NEW IN: Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Perfume

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hello Beauties! Today I have a very exciting post for any fellow fragrance lovers out there. On Thursday night I was lucky enough to be invited to a Q & A with Viktor & Rolf, all about their latest perfume release. 

Viktor & Rolf have taken the fragrance world by storm since the release of their first fragrance, Flower Bomb and I'm sure Bonbon is going to be a hit too. The perfume is inspired by caramel candy and it smells divine. I'd say it's more of an evening fragrance as it is quite rich, but I'd probably end up wearing it during the day anyway as I love the smell so much. 

I also love the packaging of this, the pink bow design is just so cute and I love the little Viktor & Rolf tag that comes on all of their perfumes. The great thing about this perfume is that it's also really long lasting. I spritzed a bit on my wrist when I left the event, and it was still noticeable when I woke up the next morning until I washed it off. 

Overall, if your a lover of sweeter perfumes then this will be right up your street. Bonbon is available exclusivly from Selfridges, which you can purchase here. I instantly added this perfume to my wishlist, and once I've used up some of my others, I'll definitely be picking this one up! 


  1. The packaging looks amazing! I'm currently looking for a new fragrance so thanks for recommending this one :) <3
    Ana xo

  2. How gorgeous is the bottle. My Mum's a huge fan of flower Bomb so I'm pretty sure she'll be delighted at this new release xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. This bottle is just the cutest!

  4. love the look of the bottle and the scent sounds amazing too :)
    Melissa -The Inked Blonde

  5. I'm in love with the bottle! I will have to buy this just for the beautiful bottle x


  6. the bottle is soo cute! and the scent sounds amazing xx

  7. I LOVE flower bomb, it's my go to.

    The packaging of this is awesome, I just don't know if it sounds TOOO sweet.

    Georgina at

  8. Can't wait to smell this. The bottle is just so lovely!

  9. Sounds lovely! I have Flower Bomb on my birthday wishlist, so fingers crossed! xx


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