Rituals Ginkgo's Secret Extra Rich Hand Cream

Monday, 16 September 2013

Aloha my lovelies! Today I wanted to do a little review on something which I've been loving lately - a new hand cream! Now I don't know about you, but when winter rolls around my hands just can't take the cold, and having dry and chapped hands is never a pretty look. Recently the weather has turned and it's definitely feeling a lot like winter to me so it was time to get the hand cream out. Also, during the winter I tend to make more time for pamper nights where I can just chill out so adding a luxurious hand cream to that routine is always a nice little treat. 

My hands aren't always dry but when they do get dry, they get very dry so I thought an extra rich hand cream would be the best option for me. I was looking to buy this hand cream myself as I loved the thick texture but when I attended the Company Headmasters event I actually received one in my goodie bag- amazing! This hand cream contains Ginseng and Ginko Biloba which is known to strengthen the blood vessels so it sounds perfect for repairing my skin. 

It has a very thick texture which you can kind of see on the picture but a little does go a long way. At first, I thought because it was so thick I would need to use more to cover all of my hands, I was wrong and spent ages trying to rub in all the excess cream. I like to use this at night as this is when your skin does most of its repairing and it's always nice to wake up with soft hands which stay soft. 

It smells lovely but it's not really a smell which I can describe as it doesn't smell like anything I've smelt before so it really is something that you would have to smell yourself, the only thing I could kind of compare it to is almonds but even that is only a faint smell. Overall, this is a wonderful hand cream which has saved my hands from becoming dry and horrible in the transition from summer to winter and it will be a definite repurchase. 


  1. Great product review! I will have to check it out!


  2. I love hand creams! I love ones like this that have a lovely thick rich feel to them, but also spread well and dry in quickly! Also sounds great that it doesn't have an over powering scent :)


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