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Friday, 9 August 2013

Hi Ladies! I've seen this tag on a couple of blogs now and thought it would be fun to do. I feel like a lot of bloggers try too hard to appear 'perfect' when it comes to beauty, but that can't be true. Nobody is perfect and I thought it would be good to share 5 of the beauty things that I'm not perfect at! 

Primer - I am terrible at remembering to use primer. When I have a lot of time to do my make up and really think about what products I'm going to apply I will often use primer but these are rare occasions. I'm not sure why but its just something that always slips my mind or I'll remember half way through putting my foundation on when it's too late. Maybe this is because I have yet to find the perfect primer, when I do maybe I'll remember to use it more often! 

Keeping my brows tidy - I'm a huge fan of eye brow kits, I love my Benefit Browzings and I use it every day without fail. My eyebrows are quite patchy and too light for me as my hair is darker so it's essential that I fill them in. However, I'm so useless and plucking, waxing etc my eyebrows! I've never had my eyebrows waxed or shaped before which is something I should probably try, but I'm okay with just plucking them at the moment. Saying that, I always forget to pluck them. My brows are constantly bushy and in terrible shape because I mostly rely on my Browzings to keep my brows looking tidy and I think it works most of the time. 

Getting my hair cut - This may seem like a simple thing to most people but I always hate how my hair turns out when I go to the hairdressers. It's always nice to get your hair washed and blow dried properly but I always hate my hair afterwards. It's too short, it's too long, my fringe looks funny, I could go on. I haven't been to the hairdressers since Christmas, and even when I do go it's just to get my fringe trimmed and the ends taken off and when I say 'ends' I mean the shortest possible amount. I always feel like it's such a risk putting my hair in the hands of a stranger and letting them loose with a pair of scissors. Maybe I'm worrying for no reason, but my hair will be due a cut soon and I'm already dreading it. 

Eyeliner - To this day, I have never used eyeliner. I hate the stuff. Don't get me wrong I love the way it looks but I just hate using it! I used to have this irrational fear of putting things near my eyes and it was tough enough to get past mascara, now that fear is only tiny but me and traditional eyeliner just do not get on. I can never get it straight or close enough to my eye and it just ends up looking messy. Instead I use a dark black eyeshadow that is very pigmented and a small angled brush. I find that this works well for me and usually ends up looking symmetrical and neat. 

Throwing my make up away - I am a self confessed hoarder. I can't bear to throw things away, apart from the odd occasion when I'm in the mood for a clear out when I will literally chuck my whole life away then regret it two days later. I know this is really bad when it comes to make up because it has use by dates but the only thing I really have a problem with in terms of use by dates is mascara. I can always tell when my mascara has gone out of date because I spend all day with itchy eyes, then it get's instantly binned. But apart from that I don't really have any problems. 

So there you have it, I'm not perfect, far from it. I'd love to see your posts if you've done this tag so please leave them in the comments below! 


  1. What a coincidence I just wrote a post on how I hate going to the hairdressers haha I'm exactly the same about it never being perfect afterwards.
    Great tag post!


  2. I am the exact same way about the hairdressers! I always try to get it cut way before I have anything important coming up. There is usually something I'm not QUITE happy with. (Maybe that's why I've let my hair get so long at the moment! I keep putting off going!)

  3. I am exactly the same with hoarding makeup, I can't bring myself to throw things away unless they look odd or smell weird. Especially more expensive makeup that cost quite a bit of money, I can't face throwing it away especially if it's still got loads of product left!

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  4. Im actually such a hypocrite haha i tell people to prime and moisturiser etc and i never do it haha


  5. My hair is overdue a haircut BIG TIME!! I'm glad I'm not alone. With long hair it's so easy to skip visiting the hairdressers!


  6. Loved reading this post!! Ahh so I'm not the only one who doesn't have a makeup artistry award!
    Ha ha,
    Chloe x



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