Paul Mitchell 'Soft Style'

Monday, 27 May 2013

Hi Ladies! I hope you're all having an amazing bank holiday, whatever your plans are. Today is another hair post so if you're getting bored of hearing about hair products then I would stop reading now! I got this product at christmas as a little treat from my Mum - everything I seem to be posting about recently is a present from my Mum! - so I've had it for quite a while. 

I wasn't sure what this product was actually for when I first got it but Paul Mitchell describes it as a 'flexible styling gel'. I never use styling gels so I can't really compare this product to other syling gels but I think the idea of this one is to help you style your hair while still keeping it soft so that your not left with hard hair! I'm a big hairspray lover and I'm always walking around with hard hair to keep it from going frizzy or turning back curly or to stop my curls falling out on a night out so this product seemed like something I would be interested in. 

Firstly, I wouldn't describe this as being a gel, its more of a liquid spray so the name is quite off putting. I decided to test this product when I was going to curl my hair as that's when I would use this product, I don't think I would bother for everyday straightening. I followed the instructions and sprayed a small amount onto clean, damp hair and styled my hair as I usually would. I did spray a bit of hairspray onto my curls as I couldn't really feel the product on my hair after I'd styled it - so it definitely keeps your hair soft. 

I have to say that, I never really noticed a big difference with this product when I curled my hair. The curls stayed bouncy for the same amount of time they usually would but I do think that this product would work well if I was maybe going for a loose wavy style. Another thing I didn't really like about this product was the way it made my hair feel. I have greasy roots as it is and this just made my hair feel a lot heavier and like it was going to get greasy quicker but my hair was still soft, just a little weightier. 

I don't think I would buy this product again because, although it wasn't bad, it just didn't do much for my hair and as I never use styling gels anyway, I never really find myself reaching for this product like I do with some other products. Saying this, I do love this brand, their Awuphi shampoo and conditioner is to die for so maybe my dislike of this product is down to the fact that its a styling gel (something I wouldn't use anyway) and not because I dislike the effects of the product. Basically, although its not bad, I just don't use it. 

Have you tried any Paul Mitchell products? I'd love to know your thoughts! 


  1. I dont think I've tried any products from Paul Mitchell. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. I think that I agree, Paul Mitchell are just pretty average aren't they.

    Kelly ||


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