L'Oreal Skin Perfection Day Cream | Review & Swatches

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello Ladies! If you saw my recent skincare haul, you're probably wondering why I'm posting about this product so soon. I actually bought this product a few weeks ago when it was on sale at Boots but thought I would include it in the haul as I hadn't featured it on my blog yet - so don't worry, everything I say in this post is my opinion of the product after testing it for a couple of weeks! 

I've been wanting to try this day cream for a while now, it's claims of skin smoothing and perfecting properties along with the gorgeous pink packaging sucked me in but the price always put me off. This usually costs around £16 which I personally think is quite pricey for a drugstore product so when I saw that this was on sale for only £10 I snapped it up while I could. 

The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging. I'm a complete sucker for packaging, I love pretty packaging and have been known to splurge on high end products just for the pretty packaging (Benefit, I'm looking at you...). The cream comes in a glass pot which I think makes the product feel a lot more luxurious and high end and the pink colour is just gorgeous, it brightens up my skincare corner and makes me want to use it in the mornings even more than I already do. 

Anyway, on to the important part...the product. L'Oreal claim that this cream perfects your skin by smoothing it out and making pores less visible. Years of acne and a few chicken pox have left my whole face covered in large pores so anything claiming to reduce them sucks me in immediately. Usually, products claiming to do this have no real effect on my skin but I've been really impressed with this cream. After using it, my skin feels instantly smoothed and it really did make my pores less visible after I'd applied my make up. This cream really is a little miracle in a jar for me. 

I've also noticed that since using this cream with my other skin care products, my skin has cleared up dramatically. After Christmas I was suffering with a horrible break out that just wouldn't budge but since using this cream with my REN face mask, my skin has almost completely cleared. I still have a few spots lurking here and there but usually my face is a lot worse than it is, and all of the little annoying spots have gone. 

The cream looks quite thick in the pot but you only need a little bit to cover your whole face so I can see this product lasting me a long time, and I will definitely be repurchasing. I'm really impressed with this day cream and will definitely be checking out other items in their range. 


  1. Oooh this sounds lovely, great review and beautiful photos. :)


  2. I've been wanting to try this for a while too! You may have just convinced me :) xxx


  3. I'm definitely after products that help to clear my skin, so thanks for popping this on my radar!

    Sophie | sophielouisew_

  4. I've been eyeing this product for ages, but the price put me off as well. I guess after your super positive review I'll consider buying it. Lovely post :)

    xx from www.mistysstuff.blogspot.com

  5. Love that it does something for reducing the look of pores! I may have to pick this up - mine look bad without makeup so this sounds great x

    Candy Cosmetics | For All Things Beauty

  6. Great review, I think I'll get it since I already love the serum from this range :)


  7. Sounds like a gorgeous day cream and the packaging is stunning, definitely tempting!

    Sophie x

  8. This sounds good, I normally find drugstore products break me out but as your skin has cleared up, it might be worth trying?

    Kerry @ little bit of luxury


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