Oriflame Illuminating Pearls

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hi Lovelies! Since I started blogging back in March, Highlighters are something that I've been using way more than I ever did. I love the glow that they give you and they just make me look more awake in the mornings! I received these Illuminating Pearls from Oriflame after attending the LDN Bloggers party so I thought I'd let you know what I thought of them. 

I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging (this is partly where my Benefit addiction comes from) so I really do love the look of this product. The pastel colours are so pretty, and I think it looks a lot like the Guerlain pearls which I've seen a lot on Instagram and love the look of. I also love the smell of the pearls, they have a really sweet candy smell which is really lovely, but I like how the smell doesn't linger when you use it because it would be a bit odd if your cheek bones smelled like sweets all day. 

Oriflame claim that the different coloured pearls help to colour correct and illuminate your skin. Unfortunately  I didn't see any of the colour correcting properties but I was only using this product on my cheek bones. The illuminated effect was also quite hard to achieve, as you can see from the last picture the texture is quite chalky and white and that was after a couple of layers. I couldn't really see the product at all when I just swatched one layer. I think I would love this product a lot more if it had more shimmer but I do think this product is good if you only want a really subtle highlighted look. 

I hope you liked this review, and if anybody is interesting in guest posting on my blog then please comment below as I will be needing guest bloggers shortly! Also, If you read and love my blog I would really appreciate it if you voted me for 'Best New Beauty Blog' in the Cosmo Blog Awards (link in sidebar) and don't forget to let me know if you have so I can check out your blog and thank you! 


  1. I love Oriflame packaging, as well as their prices!

    These look great :)

    Ashleigh - Magazines&Models

  2. I just like the look of the pearls themselves! I might pick them up to try, thanks for your review ^^ x

    Hollie // From Eden

  3. These look lovely! Just discovered your blog, via Cosmo and voted for you ☺ x


  4. I have these Giordani pearls and I think they are fabulous.


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