L'Oreal True Match Foundation | Review & Swatches

Thursday, 30 January 2014

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Hello Lovelies! Before I start, if you hate negative reviews you may want to click off this page now. I've been on a bit of a foundation binge in Boots this month, hoping to find a great drugstore foundation that I love and this has lead me to some major disappointments, as well as finding some great products. I was hearing a lot about how the L'Oreal True Match foundation was similar to the MAC Studio Fix foundation, one which I've been dieing to try for so long now. So off I popped to Boots to try it for myself. 

One of the great things about this foundation is the colour range available. The colour range is up there with some of the high end foundations, as it has yellow and pink toned shades from very pale to very dark, so if you usually struggle to find a drugstore foundation for you skin tone, then look no further. 

Unfortunately, this is where the positive aspects of this product stopped for me. When I pumped some out on to the back of my hand I was suprised to see how runny the product was. It was so thin which made it hard for me to work with and achieve an even coverage. I also have combination skin, which means that I have some very dry areas, but my skin also gets very oily throughout the day. I found that this foundation settled in all of my dry areas which made them more prominent and made my skin look worse than what it would have been without applying foundation. As the day wore on my skin was getting very shiny and the natural matte finish which the foundation gave when I applied it was nowhere to be seen. This foundation also separated on my skin  leaving it looking patchy and making my pores more visible as this is where it separated. 

I'm not sure if I had a bad bottle or something but I just couldn't make this foundation work for me. I was hoping that it would be a little thicker and have better staying power, but I had no such luck. If you have dry skin I would reccomend staying away from this foundation as it really isn't right for drier skin, however if you have normal skin then this may work for you as I have heard a lot of good things. 

New In: Benefit Lolli-Tint Lip & Cheek Stain | Review & Swatches

Monday, 27 January 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Benefit Cosmetics Lolli Tint

Hello Lovelies! First of all, I apologise for the puffy appearance of my face in these photo's. I had some bad news this weekend and no amount of concealer would cover it up! Moving on, If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you'll know that I was lucky enough to be selected to be one of Benefit's Benebloggers and try out their new lip and cheek stain - Lolli Tint*. The package arrived at my desk on Friday afternoon complete with three little jars of sweets, it was so cute and definitely cheered up a dull day. 

Lolli-Tint is a candy-orchid tinted lip and cheek stain, which they describe as the flirtiest flush that you can get from a bottle. As you can see from the swatches this is a candy pink tint with a hint of purple which I think is really pretty and perfect for any time of the year. 

The product comes in a pretty pink bottle with lollipops and dots all over (how cute?!) and has an applicator similar to a nail polish applicator. To apply this, I just dab a tiny amount of it on my cheeks and then quickly blend it in using a stippling or buffing brush, so that the product doesn't remove any of my make up. You really only need a tiny bit of this product though as it is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. It's also really important to work quickly with this product as it's pretty fast drying. To apply this to my lips I just paint a little bit on then rub my lips together and let it dry. It dries to a matte finish so I like to apply a little clear gloss over the top to give my lips a little shine as matte isn't my favourite finish. I was a little bit scared of the colour at first as I am quite pale and was worried about how this would look on my cheeks but it gives you a really nice, natural flushed look which I think would suit most skin tones. 

As Lolli-Tint is a stain, it has amazing staying power. In the first swatch I have just applied the product and the second picture is after trying to rub this product off, as you can see it really doesn't budge and I find that the product is still on my lips after eating and drinking, which nearly never happens. I think that this product would be perfect for Valentines Day which is coming up as it would love lovely with a pink or purple smokey eye. 

Lolli-Tint went into stores on the 25th January and retails at £24.50, so it is a little on the pricey side, but a bottle of this will literally last you forever. I still have a bottle of my trusty Benetint from years ago and it's only half gone. For me, Benefit have done it again. I've yet to be disappointed by one of their products and this one is no different, I love everything about Lolli-Tint and have been wearing it on my lips non stop since receiving it. 

Blogging Advice.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Image from We Heart It. 

Hello Lovelies! Recently I've been getting more and more tweets asking for advice on various aspects of blogging, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post and put all of my advice in one place. Be warned though, this is going to be a super long post, so you might want to go grab a cup of tea now because we'll be here a while! I'm going to try and include everything I can in this post but I am in no way a 'big blogger' as I'm sure many of you are aware, so this list is going to change over time as I develop my blog but I thought it was about time I updated my last advice post! Anyway enough rambling. 

1. Get Organised. 

It goes without saying that blogging is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of time, patience, effort and hard work to run and maintain a blog, so getting organised is key. I really reccomend going out and buying yourself a diary, or alternatively you could use the calendar on your phone or computer, but personally I like to write things down. Having a diary means you can keep track of any ideas you have and when you want to post them, as well as meaning you have somewhere to jot down any post ideas which come to mind when your out and about - you never know when inspiration might strike! I currently use an A5 Filofax as I find it does everything I need it to do, it gives me somewhere to write down any events and appointments and it also has a notepad for jotting down ideas I might have for posts. I work full time as well as being a full time student, so fitting in my blog around that and having a life can be difficult, but I really find that keeping my diary up to date helps. 

Another thing to organise is how much you want to post and when. I aim to post at least 3 times a week as I find that this works best for my blog, however I know some bloggers who post every day and swear by it, so this one is really up to you and what works for your blog but having an idea of how many you want to write helps you to organise your time. You might also want to think about what time you post, I find that posting in the morning works best for me so, although I find it hard not to press publish, I tend to keep my posts sitting as a draft until I'm ready to post it. I find this really helps increase my views but this will defiitely vary as I've heard some bloggers get more interaction from posting at midnight, but it's all trial and error with this one. 

2. Photos

For me, photos are a big part of any blog. If the blog doesn't have big, clear, bright photos I instantly like it less (bad, I know!). Personally, I like to properly see a product if I'm going to read about it so having big, clear photos and also swatches is a must for me. Saying that, I don't think you need to spend a fortune on a camera to achieve this. I was lucky enough to get a Canon 650D for Christmas, and I won't lie - it has made my photography better and made things easier, but it's not a necessity, especially if you are just starting out. I'm no photography pro, and this post is not a photography advice post, but I find that taking my pictures when it's nice and sunny to be best as my photos then come out clearer. 

However, this is obviously going to be tricky during winter, as I'm sure most of you will have found. To beat the winter gloom, I get up early every Saturday and take all of my photos for the next week in bulk, so that they are ready to edit and use when I please. If I'm home on Friday night I like to set up my photographs and a basket of products that I want to photograph so it only takes an hour on Saturday morning to get all of my photos taken. I find that this works really well for me as it means I remember to write about all of my products and I have everything set for the week ahead. 

3. Design

Design is also something I look for in a blog. I know content is more important than pretty pictures and a nice design, but if your posts are hard to read or cluttered then I personally find myself closing the blog post before even reading it. You don't need to pay someone a small fortune for a blog design either. I had my blog designed in December last year, however before then I had been perfectly happy with one which I made myself by using tutorials found through some clever googling. You can pretty much find out how to do anything blog related if you just google it, you can even find websites offering free downloads of blog templates so all you have to do is install it. Two of my favourites for this are xomisse and The Darling Blog, they both offer design tutorials and advice and also some freebies so you can get your blog looking ship shape without spending all of your wages. Another tip for a good blog design is don't make it too 'busy', keep your posts background white with clear, readable writing and keep your sidebar neat. It needs to be easy for readers to see your recent posts and the search bar so they can find what they are looking for - this will only increase your views. 

4. Getting Yourself Known

If you want to get your blog out there and increase people's awareness of your blog and your page views then there are a few things you can do to help, but this does take time and patience. I'd really reccomend getting involved in the #bblogger chats which happen every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm for an hour and the #fblchat which happens every Tuesday at the same time. This is a great way to get some tips and advice as well as getting some great product reccomendations. At the end of each chat most people share their links or ask for other bloggers for links, this is a great way of getting your blog out there but I really wouldn't reccomend spamming your link - nobody likes a spammer. 

Another point to remember is that interaction breeds interaction. Reading and commenting on other blogs regularly will mean more people will return the favour and check out your blog. But don't just go around spamming people's comments with your link, this will get you nowhere apart from in bloggers bad books. Whenever someone leaves a genuine comment on my blog I will always go and check out their blog, but if someone leaves a 'follow for follow' comment on my blog I will usually just ignore it, as harsh as that sounds. Another tip is making sure you reply to blog comments. Admittedly, I'm really bad at this and definitely need to start replying more often but finding the time is really difficult inbetween everything else I have going on. I usually put aside an hour or two to reply to all of my comments in bulk as it can take a while to leave a proper, meaningful reply to each comment. But replying to comments is a good way of interacting with other bloggers and gaining friends in the blogging world. 

It may not seem like it at first, but followers, page views and interaction will come in time, but it will come if you are willing to put effort into getting your blog where you want to be. At first I was pretty hopeless, I didn't get my first follower until I'd been doing it for about 2 or 3 months but it did happen and it continues to happen, so hang in there if your a newbie!

5. Content

This is a bit of a tricky one to talk about as your content really is personal to you, but coming up with original ideas will always work better for you. It's always tempting to just do what all of the bigger bloggers are doing but if you do that, then you will always be compared and why would anyone want to read a copy when they could read the real thing? It's not always easy to constantly come up with original content but being a carbon copy of another blogger isn't going to get you anywhere. Another tip for your posts is including links to where things can be bought and the price, admittedly I'm quite bad at this, but if it's something you can't just nip to Boots and buy then it's always handy to include a link. 

At one point in your blogging career you will probably come across bloggers block, we all have times when we have nothing to say, especially if your posting every day! I'm always suffering with this and buying new products always seems like the easiest way out but I've stopped myself doing that now, it's a waste of money and completely unnceccesary. One way of getting out of this is simply by reading more blogs and blog posts, I'm always getting inspiration from other bloggers that I look up to and it really helps kickstart my creativity again. Also, sometimes taking a little break is just what you need. Nobody is going to hate you if you take a week off to relax, you will come back to your blog feeling fresh and ready to start again. 

6. Blogging Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

It's always tempting to rush out and get the latest products when they are so hyped up and think that you need them to be a better blogger, but trust me, you don't. You also don't need to be constantly buying products to keep up with other bloggers and always have things to review but there are lots of other things you can write about which you don't need to spend money for. Writing posts like FOTDs and wishlists are a great way of posting without spending any money and are actually some of my most popular posts. Collection posts are also a great way of posting without spending any money on new products. You could also write lifestlye posts or instagram updates, I don't really do many of these just because I don't think my life is particularly interesting but if you have a story to tell, you should definitely go ahead and tell it!

So, there you have it, a little bit of my advice on blogging. I'm sorry that was such a long post but I really wanted to include as much as I could. Obviously this list will never be finished, blogging will always be growing and changing and with that, new techniques will appear. If there is anything else you really want to know or get advice on then please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below or tweet me @RDerbyshire93 if you want a quick answer! 

Drugstore Haul | Base Make Up

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello Ladies! Recently I've been on a massive drugstore binge. In an effort to stop spending so much money on make up I've banned myself from buying any more high end make up but this hasn't really worked as I'm still spending a small fortune in Boots. This haul has actually grown slightly since I photographed this but I'm thinking of popping those products into another haul a bit later on when I've collected enough for another post. Anyway, on to what I've been buying. 

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I have been using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for ages now and it's about to run out, but not being completely happy with it, I headed off to Boots in search of something else. A lot of you had reccomended the Wake Me Up range and a brightening concealer for under my eyes was exactly what I was looking for. I also wanted to pick up the foundation as I can't seem to resist buying foundations at the moment, but unfortunatly it was a little dark for me. So far I really like this concealer. I find that when I blend it in with a flat top kabuki brush, it sits really nicely under my eyes and has a lovely brightening effect. 

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Unable to stop myself in Boots, I also picked up the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. This was also recommended to me by you lovely lot on twitter, and so far I really love this concealer. I also use my Sigma flat top kabuki brush to blend this in over my blemishes. This has quite a natural finish and has a medium to high coverage which is perfect for covering up any pesky spots. I find it really long lasting on my skin and it never cakes or creases. 

3. MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist

Recently, I've been trying out some different products to try and make my make up stay in place all day and while browsing the isles of Superdrug, this one caught my eye. It looked like a dupe of the Urban Decay fixing mists which are supposed to be amazing, so I thought I would give it a try for £4. So far I'm not convinced that this is doing anything over than making my face wet but I'll have a full review up when I've properly tested it. 

4. L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I picked this up after hearing loads of rave reviews comparing it to MAC Studio Fix foundation but so far I'm really unimpressed. This settled on any slightly dry areas I had and then seperated and went very patchy throughout the day. I will have a full review up on my blog soon when I've had a chance to give it a few more tries but so far the only good thing I have to say is that the colour range is amazing, if only all drugstore foundations offered such a wide range. 

5. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I've already reviewed this product on my blog but I did buy it with all of these other things so it's only fair I included it. I really do like this primer but I do personally prefer Benefit's Porefessional more for stopping shine and filling in my pores, but for a cheaper option, this one does pretty well. 

Avojo Black Peel Off Face Mask | Review & Swatches

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hello Lovelies! I hope your all having a great week! Sorry about my lack of updates on here, I've decided to slow down on how much I post as I just can't keep up with posting every day along side a full time job. I have to take all of my photos at weekends as I rarely see daylight outside of work hours anymore and never have time to write posts in the evenings! Anyway, I am back with yet another skincare review for you all today, as you can probably tell I've been very into my skincare recently. 

I was recently contacted by Avojo asking if I would like to try their Black Peel Off Mask* and after some quick research into what the mask aimed to do and what skin types it was aimed at, I say yes. The Avojo Black Peel Off Mask is aimed at combination and oily skin and as I have combination skin this looked like it would be perfect for me. The mask is specially designed to remove and prevent blackheads by cleansing your skin while removing excess oil and dead skin cells. 

When I first opened the sachet I was a little scared of the black gloop that was staring back at me and sure enough, it was like smearing black paint all over your face. Needless to say, I looked a little bit odd as I emerged from the bathroom and was greeted by fits of laughter from my housemates - the things we do for beauty! The mask set pretty quickly but the packed advised that I left it on for 30-45 mins so I stuck on yet another episode of Greek (I've been obsessed recently!) and let it work its magic. The packet advises that you only apply the mask to your T-Zone as this is where blackheads and pores usually form but being me, I ignored the instructions and slapped it all over my face. That was a definate mistake. I have quite a lot of peach fuzz on the sides of my cheeks and man did it hurt to peel off! However, the next couple of times I used it, it wasn't an issue as I'd only applied the mask to my T-Zone like I should have from the beginning. 

I was a little shocked when peeling this mask off to see what was actually coming out of my face. I used this after thouroughtly cleaning my face and the gunk that was left in my pores was shocking. I think because the mask is black it lets you see how much it's actually getting rid of but I quite like that as it shows me that it's doing its job. After using this mask my skin felt really clean and smooth and my pores were definitely less visible. 

Overall, I really like this mask, despite how funny you look when you've got it on! It did exactly what I wanted to and kept my T-Zone clear without irritating my skin. I'd reccomend this to anyone who suffers with excess oil, pores and blackheads looking to keep them under controll. The mask is priced at £3 per sachet which I don't think is too bad as you could easily get 2 or 3 uses from each sachet and is available here: AVOJO

Tried & Tested: Drugstore Concealers

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hello Ladies! Recently, I've been on the hunt for a new concealer. Unfortunatley, my beloved Boing concealer by Benefit is coming to an end and in an effort to stop myself spending all of my money on high end make up I've been testing out some drugstore concealers. Apart from the odd one, I usually buy my concealers from the drugstore as I think they have quite a good selection. I thought it would be a good idea to put all 3 reviews into one post to make it easier for any of you who may be on the hunt for a new drugstore concealer. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - This concealer has been reccomended to me by so many of my twitter followers and now I can see why. I've been wanting to try the matching foundation but it doesn't come in a light enough shade for me so I was a little worried that it would be the same with the concealer. Lucky for me the concealer does come in a lighter shade which is perfect for my under eye area. The concealer is a little yellow toned which is perfect for cancelling out those dark circles. The Wake Me Up concealer is also super brightening but I would avoid using this to cover up spots though as the brightening effect may make them stand out a bit more and draw attention, but it's perfect for under your eyes!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Believe it or not, the second tube pictures is actually the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but all of the writing rubbed off the packaging and now it's just a plain tube - so annoying when you are trying to photograph it! I have a love hate relationship with this concealer, some days I think its amazing and others it just doesn't do it for me. This concealer gives a good coverage but I find that it is always darker around the edges of where I've applied it no matter how much I blend it in. I also think I probably should have picked up the lighter shade in this one as this one isn't that brightening under my eyes which is what I usually look for in an under eye concealer. However, this is great for spots as it doesn't have any brightening agents and gives a fairly natural matte finish. 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - This was another recommendation from my twitter followers and so far I love it! This gives a really good coverage and has a lovely semi dewy finish so it's not too much glow but just enough. It's also really easy to blend in which I think is really important when it comes to concealers - you don't want it to stand out from your foundation! The only downside to this concealer is that it only comes in 3 shades making it quite hard to find a good match. Luckily for me the lightest shade (15)  was an okay match for me when I blend it in but I can see it hard for us pale girls with this one!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you'd like to see more posts like this then please let me know in the comments, I'm thinking of doing a drugstore foundation one next!

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask | Review

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hello Ladies! If you follow me on twitter you've probably seen me mention this mask at least once since I bought it, and with good reason - it's truly a miracle worker!

Since I was 11 I've suffered with acne, in recent years it has calmed down drastically but I do still get break outs and I always have at least 1 spot in my face. In an effort to sort this out, I've recently been changing up my skincare in order to beat the break outs and controll oil and the REN mask was one of the first things I bought. I've heard so many bloggers talking about how brilliant this mask, and the Origins one is so I thought  I would try it out. 

The thing that attracted me to REN was their 'clean skincare' message. My skin can react to a lot of skin products so the fact that no REN products contain any parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolium and synthetic fragrance and colours appealed to me. For the most part, my skin works best with products which are made from natural ingredients so there was no worries about this when ordering from REN. 

The REN Invisible Pores mask contains minerals from French Clay to help draw out impurities and eliminate dead skin cells, proteins from Tropical Spirulina to restructure and encourage skin renewal, and essential fatty acids from Red Tea to leave the skin soft and make imperfections less visible. I apply about one pump of this all over my face and then leave to set. It usually sets in around 10 mins but I like to leave it on for about 40 while I'm watching TV so that it has a proper chance to work. This mask is also really easy to wash off and melts away as soon as you add warm water. 

I've been so impressed with this mask, even from the first application my skin has appeared smoother and my break outs are under controll. After Christmas my skin was in serious trouble and this mask was the only thing which completely cleared it up with just one use. It leaves my skin clearer than it has ever been and smoother than it's ever been - it's truly a miracle worker. I'd even go as far as saying that this is the best skincare product that I have ever used, and trust me, I've tried a lot! I seriously can't sing it's praises enough and will definitely be repurchasing it as soon as it starts running low. 

The mask is for combination to oily skin, and often my skin is very dry but I haven't found it to be particularly drying. As long as you moisturize afterwards, it's fine. When you order from the REN website you also get to pick two samples to try which I think is a great idea and way to try new products before you buy. I picked the Mayblossom T-Zone Clearing Gel as it was from the same range as the mask so I thought that they would work well together, and I was right. I really liked the consistency of the gel cleanser and it did help to clear up any left over blemishes. Obviously I haven't been able to try it long enough to give a proper review as the sample is only small but I did like it and if I wasn't so happy with my current cleanser then I would think about buying the full size. 

I also picked the Hydra Calm Cleansing Milk which is a milky cleanser that I've been using in the mornings. I think this cleanser would be particularly good for those of you with sensitive skin as it doesn't irritate your skin and isn't too harsh. I like to use this to cleanse in the mornings when my skin isn't too dirty but I wouldn't really use this to take off my make up as I prefer gel or foam cleansers for that. 

My MAC Lipstick Collection & Lip Swatches

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hello Ladies! Now that my MAC collection has grown, I thought now would be a good time to post about my MAC lipstick collection. I only have 8 so it's still quite small in beauty blogger standards but I love each and ever one of them and they all get a lot of use, so hopefully this post will give some of you ideas for which one to buy next. If you would like to see more collection posts like this one then please let me know in the comments and I will get photographing! 

1. Pl!nk - Lustre

Pl!nk is a light nude pink colour with a hint of gold frost, despite it being a lustre. I don't usually go for frost lipsticks but this one is so subtle that I still think it suits me enough. I love wearing this on days when I don't want a dramatic lip or days when I'm not wearing too much make up as it's subtle but you still feel like your wearing lipstick. 

2. Lovelorn - Lustre

Lovelorn is also a lustre finish lipstick and is one of my favourites. It's a really pretty muted pink colour which is perfect for everyday wear, and the lustre finish gives it a nice shine. I've been wearing this non stop since my parents bought it back for me from New York. 

3. Cremecup - Cremesheen

Cremecup is my most used lipstick and the first MAC lipstick I own. It's a really flattering nude pink colour which I actually think makes your lips appear bigger than they are. I wear this all the time and think it can be worn with almost all make up looks, the photo really doesn't do it justice. 

4. Speed Dial - Cremesheen

Speed Dial is one of my darker pinks, it's a true Barbie pink and I love it. I would say this is a medium to warm toned pink which would flatter most skin tones. If your a pink lipstick lover like me, then you will love this lipstick. 

5. Sunny Seoul - Cremesheen

Sunny Seoul is a coral pink colour which I think is perfect for Summer. The picture makes it look more pink than it is in real life, it's more of a coral than a pink. I'll definitely be taking this one away with me in Summer as I imagine it looks great with a tan (not that I ever get a tan). 

6. Chatterbox - Amplified

Chatterbox is another Barbie pink colour, but this one is a little brighter and more opaque than Speed Dial. Amplified lipsticks are also way more long lasting than the cremesheen finish lipsticks, so if your looking for a bold barbie pink look, then this would be perfect for you. 

7. Girl About Town - Amplified

Girl About Town is my most daring MAC lisptick. I don't often wear bright lipsticks but something about Girl About Town drew me to it. It's a bright fuchsia pink, its also cool tones do this lipstick is going to make your teeth look super white. 

8. Please Me - Matte

And last but not least is Please Me, my only matte lipstick. I don't really like matte lipsticks too much but as long as I apply it over a lip balm, it isn't too drying. I would say that Please Me is somewhere inbetween Cremecup and Speed Dial colour wise, but that matte effect makes it look a lot more opaque. 

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser | Review

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hello Ladies! Once again, I have fallen for the hype, this time in the form of the new Maybelline Baby Skin primer. After hearing endless reviews from bloggers claiming it was a dupe for the Benefit Porefessional, I had to check it out as I love that primer but it is a little bit out of my price range. 

The first time I saw it in Boots I walked by as the stand was so messy and all of the products left looked like they had been opened which is a little bit gross if your going to be putting the product on your skin, but now all of my local Boots and Superdrugs are back in stock with plenty left. 

This primer claims to instantly erase pores and give you smooth looking skin, much like the Porefessional. I've used this a couple of times now and it does reduce the look of my pores but it doesn't completely get rid of them. It also does live up to its claim of giving you smooth skin as my skin did feel noticeably smoother when I used the primer. However, I don't think that it compares to the Porefessional. In my opinion, it works, but just not as well which is a shame as I was hoping to find a great drugstore dupe!

This primer is also great for keeping your make up in place. It didn't really help to reduce shine for me but it did keep my foundation on my skin which is something I struggle with. 

Overall, this is a good drugstore primer but it just isn't as good as the Benefit Porefessional which it has been compared to. I did notice its effects, especially on my cheeks as this is where my pores are largest, so if you are looking for a drugstore primer that will reduce your pores then I would reccomend this, but if you have the money to splash out on the Benefit option, then I would go for that one instead. 

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Day Cream | Review & Swatches

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello Ladies! If you saw my recent skincare haul, you're probably wondering why I'm posting about this product so soon. I actually bought this product a few weeks ago when it was on sale at Boots but thought I would include it in the haul as I hadn't featured it on my blog yet - so don't worry, everything I say in this post is my opinion of the product after testing it for a couple of weeks! 

I've been wanting to try this day cream for a while now, it's claims of skin smoothing and perfecting properties along with the gorgeous pink packaging sucked me in but the price always put me off. This usually costs around £16 which I personally think is quite pricey for a drugstore product so when I saw that this was on sale for only £10 I snapped it up while I could. 

The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging. I'm a complete sucker for packaging, I love pretty packaging and have been known to splurge on high end products just for the pretty packaging (Benefit, I'm looking at you...). The cream comes in a glass pot which I think makes the product feel a lot more luxurious and high end and the pink colour is just gorgeous, it brightens up my skincare corner and makes me want to use it in the mornings even more than I already do. 

Anyway, on to the important part...the product. L'Oreal claim that this cream perfects your skin by smoothing it out and making pores less visible. Years of acne and a few chicken pox have left my whole face covered in large pores so anything claiming to reduce them sucks me in immediately. Usually, products claiming to do this have no real effect on my skin but I've been really impressed with this cream. After using it, my skin feels instantly smoothed and it really did make my pores less visible after I'd applied my make up. This cream really is a little miracle in a jar for me. 

I've also noticed that since using this cream with my other skin care products, my skin has cleared up dramatically. After Christmas I was suffering with a horrible break out that just wouldn't budge but since using this cream with my REN face mask, my skin has almost completely cleared. I still have a few spots lurking here and there but usually my face is a lot worse than it is, and all of the little annoying spots have gone. 

The cream looks quite thick in the pot but you only need a little bit to cover your whole face so I can see this product lasting me a long time, and I will definitely be repurchasing. I'm really impressed with this day cream and will definitely be checking out other items in their range. 

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