Rana Argan Oil: Review

Monday, 5 August 2013

Hi Girlies, I hope your having a wonderful week whatever your up to! Today I thought I would do a review on this argan oil I received from Rana Argan Oil. I'm a great lover of using oil on your hair to condition it and help it recover from the heat abuse a subject it to and I swear by my Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil but I'd never tried pure argan oil before and didn't know that there were so many uses for it! This little bottle acts as a moisturizer for your face and body, and as a hair mask or conditioner! I've been using this product as a moisturizer for my body so I thought I would share my experience and thoughts with you. 

I just spray a few drops of this onto my skin and massage it in before I got to bed as it does leave an oily residue on your skin which I wash off in the morning once it has had the night to work its magic. After showering in the morning I did notice a difference in the softness of my skin, I have quite dry and sensitive skin so I do have to be careful with what creams, etc I put onto it but I didn't have any problems with this. 

However, there was a massive downside to this product for me - the smell. I love fresh or sweet smelling products or no smell at all, but I really hated the smell of this product. I've never smelt pure argan oil before so I have no comparison but I was expecting it to smell a bit like my Moroccan oil, but in reality, it smelled a bit like a farm. I've heard that this is the general smell of natural 100% pure argan oil so I guess that's the compromise you have to make in order to get rid of any chemicals and preservatives, so it's probably better for you in the long run. The smell wasn't massively strong but I could definitely smell it on my skin. 

If your a lover of all natural beauty products and don't mind the mild smell then I would definitely recommend this to you as it does work as a great moisturizer. 


  1. Oh, that's a letdown! I hate when products smell so badly that I can't stand to use them! :(

  2. Don't think I would bare with that personally, something has to smell nice if I'm putting it on my skin! Pity :(



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