Gilly Hicks 'Loring Aster' Bodyspray

Monday, 3 June 2013

Gilly Hicks loring aster body mist

Gilly Hicks Loring Aster Body Mist

Hi Girls! I hope your Mondays haven't been too terrible! I'm still getting used to my new job but so far I'm loving it and I can only see it getting better so the struggle to get out of bed this morning wasn't too bad! This weekend I popped into the Westfield shopping centre near Shepards Bush because it's only 4 minutes away from my house (This is bound to worsen my shopping addiction!) and I couldn't resist popping into Gilly Hicks to have a look around because we don't have one at home. 

I love shops like Abercrombie, Hollister, etc (don't hate me!), mainly because they always smell so nice! So when I saw that Gilly Hicks were having a 2 for £12 offer on their Body range I had to pick up some! I love the smell of the shop so I was bound to love all of their body mists, so choosing two was quite difficult! 

I was drawn to these body sprays firstly because I love the packaging! I love the matte bottle and simple design, I think they make them look quite expensive even though they are only body sprays. The first one I picked up was Loring Aster which Gilly Hicks describes as 'Pineapple, Raspberry musk and Soft woods'. Basically, this has a really fruity but fresh smell which I am now completely in love with. 

I do love all my perfumes but I think body sprays are great for everyday wear, I always feel bad spraying myself with my Chanel perfume because it's so expensive and I don't want it to run out, so I tend to use my best perfumes for nights out instead of everyday wear. I also think that shop's own brand body mists are seriously under-rated! I've had 'pretty and pure' by Victoria's Secret for years now and I still love it as much as any of my expensive perfumes, and this Gilly Hicks one is definitely going to join it in my favourites! 

Have you tried any Gilly Hicks products? Which store body mists do you love? I'd love to hear about them! 


  1. Replies
    1. I love my other one too so I'll be doing a review on that soon! :) xx


    check out my blog & follow if you like :)

    1. Aww Thankyou Sweet! I just use a regular digital camera which actually came free from the Holiday Inn because my dad is a premier customer haha, so nothing fancy! xx

  3. Love the packaging xx

    1. Me too! I think they look so pretty sat on my chest of draws right now! xx

  4. i love the gilly hicks body sprays, they smell so good and i definitely agree about the packaging. you should check out the hollister ones if you haven't 'crescent bay' is my favorite.x


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