Mania Mia Fashion Boutique Giveaway!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hi Ladies! I'm so excited to be writing this post as it means that it's time for me to give something back to all you wonderful readers who take the time to read and comment on my posts. I have been given the opportunity to team up with Mania Mia Fashion Boutique to offer you lovely readers the chance to win a Paprika Belt worth £35. All you have to do to enter is fill out the little raffle below and you'll be entered into the draw! 

Named Fulham's best kept secret, Mania Mia has established itself as a haven for the stylish shopper to discover affordable chic women’s contemporary fashion and accessories. The boutique supports independent fashion designers from around the world delivering fashion-forward styles that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. Much more than a fashion boutique Mania Mia is a destination for everything unique and inspiring regularly hosting designer sample sales, music evenings and art exhibitions.

Mania Mia, 307 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4RF.

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I wish you the best of luck!

Banggood Make Up Brush Set

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hi Ladies! I was recently contacted by Banggood asking if I would like to try out some of their products. They stock quite a lot of products which looked really fun, so choosing just three was really difficult as there was so much choice (53 pages of choice!). One of the items I opted to try was the set of 12 professional make up brushes in a little travel holder. I've really needed to replace some of my brushes for ages as they're really scratchy and irritate my sensetive skin so I was so pleased when I received these brushes. 

These brushes were super cheap for the amount I received so I was really surprised at the quality of most of the brushes. The stipling brush is one of the softest brushes I've ever felt and I cant wait to put it to the test, although I'm not quite sure what I should be using this brush for. I also love the powder brush and the angled cheek brush as I often find these brushes way too big (leaving me with very large bright cirlces on my cheeks!) but these are the perfect size and the perfect combination of  stiffness and softness. 

I was also really impressed with all of the eye make up brushes, theyre all really soft which is so important for use around your eyes because scratchy brushes often leave my eye area looking red and a bit sore - never a good look! 

However, there were two brushes which I was less impressed with. Firstly, the foundation brush. Its perfectly soft and the right size but it does leave a few hairs on my face when I use it which is slightly annoying, but this was the only brush in the collection that had this problem. Also, the angled brow brush could do with being a little stiffer so it would be easier to get the perfect arch but it is still nice and soft and is great for doing the outer parts of my brow. 

These are available to buy from Banggood for about £16 which I don't think is a terrible price for a brush set where almost all of the brushes are of a good quality. 

Collective Haul - Miss Selfridge, Hollister, Gilly Hicks, Jack Wills, etc

Hi Girlies! I hope your all having a fab weekend and enjoying the occasional bursts of sunshine that we've been having! I decided to put a haul up on my blog today because I don't think I've done one before, and if I have, it was a long time ago! Now I live in London, I have access to way more different shops that before which is great for me, maybe not so great for my bank account! I don't usually put anything to do with fashion on my blog because I'm not really that fashionable or 'cool' - I just buy what I like, what I'm comfortable in and what I think suits me. 

Little Rabbit Light, £2 - I got this little rabbit light from a shop in Hammersmith called Tiger. I'd never heard of it before so I'm not sure if this is a local store or if it is some kind of chain. It stocks loads of ikea-style home items and when I was having a browse I couldn't help pick up this little rabbit light for my bedside table, and for only £2 it was a complete bargain and the cheapest I'd seen this light before was £7! 

Gilly Hicks Underwear, £2.99 each - Firstly, sorry if this is way too much information but I thought, we all wear them and these are just too pretty to keep to myself. I love Gilly Hicks but usually its on the more expensive end of my budget so I hardly ever shop there. I picked these up in the sale and I couldn't resist the summery floral designs. They're so soft and practical as they don't have huge frills on them that are a nightmare for wearing under jeans and leggings (what I live in) and I just love the cheery design. The one thing I would say though, is that they didn't have very much choice size-wise. I got large and I'm usually a side 12 in jeans so If your much bigger then you wouldn't be able to fit which I don't really think is fair. Also, they had tonnes of underwear in extra small and small but only one wall of medium and large which I think is a bit stupid as there were loads I wanted that only came in small. 

Jack Wills travel card holder, £8.50 - I've always liked Jack Wills clothing but I've never owned any of it, and I still don't, it's just way too expensive for that it is and I never used to live anywhere near a store. But now I'm a proper Londoner and I've finally got myself an Oyster card, buying a card holder was the perfect opportunity to pop in store. I didn't think £8.50 was a terrible price as it is quite thick and feels very durable. I loved the summery floral design and It always brightens up my mornings when I pull it out on the way to work. It's also definitely so much easier to have a thick card holder because it's easy to pull out of my bag and reduces my faffing around time in the mornings. 

Miss Selfridge top. £8.50 - I also picked up this top in the sales. I love the pink and black lace design and I'm loving floaty, thin tops at the moment. I think I could wear this to work or dress it up for a night out. This was actually on sale for £12 but I used my student discount, so I was able to get it for the cheaper price. I think this top may be a possible contender for the LDN Bloggers Party too. 

Hollister t-shirt, £11 - Before you all shoot me for shopping in anything owned by Abercrombie, I got this t-shirt because I love how soft it is and the way it fits me. I think that Hollister sizes are getting way more reasonable as I now fit into a Medium, whereas before I had to get a large. I never really buy any 'basics' so it's really time I started and at only £11 it didn't hurt my poor bank account too much! 

Sigma Make Up Brushes

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hi Girls! I recently received some Sigma make up brushes from a company called Ball Beauty, so I thought I'd let you know my thoughts, although I'm aware that a lot of bloggers own Sigma make up this post is for those of you who don't own any or don't own these two in particular!  

Ball Beauty are a 60 year old business which serves the Hollywood glamour industry and many secret celebrities, so imagine my excitement that they wanted to work with me! They let me know that as the products would be shipped internationally, it would take between 10 and 20 days to arrive but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the parcel only 4 days after they had told me they shipped it. 

Anyway, onto the brushes. I had heard a lot about Sigma but I'd never tried them myself as I've only recently started to take an interest in getting myself better make up brushes. I was sent the F88 Flat Angled Kabuki* and the E35 Tapered Blending brush*. 

F88 Flat Angled Kabuki - This brush is great for blending in my bronzer and contouring my face as the brush is quite dense so its really good for making sure that your bronzer is properly blended in with no really dark lines all around your face. When I'm using bronzer to contour my face I'm always so paranoid about it not being blended in properly because I don't want people to know that my check bones (or lack of them) don't look like that naturally. This brush is also really soft and so much better than the blusher brush I've been using so far to bronze and contour my face! I also love how chunky the handle is on this brush, the handle is the perfect weight to be able to really work the bronzer into your cheek bones without having to press too hard on your brush and it feels really comfortable to hold in your hand while applying your make up. 

E35 Tapered Blending brush - I've been meaning to get my hands on a decent blending brush for ages! The one I'm currently using is so scratchy that it's actually painful to use and doesn't really blend out my eye shadow at all. Since becoming a beauty blogger I've realized that I don't just have to plaster one colour onto my eyelids, and that using a crease colour can really add some depth to your eyes. This brush is so great for using in your crease, it fits perfectly and is really easy to use as a blending brush because it's so soft. I think using a good brush on your eye area is so important as its such a delicate area so I'm so glad I've been able to add this to my collection. 

You can buy Sigma make up brushes, and loads of other great beauty brands from Ball Beauty Suppy if you click here.

Which make up brushes do you love? I can't wait to get my hands on a decent angled brow brush! 

Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Foundation

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hi Girls! Just to let you all who love reading reviews know, I have a lot of products in my little bag of 'products to review' at the moment, so if you prefer some of my other posts, I'm sorry to disappoint! At the beginning of the month I moved to London and started a new job so I've been so busy sorting everything that I haven't really had time to properly review the products and I didn't want to put anything out there that I hadn't fully tested because that wouldn't really be fair. 

Anyway, moving on to the review...I received Benefit Cosmetics 'Hello Flawless - Oxygen Wow' foundation - £24.50* - at the launch of their new primer last week as the Benebabes were feeling very generous when they put together out goodie bags! 

Hello flawless was Benefit's first ever liquid foundation and comes in 9 shades. I've been wanting to try out this foundation for ages because I've loved all of the Benefit products I've tried so far but had never tried their foundations (apart from You Rebel, which is more of a tinted moisturiser) as I'm more of a liquid foundation girl. I was colour matched to Ivory - Believe in me, which is the yellow toned version of their palest shade.  I found this colour to be a perfect match for my skin tone which I was so happy about as I usually struggle to get foundations which don't make me look a little orange or leave horrible orange streaks. I'm quite pale and usually have NW15 in MAC foundations, for those of you who want to try and match the colours up. 

Another thing I love about this foundation is the packaging. The clear bottle allows you to see how much you have left and if you need to replace it or buy a new foundation, I hate waking up in the morning and finding out that I've ran out because the bottle doesn't allow you to see how much your using. I also love the fact that it has a pump, I really don't think it's much to ask for when you're spending £20 - £30 on a foundation to have a pump included. I think it's so cheeky when high end brands then charge you £4 for pump! 

I would say that this foundation definitely has a light to medium coverage but I was able to build it up in the areas which I felt needed more coverage. I've recently converted from being a lover of full coverage, mask everything foundations to loving light and dewy foundation which make my skin look a lot more natural. This one definitely ticks that box, it's lovely and light and has a really natural finish, although you do have to give it a little time to dry ask it can feel quite wet when you first apply it. I think it really suits my skin type though because the hydrating formula doesn't irritate my dry skin and does a really good job to cover it up. 

It's also worth noting that this foundation has SPF 25 which is great for me as my skin is so sensitive to the sun, I could probably get burned in the shade without even trying, so SPF is now something I'm looking for in my foundations or moisturisers. 

I think it's fair to say that this foundation is my new obsession, and teamed with their 'Stay Flawless' Primer it is a definite contender for my favourite foundation - maybe even beating my trusty YSL Touche Eclat foundation. Although, I don't think that this foundation would be the best for oily skin types, It lasts quite a long time on me but I've heard that it does tend to slide off more oily skin types. Although it is oil free, the hydrating formula of the foundation may not be your best bet if you have oily skin. 

Benefit 'Stay Flawless' Primer

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi Ladies! If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that on Monday I had the chance to go to the launch party for Benefit's 'Stay Flawless' primer. The lovely ladies at Benefit were so generous and gave us a goodie bag with contained a full size primer, foundation and foundation brush. I thought it would be best to review all of the product seperatley because I know a lot of you wouldn't go out and buy all 3 in one go as they are quite pricey! 

Benefit say that this 'Pro-longwear primer stick acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh and flawless hours'. If you ask me, that's quite a big statement to make seeing as a lot of us have very busy lives and by about 2pm my make up is pretty much melting off my face! 

I have to say that despite some flaws in the product, it is a really great primer. Firstly, I was a bit unsure of the stick design as all of my other primers are creams and I thought that the stick may be a bit dry and not so great for my dry skin, but the stick applicator is actually really easy to use and it glides on your skin so easily which allows me to cut down my make up time in the morning (every extra minute in bed is a bonus!). I did find this primer to be a bit sticky at first, but if you let it properly dry before applying foundation it is a lot better, but sometimes I just don't have the time to let it dry in the morning. 

As for the 15 hour lasting power, I'm not sure it lasted 15 hours but it definitely did keep my foundation in place for a lot longer than without the primer. Just to make sure I was right, I tested the foundation with no primer and it definitely did melt away a lot easier than when I was wearing the primer. Another thing to bear in mind is that I do touch my face quite a lot during the day which probably doesn't help with the staying power of my foundations!

Another benefit of this primer is that it was great for my dry skin, I sometimes find primers make my dry skin stand out a bit more as they are usually used to keep shine at bay as well as keeping your foundation in place but the creamy texture of this primer did help the appearance of my skin. I also love the packaging of the primer, I'm always drawn to the Benefit counter because of all their pretty packaging and this product was no different, it just looks so pretty sitting in my make up bag!

Overall, I'm really impressed with this primer, I love Benefit products and Stay Flawless certainly didn't let me down. The UK release date is 29th June and it costs £24.50* so it is a little on the pricey side but I do think that sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for quality. 

Which Primers do you love? I'd love to know as primer has recently become a staple product in my make up bag! 

Benefit 'Stay Flawless' Event

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hi Girls! Firstly, sorry about the picture heavy post but I really wanted to show you everything! I'm so excited to write this post as last night I attended my first every bloggers event, and even more exciting it was a Benefit event! I've loved Benefit ever since I was 15 and my Mum took me to a Benefit counter to get their You Rebel tinted moisturizer  at the time it was the perfect foundation as my skin was covered in acne and I didn't want to make it any worse. So really, my make up obsession started with Benefit and now here we are again...

I was greeted with a glass of champagne and some lovely nibbles and as I was slightly late I  missed the initial chit-chat but I was in time for the presentation. Lisa, Benefit's top make up artist was there to show us all how their new primer 'Stay Flawless' worked and gave us all the necessary information about the product. We also got to take part in a little quiz to win prizes, unfortunately I didn't win anything this time but I did win a lovely eye-shadow from their new range at the end of the event which I was so excited about! 

After the presentation, we were all given wristbands which told us what time we would be going into the ice bar, I was SO excited for this as going to the ice bar has been on my bucket list for a very long time, and what better way to experience it than with a lot of excited bbloggers?! While we were waiting to go into the ice bar the lovely lisa colour matched us all so we knew what shade of foundation we would need, I was matched to the lightest shade 'ivory - believe in me' but I'm going to save reviewing the product for a different post as this one is already turning out to be quite long! 

Then for the exciting part, we were all given our stylish blue capes to keep us warm and a token for a cocktail and we entered the Ice Bar. It sounds stupid, but I didn't realise how cold it would be! I loved the ice bar despite being absolutely freezing and the cocktails were so yummy. I opted for the 'Apollo 11' which was a fruity, vodka based cocktail...although they were surprisingly hard to drink as the glasses were also made out of ice and cut into a square shape. 

After the Ice Bar experience we were given some amazing goodie bags with full size bottles of the primer, foundation and a foundation brush for the best application, how generous were they!

I loved every second of this experience and met some lovely girls at the event so I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the girls at Benefit Cosmetics for putting on such a fab event and making us all feel so welcome! 

Dr Bragi Intensive Treatment Mask

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hi Girls, happy Saturday! I hope your all enjoying this glorious summer weather we've been having as much as I am! I was recently send this Intensive Treatment Mask by Dr Bragi* to try out, and I have to say that I'm really impressed. 

Dr Bragi say that this mask is 'A 15 minute complexion perk me up thanks to the unique rejuvenating properties of Dr Bragis patented marine enzymes. This clever single use mask transforms the skin resulting in a brighter, plumper more youthful appearance, a great skin treat or the ultimate pre-party boost'.

I have to say, I was quite skeptical about this mask. I've been having terrible dry skin lately and nothing seems to be working to get it back to normal. Every time I do my make up it looks awful because everything clings to my dry skin and it's been getting me down. This mask claims to be brilliant for solving issues like that because of the marine enzymes it contains. I'm no scientist so this didn't really mean anything to me, and as nothing else had worked, I didn't think this would either. 

The mask is a fabric mask which you place on your face and leave for 15 minutes to let it work its magic. I like the idea that you just stick it on your face instead of rubbing a thick cream all over my skin because that can be quite annoying sometimes and a pain to take off. Also, I still have quite bad skin so thick, cream face masks can often block my pores. One thing I found with this though was that it was hard to keep on my face. I put it on while I was tidying my room and in the end I just had to lie down because all the moving around was making the mask fall off but I guess I should have been using the time to lie down and relax anyway! 

I was so surprised with the results of this mask. I took it off and wiped the excess away and straight away i noticed the difference, It left my skin feeling really soft and my dry patched were instantly soothed as they can be quite irritating sometimes. I was still skeptical because I thought they would just return in the morning like usual but when I woke up my skin was still super smooth and it was in the best condition it has been in for a few weeks. I went to work that morning feeling more confident about my skin and my foundation and powder were looking much better. It didn't completely cure my dry skin but for about two or 3 days, it was looking the best it had done in a while. 

However, this mask is quite expensive I think. It's £10 and you can only use it once which is quite expensive for me but I am tempted to buy one more and just keep it in my cubpard for when I have another super dry skin patch/ allergic reaction as a little rescue remedy. I wouldn't advise any oily skinned girls to buy this though as it was quite an oily mask and did leave my skin feeling quite oily after so I think if you have naturally oily skin, it might be too much. Although, if you suffer from dry skin like myself, this mask would be perfect. 

Which face masks do you love? I'm thinking of trying a REN one next, but I'm not sure which one to get! 

Tag | The Seven Deadly Sins

Friday, 7 June 2013

Hi Beauties! I was tagged by the lovely Sarah from Sarahs Beauty Emporium to do this tag and as it's quite fun I thought I would give it a go. Not to be lazy, but I like how there's only a couple of questions - not too taxing for me to write after a long week in my new job! 

So, here are the rules:

1) Follow and link up the person who tagged you.

2) Answer the questions on Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Lust and Envy.

3) Tag as many people as you wish and let them know you have tagged them.

4) Let the person who tagged you know that you did the tag by commenting on their post.

So, on with the questions. 

Greed - What is your most expensive beauty item?

This was a pretty hard question for me to answer actually. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have loads of expensive make up so it's hard to choose just one item that cost the most - far from it! But when I spend a lot on make up i tend to push the price of the item to the back of my mind and just forget about it so I don't feel guilty. I would say that my most expensive item is probably my YSL Touche Eclat foundation. Words cannot describe how much I love this foundation, and my heart breaks a little everytime I have to repurchase it as it's quite expensive. Its around the same price as foundations like Nars Sheer Glow, etc but I do find this one good value compared to similar priced ones as the bottle is quite big, so it's like I'm getting more for my money. I don't regularly buy that much make up, even though it may seem like I do, I tend to save up and buy one expensive thing which I really want rather than just splurging on the latest hyped item so my make up collection isn't as big as other beauty bloggers but it's definitely growing! 

Sloth - Which item do you neglect most due to lazyness?

I'm quite lazy with a lot of things, but then with certain things I always do them even if they aren't always necessary  One thing I always neglect is primer, I love my Benefit Porefessional but it's just something I always forget to use! So I wouldn't really say that's me being lazy, more like forgetful, and when I'm getting ready for work at 7am, primer is the last thing on my mind! I also always forget to fake tan before nights out, I'm a spray tanner so I have all the machine, tent, etc to give spray tans which is really useful because I get my friends to give me spray tans when I know I've got a night out coming up but I'm so lazy with normal fake tan. I find it such a chore to put on and I hate the way that it just comes off if it rains or if I spill a drink (a regular occurrence for me!). 

Wrath - which item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hmm, probably powder. I love how it makes my face nice and matte without dulling too much of my natural (meaning I get it from my foundation/bronzer - natural glow does not exist in the early hours of the morning) glow but because I have very dry skin, I find that it makes my skin look horrible when I'm going through a particularly bad phase like I am now. I've started to just put it on my nose and cheeks at the moment because my forehead is SO dry that it just makes it look even worse than it is, if that's even possible! 

Gluttony - what brand makes up most of your make-up collection?

I don't really have one brand which I always buy make up from. My make up collection really is a mixed bag. I tend to always buy certain products only from brands which I've tried and tested, like foundation, but mostly I use a lot of different brands. Saying that, some brands which I do love and own products from are Benefit and MAC, I do use a lot of other brands but these are the brands which I've bought a few products from instead of just getting my foundation, blusher, etc from. 

Pride - which product gives you the most confidence?

I would have to say foundation, although it's not something I would use on its own. I suffered with bad acne for years which has left me with confidence issues about my skin. Although it has cleared up massively and I only have a few spots now I still know their there, and I always think its so much worse than it is, which really gets me down. So a good foundation always picks me up a little and makes me less insecure about my skin, as it is something which I really struggle with. I'm thinking of doing a post about my battle with acne and letting you all know what I went through as I think it might help some girls who are in similar situations, so let me know if you'd like to see that. I don't really want to write it if nobody wants to read it as it will be quite a hard post for me to write. 

Lust - which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?

It's no secret to everyone that my wishlist is never ending, but I would really love to get my hands on either an Origins or Ren mask that will help me with my dry skin. I've heard amazing things about both but I always hesitate when buying expensive hyped up items in case they aren't worth the hype, and spending loads of money just to 'keep up' with bigger beauty bloggers has never been a high priority of mine. 

Envy - which make up product/look is great on others but not yourself?

Hmm, this is a tough one! I never really think many styles look great on me! I would love to be able to pull off just a really natural bronzed look but my skin is wayy too pale and I would really like to have perfect skin for that so it looked really natural. 

So, there you have it, my seven deadly sins. I'll be tagging people on twitter to do this post, but I would love it if all you readers did it too! let me know in the comments below if you do this tag as I'd love to have a read! 

Gilly Hicks 'Annadale Moore' Body Mist

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Gilly Hicks annadale moore body mist body spray

Hi Girls! If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that last weekend, I just couldn't resist picking up some Gilly Hicks fragrances when they were on offer. I posted a review last weekend of the other fragrance that I bought, so if you want to check it out then you can see it here

Gilly Hicks describes this body spray as having blackcurrant, mango and soft amber. I'm not really sure what 'soft amber' smells like but I'll give it my best shot to describe the smell. This body spray has a lovely sweet smell without being too sickly. I hate it when perfumes and body sprays are too sweet as I usually go for more fresh scents. I love this one because although its sweet, it's also fresh and not too sickly sweet. 

I love the packaging of all of these scents and think they look so cute sitting on my side, I'm very tempted to go back to Gilly Hicks at the weekend and pick up some of the body lotion and other items in the range because I'm so in love with the smell! 

I think body sprays are great for daytime use as well because you can pop them in your bag or keep them in your desk at work and they give you a lighter scent which I prefer for every day use. That way, I can keep my expensive perfumes for nights out and special occasions. 

Have you bought anything from Gilly Hicks? I'd love to hear your recommendations so I know what I should pick up next time I'm there! 

23 Facts About Me

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hi Ladies! I've seen quite a lot of '50 facts about me' posts flying around and thought that maybe I should do one so my blog has a bit more of 'me' in it, and also so I'm not just a person behind a screen. I'm not sure if anyone really wants to know any facts about me so I cut it down to 23 (and I couldn't think of 50!) so here goes..
  1. Im scared of the dark
  2. I love cheese, and any food with cheese
  3.   My favourite books are the i heart series by Lindsey kelk
  4.  I have 3 cats which i love and miss so much while im away from home
  5.  I love living in London way more than i thought i would
  6.  I could probably single handedly shop us all out of the recession
  7.  I love pink and glitter (what girl doesn’t?!) and cupcakes
  8. I grew up in derby, moved to Bournemouth for uni and now im living in London for a year so im a bit all over the place at the moment!
  9. I have an unhealthy obsession with pastel colours and anything embellished
  10. I have never died my hair, not even highlights and I don’t really plan to in the near future
  11.   I ALWAYS forget to wear jewellery and perfume
  12.  I have two fake teeth but even after telling people this, they can only guess where one of them is (i have a great dentist)
  13.  I have never been on a diet, or ever tried to go on a diet, and I can’t really see myself dieting in the future. I’m way to lazy and lifes too the cake!
  14. My middle name is Jordan, I hated it for years when I was younger and was always embarrassed to tell people because other kids would always laugh because of a certain big boobed glamour model! Now I don’t really care and have learned to accept myself a lot more, that applied to the comment about diets too.
  15. It took me 3 times to pass my driving test, and 3 times to pass my theory, but I still managed to pass in under a year. Saying that, I haven’t driven since and that’s probably a good thing.
  16. I finally plucked up the courage to get my belly button pierced in my first year at uni, and i still love it, I was terrified that I would hate it after a while and regret it!
  17. I have A levels in Economics, History and Product design and am currently studying for a Marketing degree.
  18. You will hardly ever see me eating chewing gum. My mum never used to let me have it when I was little because she hated the chewing sound and didn’t like it when people walked around chewing gum with their mouths open. Now I also don’t like those things and I guess its just stuck to me to not eat chewing gum, I prefer soft mints anyway.
  19.   I was always last to be picked for sports. I can’t run, catch or throw so that pretty much rules out being good at most team sports and nobody wants to lose!
  20.  I have a scar on my tongue from when I fell over the handle bars of my bike and bit through my tongue (sorry for those of you who are squeamish!) but I then had braces so the scar doesn’t even match up with my teeth anymore!
  21.  I have never had a detention or any kind of penalty all though high school, goodie two shoes or what!
  22.  I love to decorate my room with photo frames and fairy lights. I love to be surrounded by happy memories and I think fairy lights make any room look cute.
  23. My favourite flowers are Sweet Pea’s. My Dad used to call me sweet pea sometimes, we used to plant them every summer and they would flower around my birthday.
    Let me know if you'd like to see more personal posts as well as beauty reviews and posts so I can think of a few for the future! 

Gilly Hicks 'Loring Aster' Bodyspray

Monday, 3 June 2013

Gilly Hicks loring aster body mist

Gilly Hicks Loring Aster Body Mist

Hi Girls! I hope your Mondays haven't been too terrible! I'm still getting used to my new job but so far I'm loving it and I can only see it getting better so the struggle to get out of bed this morning wasn't too bad! This weekend I popped into the Westfield shopping centre near Shepards Bush because it's only 4 minutes away from my house (This is bound to worsen my shopping addiction!) and I couldn't resist popping into Gilly Hicks to have a look around because we don't have one at home. 

I love shops like Abercrombie, Hollister, etc (don't hate me!), mainly because they always smell so nice! So when I saw that Gilly Hicks were having a 2 for £12 offer on their Body range I had to pick up some! I love the smell of the shop so I was bound to love all of their body mists, so choosing two was quite difficult! 

I was drawn to these body sprays firstly because I love the packaging! I love the matte bottle and simple design, I think they make them look quite expensive even though they are only body sprays. The first one I picked up was Loring Aster which Gilly Hicks describes as 'Pineapple, Raspberry musk and Soft woods'. Basically, this has a really fruity but fresh smell which I am now completely in love with. 

I do love all my perfumes but I think body sprays are great for everyday wear, I always feel bad spraying myself with my Chanel perfume because it's so expensive and I don't want it to run out, so I tend to use my best perfumes for nights out instead of everyday wear. I also think that shop's own brand body mists are seriously under-rated! I've had 'pretty and pure' by Victoria's Secret for years now and I still love it as much as any of my expensive perfumes, and this Gilly Hicks one is definitely going to join it in my favourites! 

Have you tried any Gilly Hicks products? Which store body mists do you love? I'd love to hear about them! 

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