Rouge Bunny Rouge - Liquid Blush and Gloss Duo

Monday, 15 July 2013

Hi Ladies! I hope you've all been enjoying this gorgeous weather we've been having, where did this heatwave even come from?! I'll probably get hate comments for this but I'm secretly wishing for just one cold day, I'm a little tired of getting no sleep and sweating everywhere I go! Today I'm going to be reviewing this Rouge Bunny Rouge duo in the shade 'Argentino' which I received in my LDN Bloggers Part goodie bag. I'd never heard of this brand before but I'm glad I got to try out their products. 

This duo is made up of a liquid blush and a lipgloss, I'd never tried a liquid blush before and I'm not sure it's a formula that I like for everyday wear. The liquid blush comes with a small thin brush for applying it which is actually a good thing as you only need a tiny bit to give you a nice glow. The formula was also really long lasting but the colour just isn't for me. The colour is kind of a darker browny coral colour, kind of like a terracotta colour which I think would look great with a tan but on my pale skin it just looks a bit too much on my pale skin. I think the formula of this product would be great on holiday too as the liquid blush is less likely to melt away in the sun or come off around the pool. 

This duo also contains a pinky coral coloured lipgloss. I love the colour of this gloss and also think it would be perfect with a tan as it contains gold shimmer which would really compliment a golden glow, something which I am really lacking at the moment! One thing I didn't like about this gloss was that it didn't really sink into your lips and moisturize them, which is something I look for in lipglosses because I like to be able to move my lips around without them sticking together, something I couldn't do with this gloss. 

I don't think I will get much use out of this product, purely because of the colour of it, not because it's a bad product. However, if I was going on holiday this year I would definitely bring it with me as the colours would work well with a tan, and the packaging is quite small and slim so I wouldn't have to travel with a huge make up bag full of tonnes of blushers and lipglosses! 

Have you ever tried anything from Rouge Bunny Rouge? 


  1. Shame you wont get much use from it hun xx


    1. I know its such a shame! I love the product but the colour just isn't for me, I might give it to my friends who aren't as pale as me! xx

  2. Replies
    1. I always love finding innovative products, thats why I love Benefit so much! xx

  3. I have this and I didn't realise it was a blush... haha :)



    1. I didn't realise it was a blush at first either haha, not until I read the packaging! xx


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