this post! I got this when I decided to move on from my coral MAC blush to a more pinky blush and this looked like the perfect colour, it was light so it wouldn't look too Barbie-ish on my pale skin and would be perfect for sixth form where we weren't allowed to wear much make up. That says a lot about how long I've had this blush because I haven't been in sixth form for 2 years now! This blush box didn't actually last me long despite still having a bit left over now, I tend to find another blush before the one I'm currently using runs out and just forget about any others, hence why I have loads of half used ones! Unfortunately this product has now been discontinued but if it was still around then I would definitely repurchase. 

Body Shop super volume mascara

I got this mascara in my stocking last year and it's only just dried up and started to irritate my eyes now. I absolutely love this mascara, it really does do what it says on the tin. It makes my eyelashes look super long without clumping. Also, the thin wand makes it really easy to use and get into the corners of your eyes without getting mascara all over your face! Sometimes I can get quite sensitive eyes too so I love this product because it never makes my eyes itch, its so annoying when a mascara makes me want to rub my eyes all day and I end up with panda eyes! I think I will definitely repurchase this because the mascara I just bought is a bit rubbish to be honest and no comparison to this one! 

Have you tried any of these products  Also, I am entering my blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards this year for the category of 'Best New Beauty Blog' I would absolutely love it if you could spare the time to vote for Lipgloss and Lashes, it'll only take two seconds and It would make my day! The link to the nomination page is in my side bar if you click on the cosmo picture! 


  1. I have Springsheen and I barely use it, don't know why. Great post!

    Katie xo

  2. I hardly ever use it anymore either! I just kind of forget about it even though its in my make up storage and I look at it every day! Now I've reviewed it i've kind of fallen back in love with it though! xx

  3. I really want to try that MAC blush :) x

  4. The blush seems to be the most popular out of all the products! It is a lovely colour xx

  5. Love both blushers! Gorgeous colour :)


    Kamila xx

  6. You have such a beautiful blog! I love the Benefit blusher boxes. I've got Hervana and dandelion but not tired Thrrrob, shame its been discontinued the colour is gorgeous! Xx


  7. I know every beauty blogger is supposed to be mad about MAC but I just don't see what the fuss is about lol. Great detailed post though hun.

    Fashion Beauty Etc

  8. I've been dying to try the MAC bronzing powder, not sure whether to stick with my bobbi brown one though haha, great post! I nominated you for the liebester award, your can see the rules here:) http://lollylou97.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/liebster-award.html xx

  9. I am dying to try out some MAC blushes! I definitely want to have this one now, as it looks gorgeous! :) But then again, the Benefit blusher is gorgeous too, mehh I want both but I don't have enough money! :( x Laura


  10. Great post, love Benefit box blushes x

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments guys, unfortunatly blogger wont let me reply to any comments so i have to do it this way! I think the reason why I love mac so much is the amazing variety and the quality of all their products, but I don't actually own lots of mac like a lot of beauty bloggers, and thanks I'll check out what the liebster awards are! xx

  12. Springsheen is absolutely gorgeous! I think that may be the next MAC blush I pick up!

    Xox, Cat


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