MAC 'Knight Divine' Eyeshadow

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hi Lovelies! I seem to be on a roll with posting on the blog this week! I've decided to try and be more dedicated like I used to be before I started working full time. I always used to be able to find the time to plan out posts, take photos, edit them and write the post, let alone keeping up with the twitter conversations, but the big jump into the working world has definitely made this a little more difficult! So I'm sorry to all of my lovely followers that I've not been more active recently but I promise that's all about to change. Anyway, I thought I would do a little review of one of my favorite night time eye-shadows. 

I received this eye-shadow off my Mum when she was having a clear out (I'm always hanging around like a little vulture when this is happening) and when she said she didn't want all of her MAC eye-shadows  I was there to snap it up. 'Knight Divine' is a really pretty navy/grey shade with a pretty shimmer to it. I think it looks great on its own or when it's used in a smokey eye look for nights out. I don't wear this colour in the day as it's a little dark and I like to keep it neutral or go for a golden look in the day. 

One of the reasons I love this eye-shadow is due to how pigmented it is. I've had this for ages and never hit pan as you only need to use a little bit each time you use it. It also doesn't drop glitter all over your face like a lot of other shimmery eye-shadows which is definitely a plus, especially with dark colours. This is probably because the shimmer in this eye shadow is gives off more of a metallic look rather than a chunky glittery look so it's great if you only want a subtle shimmer. Overall, I have no complaints about this eye-shadow and will definitely be re-purchasing it when it runs out. 


  1. MAC shadows seem to last forever :) I like this shade and the fact it has a shimmer I always find pure black shadow makes my eyes look like I've a black eye so I love a hint of glitter :)

    1. I know what you mean! I love this as an alternative to black :) xx

  2. Such a pretty colour, love Mac eyeshadows :)

  3. WOW! It looks so pigmented! Amazing colour, I would use it A LOT!

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM


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