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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hello Ladies! I hope your all having a wonderful week! A while ago I finally bought myself a MAC Pro palette for my eyeshadows, I'd wanted one for ages to save some space in my collection and honestly, I just prefer things being in palettes. However, this started a very expensive shopping addiction. There's just something about those empty spaces which screams 'fill me' whenever I open up my palette. A few weeks ago I spotted some MAC eyeshadows in a blog sale for around £4 which is a complete bargain as they had barely been used, so I snapped them up before I could over think it. I also bought one of these so I could get free delivery when I was ordering something else which is why it looks a lot less used than the others. I thought it would be a good idea to go through each shade and let you know what I thought in case your looking to buy some new shades, as there are so many to choose from!

The first colour pictured is 'Retrospeck' which MAC describe as a 'bleached blonde with shimmer'. I'd definitely agree with MAC on that one, it's a very light golden colour which is perfect for those days when you don't really want to make too much effort, as it looks so pretty just on its own. I'm a big fan of golden shimmery eyeshadows so this one is perfect for me. It also looks great when you pair it with either Woodwinked or Sumptuous Olive for a more smokey look. 

Secondly, I picked up 'Shale' which MAC describe as 'Mauve plum with subtle shimmer'. I don't think i really agree with MAC's description on this one, it's definitely more of a lilac brown colour with the tiniest hint of a metallic sheen. This is really pretty and perfect for any neutral shade lovers out there, it looks great paired with darker browns or used in the crease with a lighter lilac colour. 

The third eyeshadow pictured is 'Twinks' which MAC describe as 'Deep plum with pearl'. Once again I don't think MAC have done a great job at describing this product, it's still definitely more of a brown shade but you can see the hints of plumb in there. This looks really good teamed with Cranberry for a more Autumn look. 

And lastly, I picked up Beauty Marked. I'd wanted this one for ages to wear on nights out and to use as more of a glitzy liner. This is a very deep purple eyeshadow, almost black with lots of purple glitter. I think it's just so pretty when the light catches it and looks amazing if your going for a smokey night time look. I also own 'Young Punk' by MAC which is one of their mineralize eyeshadows, very similar to this one but this one is definitely more subtle than Young Punk so it's great for a liner. 

Which MAC eyeshadows are your favorites? I'm always adding new ones to my wish list!


  1. Beautiful palette! I love Shale, it works really well with Shadowy Lady :) How lucky to find some MAC eyeshadows for so cheap! Well worth it!

    Kate Xx

  2. Lovely. Absolutely love the last one. Such an amazing colour!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  3. Beautiful palette, and wow that last shadow is so unusual and pretty, love it!

    Sophie x

  4. Retrospeck is so so pretty! I can imagine it looks amazing washed over the lid with a red lip xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  5. I love Beauty Marked! So nice when you don't want to use just a straight black with purple eyeshadows :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  6. Beauty Marked looks absolutely stunning!


  7. Where do you find blog sales? Seem like a great place to find things!! I love the deep red one in that pallette. X

  8. I've wanted to try Shale for so long but it never seems to be there when I go to check. I would pick up Beautymarked but I think it looks quite similar to the darkest shade in the Naked 3, so I probably won't.
    Stephanie | Love, August

  9. I was looking at retrospeck today too, such a lovely colour! I didn't pick it up in the end though as I thought I 'd rather need a concealer haha :) xx

  10. These are so lovely, I absolutely adore Mac eyeshadows and love seeing these kinds of posts!

  11. Twinks is a stunning colour, I'm loving my Mac eyeshadows again recently, especially Nylon and Satin Taupe, they look lovely together :)
    xxx Claire

  12. My favorite MAC shade is Bronze, it's so versatile and I can wear it day/night!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  13. Your Mac palette is full of beautiful shades! I really like the look of Beauty Marked - its such an unusual colour

  14. Some beautiful colours! I'm so jealous! :P
    Elephant stories and more

  15. I'm now going to add all of these shades to my wish list! They are sooo lovely x

  16. I don't have any of these shades but Twinks looks lovely, it's now been added to my wishlist. My favourite shade of all time is Sumptuous Olive xx

  17. These are all added to my wishlist! Retrospeck is beautiful!! xxx


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