Autumn Clothing Haul ft. Primark, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Sleek & MAC

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hello Ladies! With Autumn well and truly upon us, I thought it was time to share some of the things I've been buying over the past month to get ready for Autumn and the cold weather. I know there is lots of talk of this late 'Indian Summer' but as I write this I'm snuggled up on my bed in a cosy jumper, with my favourite candle burning, so it's fair to say that I'm ready for the colder months and for Winter to begin. This is mainly going to be a clothing haul, as when the weather turned about 2/3 weeks ago, I found that I didn't actually own that many warm clothes despite living in England where it's cold 80% of the time. So I rushed out to buy some big cosy jumpers and picked up a few other treats along the way...

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous jumper from Miss Selfridge for around £32 after I had used my Student Discount, it was one of their 20% off days so I couldn't resist putting it to good use. I instantly fell in love with this jumper when I saw the detail around the neck. I love anything glitzy so this was perfect for me and it was in one of my favourite colours at the moment, a beautiful pastel creamy pink. This is quite a thin jumper so it's perfect for this time of the year when the weather can't decide what it's doing, and looks great with jeans or tucked into a skater skirt with ankle boots. 

The next thing I picked up was this cosy jumper from Pirmark, at the bargain price of £8! Like I said, I am in desperate need of winter jumpers as I didn't own any so I headed to Primark to get some bargains as I can't really afford a whole new winter wardrobe all in one go. 'Pretty In Pink' is one of this seasons trends, with the pink coat being big this year, but as I didn't need a coat and still loved the trend, I thought a jumper would be the perfect option. For only £8 I'm really surprised at how thick and soft this jumper is, It will be perfect for keeping me warm on cold days in the office, without breaking the bank. I also love the little zip detail at the back, as it just adds something else to a quite plain jumper. 

As you can probably tell by this post, I love pastel pink, nude and cream colours at the moment. So when I saw this jumper in new look I had to have it. Although this is quite plain it looks really nice and cosy on and it is so soft. This cost me £14 which I think is a good price for a jumper as some stores charge around £50 and If I bought something at that price I would only have 1 jumper for winter. I like to roll the ends of the sleeves up on this jumper and wear it with a pretty white embellished collar and jeans to make a casual outfit look a bit prettier. 

Last of the jumpers which I picked up was this navy blue jumper from Primark, which costs £14. This is quite a long jumper but I quite like my jumpers to be over-sized as I find that it's a more flattering shape with such a think material. I loved this jumper because of the little sequins it has running through it, I love anything that sparkles and I also love a bit of navy blue so this was perfect for me to wear to work or at the weekends as my work doesn't have a smart dress code. Primark have some great jumpers in at the moment so I would really recommend checking it out if your looking for a winter wardrobe that won't break the bank. 

And lastly, these are just some other little treats I picked up while out shopping. When I saw these Bambi slipper socks in Primark I knew I had to have them. I love anything Disney and I thought the pink colour and the little Bambi heads on them were just too cute to pass up, and at only £4 it was a no-brainer. I also picked up this Sleek eye shadow palette in 'Oh So Special'. After the chat on Wednesday I couldn't wait to get my hands on this Sleek palette and the 'Vintage Romance' palette as they looked like great winter shades for a good price, but the 'Vintage Romance' palette seems to be sold out everywhere near me so I just picked up the one. I love the purples and pinks in this palette as it makes a change to my regular neutral eye looks and will be great for Autumn. And lastly, I couldn't resist popping into the new MAC store in the Shepards Bush Westfield to take a look at their lipsticks. I picked up 'Please Me' which is a matte pink colour. I love pink lipsticks and I didn't own any Matte shades so I thought I would pick this one up as it is still quite neutral, which I love. 

Have you picked up anything in preparation for the colder months? I'd love to see your hauls!


  1. I absolutely love the first jumper, it's so beautiful and perfect for autumn! I've also heard lots about MAC's Please Me lipstick, but I haven't seen it in store.. I must try and find it and swatch it! :)

  2. Your jumper from Miss Selfridge is gorgeous!! The sleek palette has some gorgeous colours in it as well! xx

  3. i really like the first jumper from Primark!
    Kamila xx

  4. I need to get that palette! I recently bought the Color Tattoo in Pomegranate, so those colours would go really nice with it!
    Estelle x

  5. This Oh So Special is the best Sleek palette I've seen! I love using it! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  6. OMG, I officially have jumper envy :)
    I really need to et to town and sort myself out with some winter essentials. That's what I am doing at the moment - online window shopping:)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  7. Oh man, that jumper from Miss Selfridge is just the most gorgeous thing! Mega jealous! xx

  8. Absolutely love the first jumper, the detailing around the neckline is beautiful, a bit on the expensive side, but oh so pretty ;-)

  9. Those slippers are AMAZING! I'm gonna get me some of those tomorrow!


  10. I also really love soft pinks and think the jumper from Miss Selfridge and New Look are lovely x

    Pretty Miss by Bella

  11. The Miss Selfridge jumper is just stunning and Sleek does amazing palettes. Lovely purchases :o). Xx

  12. Great haul.....the slippers are so cute :)

  13. Great haul, I love that Miss Selfridge jumper and I saw those Primark slippers the other day and resisted them but now I seriously need them :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  14. Really love the MAC lipstick, I don't think I've ever seen or heard about it. Looks gorgeous. Great purchases :)

  15. Those bambi slippers are so cute! :) xx


  16. I love the first jumper, it's very pretty!

    Kimberley x

  17. Amazing haul! Love the first jumper and the lipstick, so pretty!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  18. Thanks for this post it's really helpful :) I just did a sleek haul on my blog so check it out if you want!
    Georgia xo


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