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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hi Ladies! I was recently asked if I would like to get my hair cut and coloured at House of Rush, Rush Hair's flagship salon in Picadilly. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance, I haven't had my hair cut since November last year after a bit of a disaster at the hairdressers and since, have been a bit scared to go back. 

As soon as I was seated I felt like I was in safe hands and my stylist really seemed like she knew what she was talking about which is always a good start. I brought a picture along with me to show what type of colour I was after and she talked me through the process and that I would need to go a few shades lighter to see the difference. I had never had my hair coloured before so it was nice knowing I was in safe hands and I wasn't going to leave with orange hair!  

As I hadn't had my hair coloured before I opted for a subtle change. You can't really see it in the pictures as the dark weather and my rubbish camera don't make a great team, but the lower parts of my hair now have subtle highlights running through it and I have a few lighter segments at the front of my hair to frame my face. I love my new colour and although it is only a subtle colour change, it has completely changed my look, making it brighter and warmer and just generally making it look like it's in better condition. 

I also had my hair cut while I was there, which is also something I worry about. I find that a lot of hairdressers just do what they want and cut off as much as they want without really listening and I usually leave the hairdressers upset but there were no tears this time! My hairdresser really listened when I said I wanted to keep my hair long, and only cut off about an inch and a half to make my ends seem thicker as they were a bit dead and straggly. I love that my hair is still long but is now in better condition and the ends no longer look like straw! 

I would highly recommend Rush hair salons to anyone wanting to change up their look or even just go for a trim, they really do listen to you and provide excellent customer service. I will definitely be heading back when my hair is in need of another cut. 


  1. wow! that cut looks amazing, it's so flattering to your face and is so voluminous! So glad you had a good hairdresser as well! It can be a bit scary going to a new place! Especially after having a bad experience!

    sundays grace

  2. It looks lovely :D. I hate going to the hairdressers. I know exactly what you mean about hairdressers doing what they want regardless of what you've asked!
    They've done a lovely job here :) xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

  3. Looks gorgeous! What a nice place. I always struggled to find good hairdressers!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  4. Your hair is lovely! It makes all the dofference feeling comfortable and safe with your stylist.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  5. I love it!! the colour is so gorgeous



  6. Having my hair cut and coloured at Rush is on my wish list, I just love the salon.



  7. Your hair looks lovely! It's such a nice feeling to come out of the hairdressers happy with your hair isn't it?!xx

  8. That salon looks amazing, and wow your hair looks so lovely and bouncy :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. You look amazing! What a relief to have found someone you can trust with your hair!

  10. Hair looks lovely! And I'm glad they listened to you, don't need to be scared of us hairdressers. We're not all that bad :-) xxx


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