Deborah Milano Natural Blush in 'Spicy' | Review & Swatches

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hi Ladies! I hope your all having a wonderful week, I'm going home this weekend to see my new house so I'm really excited for that, but I'm not sure if I'll have internet or not for the week, so if you don't hear anything from me next week on here or twitter, I haven't died! 

I'm a big lover of blusher so when Deborah Milano contacted me asking if I would like to try one of their blushers I jumped at the chance. They have a few different shades but I decided to go for 'Spicy' which is a quite a dark blusher, it's kind of a mixture between blusher and bronzer which makes this lovely terracotta colour. I'm always envious of people who don't need blusher or who can get away with using bronzer as blusher but I'm so pale so this has never been an option for me. So instead of just using bronzer I thought I would try a blusher that was similar to bronzer with a more pink coloured base colour in it. Spicy was the perfect shade for that and blends into my bronzer that I use to contour making my make up look a lot more natural than it would with a pink blusher. 

These blushers have a matte finish which was what I was looking for as I wanted it to look very natural for days when I don't really want to go all out with my make up. What I was surprised about was how pigmented these blushers are. They cost around £5 so I wasn't really expecting a great product but these are so highly pigmented that a little really does go a long way. I apply mine with a stippling brush so I can just lightly tap it onto my skin to get a natural looking colour, because they are so highly pigmented you really do have to be careful not to apply too much! 

The only downside to this blusher is the packaging. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and when this is sitting next to my Benefit boxed blushers, it really doesn't compare. I love my packaging to either be super girly or really sleek like the MAC or Nars packaging and this is neither, I also don't feel like it's that protected by its packaging. Also the brush is completely useless, as you can probably see in the pictures, it is tiny! I think if you used it you would have two thin strips of blusher on your cheeks which isn't really a look I every intentionally go for. But that being said, these are only minor issues and for £5 I think I would rather compromise on packaging rather than the quality. 


  1. The shade is really quite beautiful - but I agree with you on the packaging!

  2. I really do think these blushes are lovely, I have a rosy red shade and did a review, they pack so much colour but its a shame about the packaging. The rush is pretty useless but all that aside, it's really good value. X


  3. This shade is so perfect to greet the autumn <3 love it . I think i am gonna go hunt for it now :)


    LOVE d.

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