Lush 'Sunny Side' Bubble Bar | Review

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hello Ladies! I hope your all having a great week and not letting Christmas preparations stress you out too much! Today I'm back with yet another Lush review from my haul. I picked up the 'Sunny Side' bubble bar mainly because it was glittery and I can never resist a bit of sparkle! 

This bubble bar contains sweet wild orange oil which is supposed to give it an uplifting citrus scent. I'm not too sure weather this was just mine or if they are all like this, but mine just smelled a lot like regular soap with the tiniest hint of citrus. Also, I am definitely not keen on the colour of this bubble bar. When you crumble this under running water it turns the water a kind of yellow colour with a lot of sparkle in it. The sparkles may sound nice but really, it just looks like a lot of sparkly wee - not exactly the best look for something that you're about to bathe in! 

Unfortunately, I really did not like this bubble bar which is a shame as I have loved most of the Lush products I've tried in the past. I didn't really see an skin benefits from this bubble bar and will definitely not be repurchasing - I still have half left which I don't really feel like using!

Sorry for the negative review today but I felt like I should share this with you all, as I'm often a little lost in Lush stores as I never know what all of the bath bombs will do and reviews like this usually help me out!


  1. What a shame that you didn't enjoy it, but they have so many other fun products to choose from I'm sure you'll find something eventually that is amazing for you! Xx

  2. Haha, I love your description of what it looks like once it has melted in the bath. I'm definitely going to have a browse around Lush next week but perhaps I'll give this product a miss!

  3. I kind of though from the colourings it wouldn't look aesthetically pleasing! If I had a bath I would still try these out though ;) xx

  4. Doesn't sound like LUSH's best offerings. I might give it a miss

  5. Oh now I quite like this, I like the scent a lot x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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