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Friday, 7 June 2013

Hi Beauties! I was tagged by the lovely Sarah from Sarahs Beauty Emporium to do this tag and as it's quite fun I thought I would give it a go. Not to be lazy, but I like how there's only a couple of questions - not too taxing for me to write after a long week in my new job! 

So, here are the rules:

1) Follow and link up the person who tagged you.

2) Answer the questions on Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Lust and Envy.

3) Tag as many people as you wish and let them know you have tagged them.

4) Let the person who tagged you know that you did the tag by commenting on their post.

So, on with the questions. 

Greed - What is your most expensive beauty item?

This was a pretty hard question for me to answer actually. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have loads of expensive make up so it's hard to choose just one item that cost the most - far from it! But when I spend a lot on make up i tend to push the price of the item to the back of my mind and just forget about it so I don't feel guilty. I would say that my most expensive item is probably my YSL Touche Eclat foundation. Words cannot describe how much I love this foundation, and my heart breaks a little everytime I have to repurchase it as it's quite expensive. Its around the same price as foundations like Nars Sheer Glow, etc but I do find this one good value compared to similar priced ones as the bottle is quite big, so it's like I'm getting more for my money. I don't regularly buy that much make up, even though it may seem like I do, I tend to save up and buy one expensive thing which I really want rather than just splurging on the latest hyped item so my make up collection isn't as big as other beauty bloggers but it's definitely growing! 

Sloth - Which item do you neglect most due to lazyness?

I'm quite lazy with a lot of things, but then with certain things I always do them even if they aren't always necessary  One thing I always neglect is primer, I love my Benefit Porefessional but it's just something I always forget to use! So I wouldn't really say that's me being lazy, more like forgetful, and when I'm getting ready for work at 7am, primer is the last thing on my mind! I also always forget to fake tan before nights out, I'm a spray tanner so I have all the machine, tent, etc to give spray tans which is really useful because I get my friends to give me spray tans when I know I've got a night out coming up but I'm so lazy with normal fake tan. I find it such a chore to put on and I hate the way that it just comes off if it rains or if I spill a drink (a regular occurrence for me!). 

Wrath - which item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Hmm, probably powder. I love how it makes my face nice and matte without dulling too much of my natural (meaning I get it from my foundation/bronzer - natural glow does not exist in the early hours of the morning) glow but because I have very dry skin, I find that it makes my skin look horrible when I'm going through a particularly bad phase like I am now. I've started to just put it on my nose and cheeks at the moment because my forehead is SO dry that it just makes it look even worse than it is, if that's even possible! 

Gluttony - what brand makes up most of your make-up collection?

I don't really have one brand which I always buy make up from. My make up collection really is a mixed bag. I tend to always buy certain products only from brands which I've tried and tested, like foundation, but mostly I use a lot of different brands. Saying that, some brands which I do love and own products from are Benefit and MAC, I do use a lot of other brands but these are the brands which I've bought a few products from instead of just getting my foundation, blusher, etc from. 

Pride - which product gives you the most confidence?

I would have to say foundation, although it's not something I would use on its own. I suffered with bad acne for years which has left me with confidence issues about my skin. Although it has cleared up massively and I only have a few spots now I still know their there, and I always think its so much worse than it is, which really gets me down. So a good foundation always picks me up a little and makes me less insecure about my skin, as it is something which I really struggle with. I'm thinking of doing a post about my battle with acne and letting you all know what I went through as I think it might help some girls who are in similar situations, so let me know if you'd like to see that. I don't really want to write it if nobody wants to read it as it will be quite a hard post for me to write. 

Lust - which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?

It's no secret to everyone that my wishlist is never ending, but I would really love to get my hands on either an Origins or Ren mask that will help me with my dry skin. I've heard amazing things about both but I always hesitate when buying expensive hyped up items in case they aren't worth the hype, and spending loads of money just to 'keep up' with bigger beauty bloggers has never been a high priority of mine. 

Envy - which make up product/look is great on others but not yourself?

Hmm, this is a tough one! I never really think many styles look great on me! I would love to be able to pull off just a really natural bronzed look but my skin is wayy too pale and I would really like to have perfect skin for that so it looked really natural. 

So, there you have it, my seven deadly sins. I'll be tagging people on twitter to do this post, but I would love it if all you readers did it too! let me know in the comments below if you do this tag as I'd love to have a read! 


  1. I did this and found it quite fun xx


    1. I thought so too :) Saying it would be a quick post to write was a mistake though...it took me ages haha xx

  2. Great post, I loved reading your answers :)
    Sarah xxx


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