23 Facts About Me

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hi Ladies! I've seen quite a lot of '50 facts about me' posts flying around and thought that maybe I should do one so my blog has a bit more of 'me' in it, and also so I'm not just a person behind a screen. I'm not sure if anyone really wants to know any facts about me so I cut it down to 23 (and I couldn't think of 50!) so here goes..
  1. Im scared of the dark
  2. I love cheese, and any food with cheese
  3.   My favourite books are the i heart series by Lindsey kelk
  4.  I have 3 cats which i love and miss so much while im away from home
  5.  I love living in London way more than i thought i would
  6.  I could probably single handedly shop us all out of the recession
  7.  I love pink and glitter (what girl doesn’t?!) and cupcakes
  8. I grew up in derby, moved to Bournemouth for uni and now im living in London for a year so im a bit all over the place at the moment!
  9. I have an unhealthy obsession with pastel colours and anything embellished
  10. I have never died my hair, not even highlights and I don’t really plan to in the near future
  11.   I ALWAYS forget to wear jewellery and perfume
  12.  I have two fake teeth but even after telling people this, they can only guess where one of them is (i have a great dentist)
  13.  I have never been on a diet, or ever tried to go on a diet, and I can’t really see myself dieting in the future. I’m way to lazy and lifes too short...eat the cake!
  14. My middle name is Jordan, I hated it for years when I was younger and was always embarrassed to tell people because other kids would always laugh because of a certain big boobed glamour model! Now I don’t really care and have learned to accept myself a lot more, that applied to the comment about diets too.
  15. It took me 3 times to pass my driving test, and 3 times to pass my theory, but I still managed to pass in under a year. Saying that, I haven’t driven since and that’s probably a good thing.
  16. I finally plucked up the courage to get my belly button pierced in my first year at uni, and i still love it, I was terrified that I would hate it after a while and regret it!
  17. I have A levels in Economics, History and Product design and am currently studying for a Marketing degree.
  18. You will hardly ever see me eating chewing gum. My mum never used to let me have it when I was little because she hated the chewing sound and didn’t like it when people walked around chewing gum with their mouths open. Now I also don’t like those things and I guess its just stuck to me to not eat chewing gum, I prefer soft mints anyway.
  19.   I was always last to be picked for sports. I can’t run, catch or throw so that pretty much rules out being good at most team sports and nobody wants to lose!
  20.  I have a scar on my tongue from when I fell over the handle bars of my bike and bit through my tongue (sorry for those of you who are squeamish!) but I then had braces so the scar doesn’t even match up with my teeth anymore!
  21.  I have never had a detention or any kind of penalty all though high school, goodie two shoes or what!
  22.  I love to decorate my room with photo frames and fairy lights. I love to be surrounded by happy memories and I think fairy lights make any room look cute.
  23. My favourite flowers are Sweet Pea’s. My Dad used to call me sweet pea sometimes, we used to plant them every summer and they would flower around my birthday.
    Let me know if you'd like to see more personal posts as well as beauty reviews and posts so I can think of a few for the future! 


  1. I LOVE cheese too!

    1. Haha, cheese is definitely a weakness, I don't think I could ever give it up! xx

  2. Aw this is great! Oh gosh, I love cheese, pink, and glitter too! All of those things happen to be a weakness! :P

  3. love posts like these, it's so nice to find out a little bit more about people :) x x


  4. " I have never been on a diet, or ever tried to go on a diet, and I can’t really see myself dieting in the future. I’m way to lazy and lifes too short...eat the cake!" hahaha yes ♥

    I like reading these types of posts! x

    Holly | http://touchofcrimson.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Wayy too lazy and weak to diet haha, I'm the type of person who diets for half a day and gives up because I'm not skinny yet! xx

  5. Scar on the tongue sounds painful *ouch* xx


    1. It doesn't hurt anymore thank god! And I don't really remember the pain of it actually happening, just being annoyed that I had to live off mash and soup for ages! xx

  6. Love posts like this :) (nosy kat! :) ) xx


  7. I have recently found the I heart books and have read the first two and am half way through I heart Paris. I always like to make sure I have time to read them as once I start reading I find it hard to stop as I always want to know what happens next!


  8. I love these sorts of posts, it's always lovely to get an insight into the blogger behind the blog! Like you, I absolutely love living in London. It took me moving away from London to go to University up in leeds to realise how amazing it is and how many opportunities it presents. Now I'm back I can't get enough :) Also, you sound just like me when you were at school, I never had a detention or anything like that- I was definitely a goody two shoes haha. Ah well! There's always time to be naughty later on in life eh xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]


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