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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hello Ladies! A while back I tweeted that I'd just given myself a gel manicure at home, and a lot of you then asked me how/what I used, etc. Today I'm going to review Gelicious which is the brand I used to give myself the gel nails and talk you through how you do your own Shellac at home! 

I've always been interested in getting my nails done properly at a salon with Shellac, but as my natural nails are so terrible that it always seems pointless to pay that much money without getting extensions. Obviously I know that having Shellac done helps your nails to grow a lot longer but I'm just so impatient! When Gelicious contacted me asking if I would like to try one of their Gelicious Starter Kits* I was thrilled, as I've always wanted nice gel nails, I just haven't wanted to pay to go to a salon and have them still look short and ugly, but if I can do them in the comfort of my own home for a cheaper price - I'm all for it!

The starter kits come with a UV lamp to set the gel nails, a colour of your choice and an ultra glaze top coat to give your nails that nice shiny gel look. I was sent the colour 'Little Prince George' which I just think is so cute. 'Little Prince George' is a pastel blue colour with little white polka dots, inspired by the dress Kate wore when she left the hospital. I'm a sucker for all things pastel, so this was right up my street. Gelicious have so many colours though, so if you were looking into buying more colours then you really are spoilt for choice. I've added so many to my wishlist to buy when I finally get paid this month. From neon pinks to sparkly colours, Gelicious really have one of the best gel colour ranges I've seen. 

Now onto the product itself. The whole process takes about 5 mins per hand and in the picture above, I have used two thin coats of the colour as this is what is reccomended. The application process really couldn't have been any easier. It really is just like painting your nails, except once you've cured them under the UV lamp, they are completely dry and you can go about your business without worrying if you've smudged your nails. I really couldn't get over how much better the gel colour looked on my nails than regular nail polish. I've even got my housemate hooked on the stuff, who is now looking into buying her own kit!

The polish lasted almost two weeks before I decided to soak it off, as this grows out with your nails and it was really in need of a touch up. Considering my nails don't usually last one day without chipping, this is a miracle. I normally have very thin nails but Gelicious made them feel and look so much stronger and it also stopped me biting my nails so it allowed my nails to grow longer. 

I'm seriously in love with this kit and am definitely going to be buying at least one pink colour and one sparkly colour so I can mix up my nails a little when I feel like a change! The starter kits are currently on sale at £88 which may seem expensive now, but I really see it as an investment. £88 will get you three trips to the salon to get Shellac nails, this will get you that and so much more as the nail polish bottles are quite big. 


  1. Since I've got my gel nails kit I've hardly used just normal polish haha I love how fast it dries and lasts ages. I love that blue! Perfect for the spring xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

  2. I love the sound of this!! The soaking off is annoying and really puts me off, but 2 weeks worth of chip free nails sounds perfect for summer. This is a beautiful blue colour too x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. The Gelicious gel is actually really easy to soak off. It has a special 'soak and peel' formula so you only have to soak your nail for a few mins then peel the gel off, which doesn't damage your nail! :) xx

  3. I have one of these kits and love it so much. I find that it helps my nails to grow and I just love the finished look they give.

    Becka | This Is My World

    1. Its definitely helping my nails to grow, I'm so bad at biting my nails but these have really helped me to stop! xx

  4. LOVE the concept of the polish inspired by Prince George, so cute!

    Georgina at

  5. I much prefer gel nails as they are much glossier and gorgeous! And they last longer!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog


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