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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hi Girlies! I hope your all having a fab weekend and enjoying the occasional bursts of sunshine that we've been having! I decided to put a haul up on my blog today because I don't think I've done one before, and if I have, it was a long time ago! Now I live in London, I have access to way more different shops that before which is great for me, maybe not so great for my bank account! I don't usually put anything to do with fashion on my blog because I'm not really that fashionable or 'cool' - I just buy what I like, what I'm comfortable in and what I think suits me. 

Little Rabbit Light, £2 - I got this little rabbit light from a shop in Hammersmith called Tiger. I'd never heard of it before so I'm not sure if this is a local store or if it is some kind of chain. It stocks loads of ikea-style home items and when I was having a browse I couldn't help pick up this little rabbit light for my bedside table, and for only £2 it was a complete bargain and the cheapest I'd seen this light before was £7! 

Gilly Hicks Underwear, £2.99 each - Firstly, sorry if this is way too much information but I thought, we all wear them and these are just too pretty to keep to myself. I love Gilly Hicks but usually its on the more expensive end of my budget so I hardly ever shop there. I picked these up in the sale and I couldn't resist the summery floral designs. They're so soft and practical as they don't have huge frills on them that are a nightmare for wearing under jeans and leggings (what I live in) and I just love the cheery design. The one thing I would say though, is that they didn't have very much choice size-wise. I got large and I'm usually a side 12 in jeans so If your much bigger then you wouldn't be able to fit which I don't really think is fair. Also, they had tonnes of underwear in extra small and small but only one wall of medium and large which I think is a bit stupid as there were loads I wanted that only came in small. 

Jack Wills travel card holder, £8.50 - I've always liked Jack Wills clothing but I've never owned any of it, and I still don't, it's just way too expensive for that it is and I never used to live anywhere near a store. But now I'm a proper Londoner and I've finally got myself an Oyster card, buying a card holder was the perfect opportunity to pop in store. I didn't think £8.50 was a terrible price as it is quite thick and feels very durable. I loved the summery floral design and It always brightens up my mornings when I pull it out on the way to work. It's also definitely so much easier to have a thick card holder because it's easy to pull out of my bag and reduces my faffing around time in the mornings. 

Miss Selfridge top. £8.50 - I also picked up this top in the sales. I love the pink and black lace design and I'm loving floaty, thin tops at the moment. I think I could wear this to work or dress it up for a night out. This was actually on sale for £12 but I used my student discount, so I was able to get it for the cheaper price. I think this top may be a possible contender for the LDN Bloggers Party too. 

Hollister t-shirt, £11 - Before you all shoot me for shopping in anything owned by Abercrombie, I got this t-shirt because I love how soft it is and the way it fits me. I think that Hollister sizes are getting way more reasonable as I now fit into a Medium, whereas before I had to get a large. I never really buy any 'basics' so it's really time I started and at only £11 it didn't hurt my poor bank account too much! 


  1. Eee, I totally love everything you've picked up. That little rabbit is the cutest!

  2. i really like what you bought!

    Kamila xx

  3. That rabbit lamp is absolutely adorable! xx

  4. Love the top! It will look great if you decide to wear it on Sat!

    Ash :-)

  5. I have been wanting that bunny lamp FOREVER! Love that top too, gorgeous xo


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