Back To School - My Tips & Tricks For Surviving High School

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hi Girlies! Can you believe it's September already?! I can't believe how quickly this Summer has past! The nights are now starting to get darker and the countdown to Christmas is beginning, mainly marked by the start of X Factor which I am loving this year already! Anyway, September also means it's time to go back to school for those of you still in school, which I know can be a daunting experience especially if you are moving to a new school or you're starting something big like GCSE's or A Levels. I'm now in my third year of University which is a placement year so I feel like I've been through it all enough to give some advice for you if you're starting school or going away to University this month. Anyway, enough rambling, I'll get on with the post! 

1. Be Nice

This may seem like a simple thing, but it really does make a difference. I went to an all girls school which could be pretty catty at times. I know it may seem like all the 'popular' girls are the ones being mean to all of the 'less popular' girls but there really is no need and honestly, it will get you nowhere in life. You'll soon realise that when you leave school, those 'popular girls' who spent their high school life being mean to others, who maybe weren't in the latest clothes or had the best hair, aren't looked up to in the same way that they were in High School. When you leave and go off to Uni or into the world of work, everyone is treated the same and there are no longer a popular crowd so it's best to be nice to people now because you never know when they'll pop back into your life when your an adult. Also, if your starting a new school or have new starters at your school, don't be afraid to say hello to the person who looks like they are struggling to make friends, you don't know what they might be dealing with in their life and they may just need a friend, there's no harm in having an extra friend and who knows, you may end up being best friends!

2. Try Hard At School

Although it may not be cool to be a bit of a geek right now, it will seriously help you later in life. Being a bit of a geek will soon become cool when you're the one with the brightest future, the one who gets into your chosen University and the one who bags the best job. If you try hard now you won't spend the rest of your life wishing you had done a little better, because although amazing grades aren't the be all and end all in life, they really do make things easier. 

3. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

This ties in with my previous point. There is no shame in asking for help. I was always terrible at maths at school and although it was embarrassing at the time, being moved to the bottom set for maths really helped me and I managed to achieve 1 mark off an A in my GCSE's when before I was predicted an E. On results day, you'll be glad you asked for help. 

4. Enjoy It While It Lasts

It's true what they say, School and Uni really are the best years of your life. You may think that you can't wait to grow up now but when you actually have to live as an adult, it's not all its cracked up to be - bills, buying your own food, etc. Don't spend all your time wishing you didn't have to go to school - you get to see your best friends every day and really working 9 till 3/4 is not that bad, just wait until you get a proper job when your working half 8 to half 6! 

5. Be Organised

This is my final tip although I could go on all day! But keeping all your notes organised now will make your life a lot easier when it comes to exams! In my school, we had mock GCSE's at the end of every year from year 7 to 11 when it was time to do the real thing, so keeping my notes organised would have made things a lot easier when it came time to revise. I have to admit, I was rubbish at this and every year I would wish I had been better at keeping everything together! I'd end up re-writing all of my notes which would take up most of my revision time and by the time I'd finished writing there was no time to actually learn them! A good tip for this would be to get one of those expanding folders with different slots to keep all your subjects separate  that way all of your notes are together when it comes time to learn them all - I've done this for every year at Uni and kept all my A level notes like this as you'd be surprised at how your A-Level notes come in handy for your first year at Uni!

There you have it, my tips for going back to school! I hope you all have amazing years at school and get what you want from it, enjoy it while it lasts! 


  1. This post is so helpful! :D I remember starting high school & feeling nervous but the nerves quickly disappeared once i met new people :) & you are so right about sticking in at school! people that used to be mean to people in school now have shitty jobs & having to go back to college - which some people need to pay for!
    Employers have a more likely chance to look at yours compared to someone else's who possibly didn't pay attention in school :)
    Hope you have a fun year in Uni :D

    1. Thankyou Sweetie! I still wish I'd done more while I was at school but I'm definitely making up for it now! xx

  2. Loved this! Your tips are so helpful and I agree with asking for help whenever you need it, rather than sitting there and hoping you'll figure it out somehow! :)
    Amy |

    1. Thank you! It's true that if you don't ask you don't get and I'm so glad I asked because although I was embarassed at the time, my grades made a big difference in my life later on! xx

  3. Some great tips here! Although school days are not the best for everyone, if they were meant to be the best days of my life I may as well die now! School is not great for everyone and I hate it when people say "they're the best days of your life" not everyone is actually suited to it. Sorry to be blunt but had to say it! x

    1. True school is different for everyone and some people do get on better later in life but for me they were great because I definitely had less worries and the worries I did have seem silly now I'm older. Everyone is different and these are just my opinions but I really regret not being more involved at school and not coming out of my shell until sixth form so I was just trying to give my advice but like everything on my blog, my opinions are only my own and are not necessarily right for everyone xx


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