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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hi Lovelies! I hope you've all had a great weekend whatever you've been up to. My parents are going to be moving house soon, and although I'm not living with them this year, at some point I will be going home to continue my studies at University so I thought this would be the perfect time to do a home wishlist. In reality, my parents will probably just decorate the whole house as I won't actually be living there and they are better at it than me, but a girl can dream! 

As you can probably tell, I love cream and white bedrooms. Some people think they look a bit clinical but I love how clean and fresh they look. So I'll start off with the white stuff first. I love this daisy photo frame from Zara Home, I love to have my favourite memories displayed around me as I can't see my friends from home/school as often now we are all at Uni and living separate lives, but it's nice to have photos hung up to remember some of the good times and remind me to keep in contact! I also chose this 'letters' organizer from Next, although I don't receive many letters now everything is done by e-mail, it's still a pretty little storage box that I could store a few palettes or just general bits and bobs in so there isn't any clutter. I also picked out this plant pot from Ikea, although it's a plant pot I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers store make up brushes in it and I think it looks so pretty, I'm in desperate need of sorting out all my make up and my current set up is terrible and hard to find anything I'm looking for, so moving house is a perfect time to sort everything out! 

I decided to bring some colour to my wishlist by adding in some duck egg blue accessories as I think it's a nice and calming colour. Bright and colourful bedrooms aren't really my taste, I prefer my bedroom to be calming and relaxing so this colour is perfect for that. I chose this pillow from John Lewis because although its blue, it has a girly sequin bow design which I love. i think it's simple and elegant and would look great on cream sheets with other similar colour cushions. The wallpaper I picked out is also from John Lewis to match the duck egg theme. I already own cream furniture which I still love and I think the duck egg theme will match that perfectly. 

The two prints I picked out are both from Etsy. I love fashion illustration so I think the first one would be well suited in my bedroom and adds some subtle girlyness. I also picked out the raindrops print as I love those kinds of prints and the blue and yellow match my theme and also add a hint of bright colour to my room. And finally, the Muji Storage. As I said, I desperately need to sort out my make up collection and organize it in a way that's easy to find and looks simple and neat so I think these storage boxes would be great. 

I'd love to know what you think of my choices and some of the things you would pick out for your bedroom! 


  1. I absolutely love that letter holder, I'm moving house soon so this would be perfect for me :)

  2. I need all of these, especially the storage! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  3. Great wishlist! When it comes to decorating, I love white pieces as well. They are so classic and pretty!

  4. My bedroom is duck egg blue with cream! Similar tastes :) I've had my eye on that cream plant pot/make up brush holder/candle holder for ages now, by the time I go and buy it, it'll be gone!

    Great wishlist, I'd have everything on it!
    Just popping over from the #lbloggers chat!
    Donna xx

  5. “I love cream and white bedrooms. Some people think they look a bit clinical but I love how clean and fresh they look.” —so true. The great thing about these colours though is that they make the room look bigger and airier. If you have a small space, then cream and white would be perfect. Anyway, good luck on your independent living. Ciao!


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