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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hi Girlies! I know it's now coming to the end of summer and the days are sadly beginning to get shorter but I saw this tag on Couture Girl and thought I'd give it a whirl myself. Summer is definitely my favourite season and I think this year we've really had the weather for it so I'm not too fussed that I haven't been away! I thought I would share some of my summer snaps from years past with you too so enjoy!

1. Favourite bronzer for Summer?

I love Hoola by Benefit, this is a recent addition to my collection but I've been using it everyday. I'm not lucky enough to own Nars Laguna so I can't compare but this bronzer is perfect for me. I only use a tiny bit though as it can be quite dark if you use too much, but I think that's great for when I have a spray tan or similar. This is also my first matte bronzer and I definitely think I will be opting for matte over shimmer next time as it looks more natural and that way I can add shimmer to my eyes without looking like a disco ball.

2. Favourite summer lip product?

I know this will be a common answer, but I love my Revlon Lip Butters for when the weather is hot. When we had a heatwave here in the UK my Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake was my go to lip product, it isn't too heavy which was exactly what I didn't want in 30 degree heat. I just wish I had picked up a more summery colour like the Juicy Papaya one or the Wild Watermelon one. When It was sunny but not too hot I opted for my MAC lipstick in 'Sunny Seoul' it's a perfect bright coral for summer and looks great with a slight tan. 

3. Pool or beach?

This is an easy one for me, I'm definitely a pool girl. Apart from my huge fear of putting my feet on the sea floor, I hate the way that the sand gets stuck inbetween your toes once you've been out of the water! I immediatly rush for the showers to get rid of it as I just hate the feeling! I've also been deep sea fishing a couple of times and after seeing what comes out of the water, I definitely don't want to go into it. 

4. Must have styling product?

Apart from things which I use all the time (Moroccan Oil, I'm looking at you!) my Toni and Guy Twist It Curl Balm is a summer staple for me. I have very curly hair which I usually straighten but In summer when the weather is hot, I try to leave my hair curly as much as possible. Mainly because I don't need the added heat of the hairdryer and straighteners and because I don't want to be cooped up inside which everyone else is outside enjoying the sunshine! This product is perfect because it doesn't make my curls feel like they have any product on them, I hate it when curl creams make your hair go all solid of greasy feeling so this one is great for me and it really does help to combat frizz which a lot of curly haired girls like me suffer from. 

5. Sun bathing or fake tan?

I'd probably have to go for fake tan. Apart from the serious health effects which the sun causes, I don't tan, ever. I'm very pale naturally so whenever I try to sunbathe I just go bright red and then have to suffer with bad sunburn for the rest of my holiday so now I've just taken to either accepting my paleness or faking it. I do enjoy sunbathing as it's nice to feel the sun on your skin, but I have to use factor 50 to ensure that I don't burn! 

6. Favourite summer drink?

In my eyes, nothing can beat a June Bug cocktail. It's so refreshing and has a lovely tropical fruity taste to it. I love any drinks that taste like fruit so really, even a cold glass of apple juice would do it for me - boring I know! 

7. Favourite summer nail polish?

I love hot pink nail polish for summer or a reddish coral colour, both are super bright and look great with a tan. Unfortunatly, my nail polish collection needs a massive overhaul at the moment as most of them have gotten old and gloopy - not great! 

8. Any summer traditions?

Hmm I don't think I have any proper summer traditions. Although, as it is my birthday at the end of July we usually have a big family BBQ as quite a lot of my family live far away and it's a good excuse to get everyone together but this year it didn't happen as I'm currently living and working in London for a year so it was difficult for me to come home and to get everything organised. My parent's came to London though and we went out for a lovely Italian meal which was just as lovely as either BBQ or Italian is my favourite kind of food. 

9. Favourite summer scent?

I love body sprays for summer, they're light which is great and I think most of the smells are more suited to summer. At the moment I'm loving my Gilly Hicks body spray in Anadale Moore or my Victoria's Secret body splash in Sensual Blush. I wear them everyday and even keep a little backup on my desk at work to top up if I find that i'm going somewhere after work or just for a quick top up. 

10. Favourite BBQ food?

Definitely sausages. My mum always laughs at me because I will literally eat the whole packed and insist that my dad cremates them on the BBQ as I won't eat them if they aren't burnt. There's just something about burnt sausages on the BBQ that I love. I also love it when you roast peppers on the BBQ and eat them with a bit of soured cream - Yummy! 

11. Favourite summer-proof product?

This may be a little boring but I think a good deodorant is a summer staple. I can't stand bad smells and I absolutely hate it when I get on a hot tube and all you can smell is sweaty bodies! I've found that Sanex and Sure are great brands and their deodorant really does last all day. Although, I did accidentally pick up a mens deodorant in my rush to get out of Sainsburys so now I have to go around smelling like a man - great. 

12. Any summer plans?

It's a bit late to be planning for Summer as it's nearly over but I didn't get the chance to make many summer plans this year as my summer was mainly taken up by moving to a new city and starting a new job where I didn't know anyone (scary stuff!) so my summer plans were to settle in and find my feet in a new city. I did have the change to go to some amazing events though which made it all a little more fun like the Benefit Stay Flawless event and the LDN Bloggers Party and there are so many more things I have to look forward to in Autumn - going to see my new house at home, Company Beauty Week, The Cosmo Blog Awards and my bloggers lunch! 

If you've done this tag I'd love to read it! Please leave a link in the comments below and I'll be sure to go check it out and see if any of our answers are similar! 


  1. Great tag! I am the same way about being in the sun. I don't tan - I turn red!

  2. Brilliant tag, please have a read of mine


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