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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hi Ladies! Its been a while since I've done a make up review because I've been so busy with exam revision that I just haven't had time! So today I thought I would review a product which I've had for ages now, a couple of years I think, and that is the Victoria s Secret Beauty Rush Lipglosses. I got my first one of these in an airport when I was on my way to Hong Kong because I had a fiver in my purse and I could hardly just let it sit there while I stared at the Victoria s Secret shop in the distance! 

I'll start off with the packaging, the packaging for these isnt really much to look at, its a standard plastic tube lipgloss but they are good for carrying around with you because they fit in your handbag quite well. You can probably see in the second photo that the consistency of these lipglosses is quite thick and can be quite sticky on your lips so if your not a great lipgloss lover, I wouldn't advise getting these lipglosses because they are a nightmare for getting your hair stuck to your lips! But because its so thick, you don't need to wear a lot of the product so they last for ages, I think I've had my first one for a couple of years now and its still not ran out! 

The first colour which I got was 'Taffy go Lucky' which is the barbie pink shade in the photos, I love the names of these lipglosses, I think they're so fun and cute! 'Taffy go Lucky' is a very girly pink colour with a slight golden shimmer which I think is really pretty and I loved this colour so much that when I went back to America I got another tube just incase I ran out, I've yet to open that spare tube but I haven't gone off the shade yet so Im sure I will get round to it. It smells really sweet and kind of like toffee, which I guess is what taffy is like? I'm not sure. The next shade I got was 'Grapefruit Blast' which is a more glittery shade, its a sheer pink shade with silver glitter and I think its really pretty to use over pink lipsticks or nude lipsticks just to make your lips nice and shiny if you like that effect, this one smells really nice a fruity and I think I refer this smell to some of the other more sugary scents. 

I also picked up one in 'Cherry Blast' which has a really nice sweet berry smell. Its a kind of light red colour, the red isn't too intense which I like because I don't suit red lipsticks, they either wash me out or make my skin look horrible and red but I really like this colour for when I want a darker lip, its great for the summer too because its quite bright and has a golden shimmer in it so it looks great with a tan or with gold/neutral eye make up. 

I also picked up 'Sugar High' which smells soo sweet so if you don't like sweet smells then this definitely isn't the one for you! Its a clear lipgloss with silvery sparkles so you can wear it over any lipstain or lipstick to get a super shiny finish with a hint of glitter. I also got 'Bubblegum Mint' which is a sweet minty lipgloss which freshens your breath when you wear it. I know that a lot of companies make these now but at the time I thought it was really cool and I hadn't seen any others like it so I just had to have it! It is a kind of clear colour with a hint of pink but it's not really enough to be noticeable so you can wear it over pretty much any lip colour. 

Unfortunately I can't get any more of these lipglosses because I live in the UK and we only have one or two Victoria s Secret stores, none of them where I live either! :'( 

Have you tried any of these lipglosses or any other brands which you think are amazing? I'd love to know! 


  1. I love the taffy go lucky colour!


  2. I like the look of grapefruit blast xx

  3. Hi just found your lovely blog! The lip glosses look gorgeous, I'll definitely make sure to pick one up next time I'm in VS! :) Great post

    if you have a minute, please take a look at my blog? if you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x

  4. Ooh they do look amazing. So juicy and shiny! I love Cherry Bomb.

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  5. I really wish there was a Victorias Secret shop near me as well! They really should open more.

    These look lovely

    Jen <3

  6. Taffy go lucky looks beautiful!
    Kirsty x


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