Autumn Clothing Haul ft. Primark, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Sleek & MAC

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hello Ladies! With Autumn well and truly upon us, I thought it was time to share some of the things I've been buying over the past month to get ready for Autumn and the cold weather. I know there is lots of talk of this late 'Indian Summer' but as I write this I'm snuggled up on my bed in a cosy jumper, with my favourite candle burning, so it's fair to say that I'm ready for the colder months and for Winter to begin. This is mainly going to be a clothing haul, as when the weather turned about 2/3 weeks ago, I found that I didn't actually own that many warm clothes despite living in England where it's cold 80% of the time. So I rushed out to buy some big cosy jumpers and picked up a few other treats along the way...

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous jumper from Miss Selfridge for around £32 after I had used my Student Discount, it was one of their 20% off days so I couldn't resist putting it to good use. I instantly fell in love with this jumper when I saw the detail around the neck. I love anything glitzy so this was perfect for me and it was in one of my favourite colours at the moment, a beautiful pastel creamy pink. This is quite a thin jumper so it's perfect for this time of the year when the weather can't decide what it's doing, and looks great with jeans or tucked into a skater skirt with ankle boots. 

The next thing I picked up was this cosy jumper from Pirmark, at the bargain price of £8! Like I said, I am in desperate need of winter jumpers as I didn't own any so I headed to Primark to get some bargains as I can't really afford a whole new winter wardrobe all in one go. 'Pretty In Pink' is one of this seasons trends, with the pink coat being big this year, but as I didn't need a coat and still loved the trend, I thought a jumper would be the perfect option. For only £8 I'm really surprised at how thick and soft this jumper is, It will be perfect for keeping me warm on cold days in the office, without breaking the bank. I also love the little zip detail at the back, as it just adds something else to a quite plain jumper. 

As you can probably tell by this post, I love pastel pink, nude and cream colours at the moment. So when I saw this jumper in new look I had to have it. Although this is quite plain it looks really nice and cosy on and it is so soft. This cost me £14 which I think is a good price for a jumper as some stores charge around £50 and If I bought something at that price I would only have 1 jumper for winter. I like to roll the ends of the sleeves up on this jumper and wear it with a pretty white embellished collar and jeans to make a casual outfit look a bit prettier. 

Last of the jumpers which I picked up was this navy blue jumper from Primark, which costs £14. This is quite a long jumper but I quite like my jumpers to be over-sized as I find that it's a more flattering shape with such a think material. I loved this jumper because of the little sequins it has running through it, I love anything that sparkles and I also love a bit of navy blue so this was perfect for me to wear to work or at the weekends as my work doesn't have a smart dress code. Primark have some great jumpers in at the moment so I would really recommend checking it out if your looking for a winter wardrobe that won't break the bank. 

And lastly, these are just some other little treats I picked up while out shopping. When I saw these Bambi slipper socks in Primark I knew I had to have them. I love anything Disney and I thought the pink colour and the little Bambi heads on them were just too cute to pass up, and at only £4 it was a no-brainer. I also picked up this Sleek eye shadow palette in 'Oh So Special'. After the chat on Wednesday I couldn't wait to get my hands on this Sleek palette and the 'Vintage Romance' palette as they looked like great winter shades for a good price, but the 'Vintage Romance' palette seems to be sold out everywhere near me so I just picked up the one. I love the purples and pinks in this palette as it makes a change to my regular neutral eye looks and will be great for Autumn. And lastly, I couldn't resist popping into the new MAC store in the Shepards Bush Westfield to take a look at their lipsticks. I picked up 'Please Me' which is a matte pink colour. I love pink lipsticks and I didn't own any Matte shades so I thought I would pick this one up as it is still quite neutral, which I love. 

Have you picked up anything in preparation for the colder months? I'd love to see your hauls!

The Autumn Tag

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hello Ladies! Today is the last of my posting everyday week and I’m not too sure if it is something I want to keep up or not. My traffic has increased and I have enjoyed spending more time on my blog but I feel that some posts just got lost in between others so I think for now I’m going to go back to posting about 3 times a week as that seemed to work well with my work schedule and you lovely readers seemed to like it a bit more, but I’d love some suggestions!

I have been tagged a couple of times to do this post and now that Autumn is well and truly here, I thought it was about time I did the tag! I love Autumn for its cosy nights in and big wooly jumpers so this should be a fun tag to do! I'd love to know what your answers to the questions were so please leave your link to the Autumn tag in the comments! 

1. What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

I love being able to throw on a big wooly jumper and Uggs although I know some people hate them! I love being warm and cosy and I'm quite a cold person so being able to throw on lots of layers and warm clothes is great. Also, Autumn means that Halloween and Christmas are coming and I love to have things to look forward to and plan for, If I don't have anything to plan or look forward to I get bored very easily and it's easy to feel down. 

2. Favourite Autumn Drink?

I really hate Tea and Coffee and most warm drinks apart from Hot Chocolate. So I'd have to say hot chocolate, but really, I stick with my squash and fruit juice all year round. Boring I know, but you can't beat good old squash in my eyes, I doubt I'll ever grow out of it and I do get in a bad mood when I run out of it! 

3. Favourite Scent/Candle?

At the moment I have a Vanilla and Coconut Creme one from Primark which I actually love. It's so sweet without being sickly and just smells cosy. I also love the Lily Flame candles in Dolly Rocker and Fairy Dust as they aren't too summery and just smell of warmth to me. I don't really like Autumn and Christmas candles as I hate the spell of Cinnamon and Spice, which is the generic Christmas Candle smell. 

4. Best Autumn Lipstick?

Once again, I'm going to be boring with this one. I usually stick with a nude or pink lip all year round as I don't suit the Berry Lip trend or red lipstick, the only difference is, in winter I don't get out my coral lipsticks as much and stash away some of the brighter colours. At the moment I'm loving MAC Creme Cup but I really want to get my hands on Please Me or YSL Lingerie Pink. 

5. Go To Moisturiser in Autumn?

I have very dry skin which is also prone to breakouts so I tend to stick with two moisturisers all year round. I love to use Elemis Fresh Skin moisturiser (the Stay Clear one) as it keeps my break outs under control while also being moisturising enough. However, when my skin gets really dry during the winter I love to use my Clinique Moisture Surge as it's lovely and light but also gives you great moisturisation. 

6. Go To Autumn Eye Colour?

I love a good neutral eye but this Autumn I've been darkening up my neutral eye by banishing the lighter gold tones and opting for a darker brown shimmery neutral eye. I've also been adding in some purple and berry colours (not to the neutral eye!) to make my make up look more Autumn appropriate. I really want to get the Sleek Vintage Romance palette and MAC Cranberry for this years Autumn eye looks. 

7. Favourite Band/Artist to listen to?

This is a tricky one for me as I don't really have a favourite band or musician and my music taste is quite eclectic. I adore One Direction and I don't care who knows it but recently I've been loving The 1975, I've had their song 'Girls' on repeat all day!

8. Favourite Outfit To Wear?

I love to wear jeans, a knitted jumper and boots during the winter, or I'll opt for a skater skirt, thick tights boots and a pretty top if I want to look a bit more girly but it really does depend on where I'm going and how I feel about myself on the day. 

9. Autumn Treat?

My wishlist is bigger than me at the moment but as I said earlier, I really want to get my hands on a new MAC lipstick and eyeshadow and a Sleek eyeshadow palette as I don't currently own any of them (shame on me I know!). 

10. Favourite Place To Be?

One word. Bed. I love my bed, especially when it's cold outside. I love getting cosy in bed with a hot chocolate and a scented candle on the go, and sticking on a heart warming christmassy film like The Holiday. 

Umberto Giannini Shapely Curls Mousse | Review

Friday, 27 September 2013

Hello girlies! Recently, I've been wearing my hair curly a lot more than usual as I'm trying to slowly cut back on the straighteners before I get my hair cut as I want to put some colour into my hair, so want it to be as healthy as possible. My hair is typically quite wild and can sometimes get very very frizzy so some soft of styling product related specifically to curls is always needed to keep my mane looking a bit tamer and not so crazy. Over the years I've tried hundreds of curly hair products from serums, to mouse to curl creams but this time I thought I would give moose another go. 

I used to love my Redken 'fresh curls' moose but unfortunately I can't find any shops that stock the mouse anymore and while I was mooching around Boots the other day I spotted that they had an offer on hair products so I thought it was time for a new curl tamer. 

I picked up the Umberto Giannii Curl Friends 'Shapely Curl Mousse' mainly because I liked the packaging, probably not the best way to judge a product but sometimes you can't help reading a book by its cover. I did originally want to get some of the new Toni & Guy hair products but they didn't have one for curls so Umberto Giannini it is! 

This mousse is designed to define, hold, separate and control even the most delicate of curls and so far so good with me. It's no miracle worker and I do still have the odd crazy curl, but for the most part it keeps them in check without weighing them down so I still have big bouncy curls. The one thing I do love about this product is that you can't feel it on your hair. I have tried countless curl products which have made my curls go really hard or sticky and it really puts me off using the product as I do want my hair to look natural. 

If any of you have any recommendations for curly hair products I'd love to know as I can never seem to find that one miracle worker, but for now this does the job nicely!

OOTD | Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hello ladies! As some of you may know, on Wednesday next week I will be heading over to the OXO Tower on South Bank for this year’s Cosmo Blog Awards! I’m super excited to get dressed up and see what Cosmo have put on for us, I’ve never been to anything like this before and I won’t get to go to something like this again so I’ve decided to go dressed up! As nobody will be around on the day of the event to take my OOTD photos, I have enlisted the help of my Mum, so this is just a picture of the dress I’m wearing. I will probably accessorize if differently on the day and my hair and nails will be done by La Durbin Salon before the event so I will look different to this. I will also have fake tanned so hopefully I won’t look as ghostly as this on the day of the event!

Also, this is my first OOTD so please be nice! I already know I’m a bit on the chubby side and I’m as white as a sheet, so no need to tell me in the comments! I don’t usually do these kinds of posts because I don’t want to get any nasty comments and also because my OOTD’s are usually just my jeans and a jumper that I’m wearing to work!

I got this dress from Lipsy and although it hasn’t come out that well in the photos, its a pretty pink nude colour and will hopefully look great with my spray tan. It has a sparkly silver band around the waist and then it puffs out into a bigger skirt so I think this will help to disguise my stomach and be more flattering on my figure.

I love the back of this dress too. It has crossover straps which then go into a pretty bow design (I love anything with bows) and then flares out into the skirt, which is longer at the back than the front. I’m not sure if this is too dressy for the Cosmo Awards but I decided to just wear what I want to and hopefully I won’t look too silly?

What do you think about this dress? It was so hard to know what to wear to this event but the invite said ‘dress to impress’ so hopefully that's what I’ve done! And I will of course be posting photos of the event and my hair, etc and what it actually looks like on the night. 

MAC 'Creme de la Femme' Lipstick | Review & Swatches

Hello Lovelies! I think it's fair to say that I'm a little bit obsessed with pink lipstick, no matter how many pink lipsticks I have that are very similar shades, I will still buy another one - I just can't seem to stop. But when I saw this MAC lipstick I had to buy it as it is slightly different to any of the other pink lipsticks that I own. 

Creme De La Femme is a frost lipstick which means it has a frosty, shimmery finish which I think looks really pretty. I originally went to look at Bombshell after seeing it on Birds Words, but when I went to take a look, I thought this colour would be more suitable for the colder months as it is slightly deeper and warmer than Bombshell. Creme De La Femme has a golden shimmer running through it so I never feel the need for lipgloss when I'm wearing this as it has it's own shimmery shine. 

I usually go for Cremesheen finishes from MAC as I love moisturizing lipsticks so I was a little worried that this one would dry out my lips or highlight the dryness if I had any but luckily it isn't drying and glides on my lips like a dream. I love using this lipstick to add a subtle pop of colour to my everyday look and when I want to wear something slightly different. I haven't worn this as part of a night look yet as a prefer to keep my lips simple and focus on my eyes but I think this would look really pretty with a golden night look because of the gold shimmer running through the pink lipstick. 

Maybelline Baby Lips | Worth The Hype?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hello Lovelies! Before you all say it, I do realise that I am a little late to jump on the Babylips bandwagon and I did say that I wouldn’t even bother trying Babylips as it is only a lip balm after all. I received this product in a box of Maybelline products that we got in our LFW goodie bags as Maybelline were one of the sponsors this year and I wasn’t sure whether I should post a review on it as pretty much everyone and their cat has beaten me to it, but a few of you said that you would still like to hear my opinion on this hyped up product, well, ask and you shall receive...

Like I said, I received this product in a box of Maybelline products so I did not get to choose which one I got as it was part of a make up look which you could create with the products in the box, but I probably would have still chosen this one anyway. I was given ‘Hydrate’ which is the clear lip balm in the range. One thing I do love about this product is the smell, it smells fresh and fruity and not too sickly sweet like a lot of strawberry lip balms I've tried in the past. I also like the finish that the balm gives to your lips – it glides on effortlessly and leaves a kind of shiny effect on your lips. I’m not sure if this is true for all of the products in the Babylips range as this one is supposed to be hydrating, so this one may be a little dewier than some of the others.

However, I hate the packaging of this product. I know a lot of people love the packaging of the Babylips as they are fun, colourful and cute but I just think it looks so cheap and prefer the packaging of some of my other lip balms. Although, because it is plastic I don’t mind just chucking it in my bag as I’m not worried it will get all messy, etc and I wouldn't be too bothered if it did.

So, was it worth the hype? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I do like this product and I have been using it and will continue to use it but it’s nothing special. It hasn't changed my life or my make up routine and really, it’s just a lip balm. I think the only reason these products were so hyped up was because we couldn't get them for so long, had they been available in the UK the whole time I don’t think anyone would have been too fussed about them. Overall, These are just fun, cute little lip balms but that’s all they are, and if I’m honest I've tried way better but I do still like them and I think I’ll keep this one in my handbag for when I feel like my lips need a little bit of help.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipgloss in 67 'Caprice' | Review & Swatches

Hello Lovelies! I hope your all having an amazing week! I'm in a great mood today as last night after the #FBLChat I made it to 500 followers on Bloglovin! I honestly never thought that I would even get to 100 so to be half way to 1000 is amazing! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ever read or still reads Lipgloss and Lashes, and to celebrate, I thought I would do a review of an extra special product for the special occasion! 

If you've been reading my blog recently then you'll know that I'm a massive fan of a nude or subtle lip for A/W. I love how it adds a subtle colour without drawing away attention from my eye make up. This lipgloss is perfect for creating that look as it is a lovely pink toned nude, so I still have a hint of colour but it's not screaming 'look at me'. 

I love Chanel Make Up packaging, I think it's so sleek and sophisticated and definitely oozes class and this lipgloss is no different. The texture is so creamy and it glides onto your lips with ease, not leaving behind that horrible lipgloss stickyness. 

'Carpice' is a nude pink with a hint of coral, and although coral is more if a summer colour I feel that it still works for A/W as its quite muted and subtle, but it would also look amazing over a coral lipstick for the Summer. 

There is also a lighter shade of nude pink that I've got my eyes on as I have been so impressed with this lipgloss, however, these do not come cheap at £25 a pop, so I would recommend choosing a colour that you will get a lot of wear out of or one that is different to anything you own to get a good usage for your money! 

Dior Eye Shadow Palette in 809 'Petal Shine' | Review & Swatches

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hello Ladies! There is something about Dior make up that makes me think its special. I'm not sure weather it's just the brand name, the amazing quality or the pretty colours they produce but Dior make up is definitely on a different level, with this palette being no exception. With the winter days well on it's way it's about time I started doing make up looks that fit that 'Autumn' look and to me, that means rich browns and deep purple smokey eyes. Berry and Purple looks are big this season but unfortunatly, I just can't pull off the 'Berry Lips' trend - it makes me look so washed out, so instead I am going with my take on the Berry theme and going for a light purple smokey eye with a nude lip as this is more flattering on my skin tone. 

The range of colours you get in this palette make it perfect for creating both day and night looks which is something I always look for in a palette as I don't want to be stuck with only one look. In the daytime I prefer to go for the light pink and the brown colour in the middle, while using the darker brown on the outer corner and to line my eye. I find that this works well as it's smokey enough to look wintery and adds depth to my eye look without being too dramatic and screaming 'look at me' When I use this palette to create an Autumn night-time look I tend to go for the lightest colour on my inner corner and the second lightest (the pink colour) all over my lid. Then I like to go really smokey with the purple and use a black liquid liner to create a cat flick. This looks great with big fluttery lashes and adds drama to any night look. You could pair this with a berry or red lip if you really wanted to go all out, but I prefer to stick with the nude lip so that all the attention is on my eye look. 

What I love most about this palette is the quality. You really get what you pay for with this palette as the shadows are super soft and although they do contain a bit of glitter and shimmer, it's so finely milled that you can't feel it scratching your eyelids if you have sensetive eyes like me and it glides on effortlessly. The pigmentation is great which means a little goes a long way, making it easier to blend out and create that smokey look. 

Have you tried any of the Dior palette's, I'm not sure which one to go for next!

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in 'Pink Shimmer' | Review & Swatches

Monday, 23 September 2013

Now that Autumn is finally on it's way I'm switching up my make up to include some more A/W appropriate pieces, gone are the corals and oranges which were so popular this Summer, it's now time to make way for beautiful berry colours and warm pinks. I thought that blusher was a good place to start. Over the Summer I loved my MAC 'Springsheen' blush as it was the perfect dewy coral but now that the weather is colder and the nights are darker, it's time for a change. 

This blusher has got to be one of my all time favourite blushers. I love pink blushers and find that these are most flattering if applied lightly onto my pale skin so this blog is perfect for me as it has just the right amount of pink to give me a warm flush of colour. Like some of the Benefit boxed blushers, this Laura Mercier number comes with four different colours which can be used separately or swirled together to create a warm nude pink blusher. I like to swirl the colours together and apply this to the apples of my cheeks, then apply the lightest colour on its own as a highlight on my cheek bones. 

Also, the quality of this blusher is outstanding. I have not tried many Laura Mercier products as they are a little pricey, but every product that I do try impresses me more than the last and this is no exception  With the finely milled shimmer this is such a smooth and creamy blush making it a dream to apply, and allowing you to add a bit of shimmer to your face without looking like your 5 years old again and playing with your 'glitter babes' make up. The subtle shimmer adds a warm highlight to your skin which can be emphasized on your cheek bones using the lighter colours. 

Overall, I haven't a bad word to say about this product and I will definitely be checking out some of the other colours - I have my eye on the Peach one next!

London Fashion Week - My VIP Experience

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Aloha Lovelies! Firstly, I apologise for the huge amount of photos on this post but I really wanted you all to be able to see what the whole day was like and I just couldn't condense it any more! Today, I had the opportunity to go to London Fashion Weekend as a VIP guest and sit front row, and to say it was amazing wouldn't be doing it justice, I've had the best day and had the chance to do so many things I would have never got to do before! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Chloe from Chloe's Way for giving me one of her spare tickets and giving me another spare so I could bring a friend!

When we arrived we were given the opportunity to go into the 3D Cannon photo experience which of course, we did. You got to go into the studio and jump in the air as a group as 58 cameras took photos of you from every angle, these were then put together to create a 3 D moving image which was so cool and the image looks amazing, despite my weird jump I managed to do when they said go! I've uploaded the video above but it isn't as good quality as the version that got sent to me which is annoying.

We then went to have a look around the shops and there were some amazing pieces there, although all a little out of my price range. While we were there, me and Chloe bumped into Fleur De Force and we couldn't just walk past without asking for a photo! She was so lovely and so pretty when we met her and it was really nice of her to stop what she was doing and pose for a photo with us. We then headed backstage with Maybelline where we were given the chance to walk our own catwalk which will soon be published on their Facebook page and we were then given a box of Maybelline make up to help create a certain look so I will be reviewing them shortly. 

As we had Luxe tickets, we then headed on down to the Luxe lounge where we got to listen to talks from a stylist and fashion PR agencies telling us all about how to style the latest trends and what it's really like to work in fashion, it was really interesting to hear all about how they deal with crisis PR,etc and definitely worth going to if you are heading on down to tomorrows event. 

After the talks, we were taken through a special entrance and were seated front row in time to see the show, which was amazing! Never in my life did I think that I would be front row at London Fashion Week and I'm so greatful for the opportunity! We got to see 4 little shows, each were based on one trend for A/W and I think my two favourite were Pretty In Pink and Back To Nature as I can never resit pink, especially the pastel shades and I loved some of the more natural themed winter coats. 

All in all, I had an amazing day and I'm so glad that I got to go and experience it. Now I'm heading home to see my parents new house and I finally get to see my new bedroom, the perfect weekend if you ask me! 

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