MAC Eyeshadow In 'Parfait Amour' | Review & Swatches

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hello Girlies! I really do think that purple eyeshadows are so under-rated. I’ve heard from countless magazines that it is, in fact, the most flattering eye shadow to use on most eye colours. I used to love using purple eye shadows so much that I used up the whole of my Urban Decay ‘Grifter’ from the Ammo palette, I used to sit there scraping out the last morsels just to get it out as it was such a pretty colour.

I recently purchased MAC’s ‘Parfait Amour’ which I thought I could use to blend into a lighter purple eye shadow which I have to add depth to the look. However, I was slightly disappointed with this eyeshadow. As you can see from the swatch, the colour pay off was not nearly as great as I was expecting as my MAC eyeshadows are usually very pigmented and also, you can’t really see any hint of the ‘frost’ finish which it claims to have. This eyeshadow took me quite a few attempts to get it to this colour on my hand and it looks more of a matte finish than a frost finish.

Anyway, rant over. Apart from these disappointments this is a very flattering shade if you want a purple eye look. As the colour pay off isn’t that great you so have to use slightly more than usual but it’s great if you don’t want to go too dramatic with your eye look and keep the bright purple to a minimum which is what I was planning anyway. This makes a great crease colour over a lighter purple eyeshadow to add definition to your eyes and the brighter colour really makes my green eyes pop.

Which are your favourite purple eye shadows? I think a purple eye look is great for A/W and makes a change from my normal neutral eye looks! 


  1. Ooh wow I love this! I've been using black grape for a while but this is lovely xxx

  2. I have green eyes and love purple eyeshadow, it really does makes the green stand out so much. shame about the colour pay off, I was expecting it to look better when swatched..would be nice in Summer but I'm a darker eyeshadow person in Winter x

  3. I have this shade and it definitely is more of a sheer shadow, but is great for popping on my lower lashline! I love purple shadows!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. I always think that purple is going to look like I've got a black eye! haha x


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