The Balm 'Balm Shelter' Lipgloss in 'Girl Next Door'

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hi Ladies, I hope you're all having a fab weekend! I'm currently ill in bed as I don't really feel well enough to be moving around so it's an early night with a hot chocolate for me! In an attempt to make me feel better I went to Oxford Street today hoping that shopping would be the cure - wrong! But while I was out I did manage to pick up this lipgloss from The Balm so I thought I would review it for you. 

I've been wanting to try something from The Balm for a while now but as it isn't widely available in the UK, I haven't been able to as I really don't like ordering make up online if I haven't seen the colour in person. Anyway, while I was in & Other Stories today I noticed that they sell The Balm products so I had to pick one up. They didn't have the Nude-itude palette that I've been wanting so I thought a lipgloss would be a nice little treat as my lipgloss collection has been a little neglected lately. 

They had two different types of lipgloss available - Balm Shelter and a plumping lipgloss but as I'm not really a fan of plumping lipgloss, this one seemed the best option. I got the shade 'Girl Next Door' and loved the shade as soon as I saw it. It's very similar to the Mac lipstick I have in Speed Dial and is a warm medium pink. It is quite bright but not in a neon way which I really don't like about lip products so this one if perfect for me. I wouldn't usually go for a lipstick in this colour as I think it would be just too deep and bright on my pale skin but with lipglosses I feel like I can go for a wider variety of shades as they are more sheer and less dramatic than lipstick. 

One thing I really love about this lipgloss is the smell. It smells like banoffee pie  but not too sickly sweet. Lip products are one of the only make up items which I like to be scented so this is really nice little extra with this product. I also find it really hard to get a good lipgloss which isn't stick or tacky, there's nothing worse than that gloopy sticky feeling on your lips which is why I haven't been using lipgloss that much but this one isn't sticky at all which is amazing and I think this makes up for the £12 price tag which I think is a little expensive for lipgloss. 

The only thing I don't love about this product is the fact that the shade range is a little limited, I wanted to pick up another one in a more nude colour but they just didn't have one which was disappointing. 

Have you tried any products from The Balm? 

August Monthly Favourites

Monday, 26 August 2013

Hi Beauties! I know everyone says this all the time, but I genuinley can't believe it's September (almost) already! It seems like yesterday that I was packing up my stuff and moving to London to start my new job and the time has flown by! It's true what they say, time really does fly when you're having fun! I haven't done a monthly favourites post in a while now but for the past few months there hasn't really been anything that has stood out to me enough to include it in a favourites post. Anyway, this has all changed and I'll get onto the post. 

Moroccan Oil - This has featured in my Monthly Favourites a couple of times before but I recently ran out of my big bottle and never got round to replacing it as it is quite expensive. My Mum kindly gave me this little bottle for my Birthday and I've fallen back in love with it. When you stop using something and then start again, you really do notice and appreciate the difference that it makes, and boy does this make a difference. No other product has managed to make my hair feel this soft and allow it to grow despite the heat damage I put it though, it really is love with this one. 

Victoria's Secret 'Sensual Blush' Body Spray - If you read my blog regularly, then you'll know I'm a big lover of body sprays for everyday daytime wear and this is my all time favourite. It's so fresh and summery and smells slightly fruity which is what I usually look for in a perfume. I hate heavy smells and avoid them even during the winter when they are more appropriate, so this body spray is perfect for me. 

MAC 'Sunny Seoul' Lipstick - I love this lipstick for the summer months, and even though summer is now coming to an end, I'm still wearing it quite a lot. Its a beautiful pink coral shade so it goes great with a summer make up look. It's also a cremesheen which is my favourite type of lipstick from MAC as its so creamy and moisturizing. My love for MAC lipsticks is continuing to grow rapidly, but I just don't know which one to pick up next! Any suggestions?

Benefit 'Hoola' Bronzer - I recently picked this up as I received a Benefit gift card as a birthday present from the lovely people I work with. I've been in need of a new bronzer since my trusty MAC one ran out a few months ago and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get one. This bronzer is quite pigmented so I only have to use a tiny bit as I'm so pale but it's definitely build-able if you want a darker contour. Hoola is also a matte bronzer and the perfect colour if your trying to avoid the 'muddy' look which you can get with some bronzers. 

Benefit 'Watts Up' Highlighter - I also picked this up with my gift card and I'm so happy that I did. I've been wanting this for ages and finally decided to take the plunge. It comes in a stick form which some of you may not love but I think its the perfect champagne colour and it's so creamy and easy to blend. I have quite dry skin so I try to avoid too much powder on my face and this is perfect for that. It's so pretty when it catches the light and I've been using this everyday since I bought it. 

MAC Opulash Mascara - My mum also gave me this for my birthday which I love. It gives my lashes the perfect curl and is so easy to use and get into the smaller corners of my eyes. It does set your lashes quite solid though so if you are going to try this then I would recommend you invest in a good eye make up remover like the Elemis White Flowers one if you don't want to be rubbing your eyes for ages. I also have very watery eyes when I'm in a air-conditioned room or in the wind (basically every day) and always end up with panda eyes but this mascara has prevented this from happening and I couldn't be happier. 

Blushing Beauties | My Blusher Collection

Hi Dolls! Blusher is something which I use on a daily basis, as I'm so pale I really do think that I need it to put some colour into my cheeks and make me look less dead. I thought I would share with you all my blusher collection and give a little overview of each. As far as beauty bloggers make up collections go, I think my blusher collection is actually quite small as I only own 5 which I use all the time. 

Firstly I'll start with the Benefit Boxed Blushers. I love Benefit's Boxed Blushers, the packaging is so cute on each of them and there is such a lovely range of colours but I'm only lucky enough to own two. My first ever blusher purchase was 'Thrrrob' by Benefit. It's a light pink colour which gives the smallest pink flush to your cheeks. This was perfect for me while I was in school as it was not too obvious and my school had a strict 'no makeup' policy until you were in sixth form. I also bought 'Hervana' with a Boots voucher I received one Christmas and this has got to be one of my all time favourite blushers. It has a mixture of different colours running through from a more bronze pink through to a creamy colour which when mixed together give you the perfect warm pink flush. I love this blusher and it's one of my most used. 

I also own two MAC blushers. The first one I bought was 'Springsheen' which is a coral colour blush with a lot of shimmer. Some of you may not like this as it does have a very glowy finish but I think it looks great if your going for a dewy summery look, which is what I use it for. I also use it on nights out with a green gold smokey eye. I also own 'Pink Swoon' which I won in a giveaway. I chose pink swoon as, although it looks quite bright in the pan, it gives you a lovely sheer pink flush which looks great with any make up look. 

And lastly, I also own this Mii blush in the shade 'Kissed 01'. I'm not sure where you can buy this shade as I received it as a present from my Mum and I have no idea where she got it from. They do have a website and I think that this blusher retails for around £16, which I think is quite pricey when you look at the size of it. However, this blush is super pigmented so a little really does go a long way. Its quite bright so I'd recommend only using a little anyway or you will be walking around like a clown, and let's face it, that look has never been in. 

Fashion | Next Ankle Boots

Hi Ladies! I don't usually do any posts related to fashion at all and mainly stick to my comfort zone, beauty. But recently I've been thinking of ways to broaden the number of topics that my blog covers and make it a bit more interesting for my readers, and the obvious way to go is fashion. I'm not your typical 'fashionable' girl and I'm quite plain when it comes to fashion, staying away from anything too 'out there' but there must be loads of other girls like this who would enjoy seeing posts about more wearable items. I haven't built up my confidence enough to start posting OOTD's but hopefully that will be coming soon when I've actually got a decent place to take photographs! 

Anyway, I picked up these boots (£65) in Next yesterday when I went shopping on Oxford Street and I'm in love with them already, although I have yet to wear them. I think a good pair of boots are a winter essential, especially as we get so much rain and snow here in the UK. So I thought these would be perfect in winter to wear casually or to work with tights and a skirt or a dress. 

The heel on these boots isn't too extreme so I think I could comfortably walk around in them all day as the soles are very soft and cushioned which was something I was looking for as sometimes I'm on my feet all day. 

What would you wear these boots with? I'd love some ideas so I can get the most out of them! 

The #RUSHBloggerMeet and Update

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hi Girlies! I'm so excited to be writing this post, after a bit of organisation and hard work my blogger meet up is finally happening, and in style! I've been working hard with a lovely girl called Laura who has been helping me organize the event so I thought I should let you all know a few more details! 

Firstly, sorry for all the confusion with the event (date changes, etc) but putting these things together are a lot of hard work and I had problems with venues falling though, so hats off to any other bloggers who have run a meet up before! The event hashtag will now be #RUSHBloggerMeet and the event will be on the 3rd October in the evening. 

Now for the exciting bit, Rush Hair and Beauty have agree'd to let me hold the event in their ultra luxurious, House of Rush salon. As you can see from the photo's above, the venue is beautiful and the perfect place to hold a blogger event! 

I'm currently working hard to organize some treats for you all but I'm going to be keeping them a surprise for now as I don't want to spoil it for any of you but I will be tweeting and Instagramming sneak peeks of some of the goodie bag products so make sure you all look out for them! 

E-mails went around to everyone who has let me know that they are interested yesterday so make sure you reply back asap to let us know that you can still make it or if you can't so we can give your space to someone who can attend as spaces are going quick! 

I can't wait to meet you all and hopefully all of our hard work will pay off and it will be a brilliant event! 

The Fragrance Shop - Discovery Box #3

Hi Ladies! I hope your all having fabulous bank holidays despite the rain! I was recently contacted by The Fragrance Shop asking me if I would like to try out their 'Discovery Box'. I don't get Birch boxes or Glossy Boxes because I'm the sort of person who would rather just buy the products that I want with my £10 a month rather than spending it on a box where I may not like the products, but I thought it was about time I tried one out. 

The Discovery Box is £5 every quarter, so 4 times a year you will receive this little box through your door. It contain's 6 perfume samples (I also got an Alien sample but I'd already used it before I took the pictures) and a booklet with £10 off codes for each of the perfumes in the box. I think the £10 off codes are a really good idea as if you really like one of the samples then you can buy it cheaper than you would have before. The box also contains a few men's samples too which weren't really any use for me as I currently don't have a boyfriend and I live in a house full of girls. I've kept them anyway and I guess my Dad or Brother can make use of them but really I would have preferred all perfume samples to be aimed at me. 

I think this is a good little box to get if your into perfume and it's something you like to buy a lot of or have a few different fragrances, but I don't think I would buy this as really, if I wanted to try out a perfume then I could just go spray it at the counter which is what I usually go. It's not expensive though, so if you did want to invest, it wouldn't break the bank but I'm quite fussy with my perfume and stick to two scents in general so I didn't really get much from this box other than handy samples to keep in my purse or going out bag. 

St Ives: Gentle Apricot Scrub Review

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hi Lovelies! I've recently been trying extra hard to look after my skin and I've finally ditched the face wipes, and it's safe to say I'm not looking back. I have a love hate relationship with exfoliators as they can be too harsh for sensitive skin, however my dry skin needs exfoliation to keep it smooth so I can't win. Apart from my Soap and Glory exfoliator most others leave me with a red rash (attractive!) so when St Ives contacted me asking if I would like to try one of their exfoliators I was a little hesitant. After properly reading their e-mail I realized that they had a range for sensitive skin so I thought I would give it a go. 

St Ives gentle scrub is perfect for those of you with sensitive skin as it is formulated to gentry exfoliate dull surfaces and reveal smooth, radiant skin. This is just what I needed as I love that healthy glowy look, something that doesn't come to me naturally. It is made from apricots which contain powerful antioxidants to help cleanse your skin and apricot oil which is known for its hydration qualities. It also contains ground walnuts which make up the larger darker particles in the scrub and corn kernels which make up the more sand-like particles in the scrub. 

I haven't been having any problems with this exfoliator which is a miracle for me as I really do struggle to find a good exfoliator that doesn't damage my skin. The texture is a lot like sand but with larger particles as well so it's quite gentle on your skin. I also love the smell of this product, it smells kind of fruity but not too overpowering and it's a perfect 'wake me up' in the morning. 

I love the feel of freshly exfoliated skin so I have to admit I've been abusing this product and using it a couple of times a week instead of my usual once a week and it's helped to keep my skin smooth and clear without drying it out which is exactly what I was looking for in an exfoliator. The only thing I would say is that you do have to rinse this off quite well as some of the smaller particles do tend to get left behind but I don't see this as a major issue as I like to ensure I haven't left any product behind before I use my moisturizer anyway. 

If your looking for an exfoliator that won't react with sensitive skin but leaves you with a fresh feel and smooth skin then I would definitely recommend this, and at only £5.10* it won't break the bank. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - Review and Swatches

Hello Lovelies! I hope your all having a fab week, I can't wait for the weekend as I'm going dress shopping for the #CosmoBlogAwards! I thought I'd pop up a review of my most recent foundation purchase, but be warned, it isn't completely positive - I must be the only one not in love with this foundation! 

I usually always go for high end foundations as I have to be very careful with what I put on my skin. I used to suffer with bad acne which has left me with very sensitive skin which goes from being very very dry to quite oily so I usually find that high end foundations work best for my skin. My skin is usually dry but I do have the odd oily day so I usually go for foundations with a dewy finish that promise a healthy glow, to combat my dryness. 

I wanted to branch out and pick up a drugstore foundation in the hope that I would fall in love and save myself a few pennies instead of forking out for a £30 foundation every couple of months! I'd read a lot of reviews on the healthy mix foundation and everyone seemed to be so impressed with it that I thought I would give it a try. I was surprised to find that they actually had a shade which was pale enough for my skin tone, I usually find that drugstore foundations are quite orange toned and leave me with bad orange tide marks. I picked up No 1 Light Vanilla, which is the lightest shade and perfectly matches my skin tone. 

At first I was in love with this foundation, it wasn't as good as my YSL Touche Eclat foundation but it was a good drugstore alternative for days when I am only popping to the shops and don't want to waste the good stuff. The coverage is medium but you can build it up which is what I was looking for because I don't like my foundations to be too heavy. It did live up to its claims of giving me a healthy glow, it has a lovely dewy finish that doesn't look too fake and it didn't cling to any of my dry patches which is always a problem I have with foundations. 

A lot of people are put off by the smell saying that they find it too fruity, it does have a fruity smell but I didn't find it too overpowering and it did fade after application. This is the perfect foundation if your looking for a medium coverage dewy foundation as at first application I was in love with it. 

However, it didn't stay that dewy for long before it turned into shine. I do have a problem of my face getting quite shiny throughout the day but this wasn't a big issue as I could just top up with a bit of powder. The real problem came the next morning when I looked in the mirror. Unfortunately  Healthy Mix foundation breaks me out, and not just in a few little spots, they were big spots. It only gave me a few but it was still annoying as I've been working really hard at my skin recently and I felt like I had taken a step back. I'm not sure f this is because I did wear it on a very hot day where I was stuck on the tube for a long time or it is because of my sensitive skin but I definitely want to love this foundation as it is everything I'm looking for, apart from the skin issues. I think a much better choice for me next time would be to pick up the 10 hour sleep effect foundation as I have used that one before and it's an old love of mine. 

Benefit Longwear Powder Eyeshadow: Kiss Me I'm Tipsy

Hi Ladies! Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a huge lover of Benefit and always have been, they were my first ever beauty buy and I've yet to use one of their products and not instantly fall in love. I've actually had this eye shadow for a while but being the bad blogger that I am, I completely forgot to blog about it! I attended the Benefit 'Stay Flawless' event in London's Ice Bar earlier this year and as part of the event, we were given the opportunity to answer questions to win prizes. I actually got the answer wrong but I was still rewarded to taking part and given this cute little eye shadow in 'Kiss Me I'm Tipsy'. 

Apart from their amazing products, I love the Benefit packaging. It's all so cute and makes my collection look so pretty when I store it away and really makes make-up more enjoyable (if that was possible). Their new collection of eye shadows and lipglosses are all 1920s art deco themed with the blue and green patterned packaging. The actual eye shadow comes in a little plastic container but I like to keep mine in the little box it came in as it's just so pretty and it keeps it from getting messy. It also came with a little book of tips and tricks for using the eye shadow in different ways to create different looks which I think is a nice little extra. 

'Kiss Me I'm Tipsy' is a neutral brown shade with tiny specs of gold glitter which make it really pretty to use in a brown smokey eye look. When I go out now I find myself opting for a brown or greeny gold smokey eye look more often than a black/grey look as I think it's much more wearable and doesn't wash out my pale skin, but it also looks great with a tan and really brings out the colour - an all round winner for me! 

This is a longwear eye shadow but it doesn't actually say how long it's supposed to last so I can't really comment on weather it lives up to what it says but I do find that this lasts slightly longer than a few of my other eye shadows which is also a little bonus as I don't have to keep touching up. 

Overall, I love this eye shadow and am definitely thinking of picking up more, next on my list is a cream colour as I'm really into cream eye shadows at the moment. 

Tag: I Heart Summer!

Hi Girlies! I know it's now coming to the end of summer and the days are sadly beginning to get shorter but I saw this tag on Couture Girl and thought I'd give it a whirl myself. Summer is definitely my favourite season and I think this year we've really had the weather for it so I'm not too fussed that I haven't been away! I thought I would share some of my summer snaps from years past with you too so enjoy!

1. Favourite bronzer for Summer?

I love Hoola by Benefit, this is a recent addition to my collection but I've been using it everyday. I'm not lucky enough to own Nars Laguna so I can't compare but this bronzer is perfect for me. I only use a tiny bit though as it can be quite dark if you use too much, but I think that's great for when I have a spray tan or similar. This is also my first matte bronzer and I definitely think I will be opting for matte over shimmer next time as it looks more natural and that way I can add shimmer to my eyes without looking like a disco ball.

2. Favourite summer lip product?

I know this will be a common answer, but I love my Revlon Lip Butters for when the weather is hot. When we had a heatwave here in the UK my Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake was my go to lip product, it isn't too heavy which was exactly what I didn't want in 30 degree heat. I just wish I had picked up a more summery colour like the Juicy Papaya one or the Wild Watermelon one. When It was sunny but not too hot I opted for my MAC lipstick in 'Sunny Seoul' it's a perfect bright coral for summer and looks great with a slight tan. 

3. Pool or beach?

This is an easy one for me, I'm definitely a pool girl. Apart from my huge fear of putting my feet on the sea floor, I hate the way that the sand gets stuck inbetween your toes once you've been out of the water! I immediatly rush for the showers to get rid of it as I just hate the feeling! I've also been deep sea fishing a couple of times and after seeing what comes out of the water, I definitely don't want to go into it. 

4. Must have styling product?

Apart from things which I use all the time (Moroccan Oil, I'm looking at you!) my Toni and Guy Twist It Curl Balm is a summer staple for me. I have very curly hair which I usually straighten but In summer when the weather is hot, I try to leave my hair curly as much as possible. Mainly because I don't need the added heat of the hairdryer and straighteners and because I don't want to be cooped up inside which everyone else is outside enjoying the sunshine! This product is perfect because it doesn't make my curls feel like they have any product on them, I hate it when curl creams make your hair go all solid of greasy feeling so this one is great for me and it really does help to combat frizz which a lot of curly haired girls like me suffer from. 

5. Sun bathing or fake tan?

I'd probably have to go for fake tan. Apart from the serious health effects which the sun causes, I don't tan, ever. I'm very pale naturally so whenever I try to sunbathe I just go bright red and then have to suffer with bad sunburn for the rest of my holiday so now I've just taken to either accepting my paleness or faking it. I do enjoy sunbathing as it's nice to feel the sun on your skin, but I have to use factor 50 to ensure that I don't burn! 

6. Favourite summer drink?

In my eyes, nothing can beat a June Bug cocktail. It's so refreshing and has a lovely tropical fruity taste to it. I love any drinks that taste like fruit so really, even a cold glass of apple juice would do it for me - boring I know! 

7. Favourite summer nail polish?

I love hot pink nail polish for summer or a reddish coral colour, both are super bright and look great with a tan. Unfortunatly, my nail polish collection needs a massive overhaul at the moment as most of them have gotten old and gloopy - not great! 

8. Any summer traditions?

Hmm I don't think I have any proper summer traditions. Although, as it is my birthday at the end of July we usually have a big family BBQ as quite a lot of my family live far away and it's a good excuse to get everyone together but this year it didn't happen as I'm currently living and working in London for a year so it was difficult for me to come home and to get everything organised. My parent's came to London though and we went out for a lovely Italian meal which was just as lovely as either BBQ or Italian is my favourite kind of food. 

9. Favourite summer scent?

I love body sprays for summer, they're light which is great and I think most of the smells are more suited to summer. At the moment I'm loving my Gilly Hicks body spray in Anadale Moore or my Victoria's Secret body splash in Sensual Blush. I wear them everyday and even keep a little backup on my desk at work to top up if I find that i'm going somewhere after work or just for a quick top up. 

10. Favourite BBQ food?

Definitely sausages. My mum always laughs at me because I will literally eat the whole packed and insist that my dad cremates them on the BBQ as I won't eat them if they aren't burnt. There's just something about burnt sausages on the BBQ that I love. I also love it when you roast peppers on the BBQ and eat them with a bit of soured cream - Yummy! 

11. Favourite summer-proof product?

This may be a little boring but I think a good deodorant is a summer staple. I can't stand bad smells and I absolutely hate it when I get on a hot tube and all you can smell is sweaty bodies! I've found that Sanex and Sure are great brands and their deodorant really does last all day. Although, I did accidentally pick up a mens deodorant in my rush to get out of Sainsburys so now I have to go around smelling like a man - great. 

12. Any summer plans?

It's a bit late to be planning for Summer as it's nearly over but I didn't get the chance to make many summer plans this year as my summer was mainly taken up by moving to a new city and starting a new job where I didn't know anyone (scary stuff!) so my summer plans were to settle in and find my feet in a new city. I did have the change to go to some amazing events though which made it all a little more fun like the Benefit Stay Flawless event and the LDN Bloggers Party and there are so many more things I have to look forward to in Autumn - going to see my new house at home, Company Beauty Week, The Cosmo Blog Awards and my bloggers lunch! 

If you've done this tag I'd love to read it! Please leave a link in the comments below and I'll be sure to go check it out and see if any of our answers are similar! 

A5 Original Filofax in Flouro Pink

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hi Lovelies! This may sound odd, but for years I've wanted a Filofax, I love how classy they look and I'm a big stationary lover. I love to have everything organised and know where everything is, so when Filofax asked me if I would like to take part in their blogger challenge I jumped at the chance. 

This Filofax has everything I need to keep my life organised, something which is becoming more and more important now I have a proper full time job, a blog to run and I'm at the age where a lot of my friends are turning 21 so it's nice to keep a note of when their parties are so I remember to buy presents, etc. Although I love my Blackberry, Laptop, etc for keeping things organised and telling me when I have appointments, nothing beats writing everything down for me. I find that if I write things down they stick in my mind more and this way I'm never stuck when something runs out of battery! 

I chose the colour Flouro Pink as I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and I don't feel that my diary is something that will always have to go with what I'm wearing. I love the colour and the fact that it's real leather, it makes me think it's a bit more luxurious and I'm definitely going to get a few year's worth out of it. I'd usually just go for black or brown but I'm glad that I picked this colour because I love how bright it is and it will always make me think of summer! 

On the inside cover of the Filofax it has a pen holder which I think is great as I'm always trying to find a pen in the depths of my very messy handbag so now I'll always know where it is. It also comes with dividers, to-do list pages, lined and squared paper, different coloured lined paper, pages with measurements, etc on them, the actual diary pages, a ruler, plastic wallet, and a little note pad on the inside of the back cover. Wow, that was a lot! This little diary really does have everything you need to keep your entire life organised and I can really see it coming in useful for keeping track of blog events, holidays, parties, work, etc. 

The #LDNBloggersLunch Invitations...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hi Girlies! So a few weeks ago I popped up a post about possibly arraning a London Bloggers Meetup and I was overwhelmed by the response it got. Unfortunatly, the venue has fallen though and I am really struggling to find another venue that will accomodate everyone who wants to attend. So instead of cancelling the whole thing, I have decided to arrange the #LDNBloggersLunch. This will be a smaller event but I thought it would be nice if a group of us all went out for lunch and got to know eachother a bit better over pizza and drinks (unfortunately I won't be able to fund the pizza and drinks but most of us go out for lunch before meet ups anyway so why not combine the two)! Hopefully the more informal event will take away some people's nerves and really give us a chance to talk and with the possibility of goodie bags, who could resist? 

I am planning to hold the event one Saturday in early October but the date and venue will be confirmed soon. If you would like an invite to this please leave your e-mail in the comments as spaces will be given out on a first come first serve basis as this will be such a small event compared to the events which have around 100 invitations. And don't forget to either follow my blog or follow me on twitter for the latest updates on the meet up! 

Victoria's Secret Body Spray: Sensual Blush

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hi Ladies! If any of you read my Birthday Haul post, you'll know I picked up a couple of Victoria's Secret body-sprays  This one is by far my favourite and most used one of the three so I thought I would review this one. If you would like to see reviews on the other two that I picked up just let me know! 

I'm a big fan of bodysprays and use them more often than perfume nowadays. I think there are some great smelling ones out there and as they're a lot cheaper than most perfumes, I don't feel bad spritzing it all over me throughout the day when I feel I need a top up. On nights out or special occasions I tend to opt for perfume, but for everyday wear I prefer using body sprays as the scents tend to be a lot lighter and more to my taste. 

Victoria's Secret say that 'Sensual Blush' has a pink lotus and sultry woods scent. I'm not too sure what that means as I'm not an expert on all things fragrance but I'd say that this body spray smells lovely and fresh. It's like a combination of fruity and floral and is a great summer scent. 

As far as body sprays go, this one is highly scented and two spritz's will last for hours so you don't need to use too much of it. The packaging also looks super pretty displayed in my room, it is plastic not glass so it does appear cheaper than a perfume bottle but this really doesn't bother me as I still love the packaging. 

Overall, I love this body spray and it's one of my favourite smells at the moment. My housemate even commented that I smelled nice and a bit like a Hollister shop which is great as far as I'm concerned. 

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