MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line | Review & Swatches

Friday, 30 May 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope your all having a lovely week! I've been super busy this week catching up with friends before I move away in June, and it's been really lovely to see everyone again. Recently, I've really been getting into wearing eyeliner. I know it will probably seem weird to you all that I'm only just getting into wearing eyeliner, being a beauty blogger and all, but I usually just line my eyes with black eyeshadow. I find that it gives a much less dramatic effect and is generally, a heck of a lot easier than applying eyeliner! However, for nights out or days when I want a more dramatic eye look, black eyeliner is a must. 

Recently, I've really been loving MAC Fluidline in Black Track to line my eyes. It comes in a little glass pot with the standard MAC packaging look which I really like, it looks sleek and classy in my opinion, but it's really nothing too fancy. The MAC Fluidline is a gel formula in a pot which you apply using a brush, my favourite way to apply this is with a small angled brush for precision and the perfect cat flick. 

Blacktrack is a flat black colour, and it really is the blackest black and super pigmented. You really don't need a lot of this to achieve the look your after so I can see this lasting me absolutely ages. It's also worth noting that I've had this for ages now and it hasn't dried up at all, which was something I'm always concerned about when it comes to gel eyeliner in a glass bottle. 

What is your favourite way to line your eyes? I've definitely found gel to be the easiest way for me!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

Yves Rocher Moment De Bonheur Perfume | Review

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hello Lovelies! I hope your all having a brilliant week and are looking forward to the weekend! I'm so excited for the weekend as me and my housemates are hosting our last Intern night out before we all leave London to go back to Uni which should hopefully be so fun, then on Sunday I'm off to see Malificent at the Odeon in Leicester Square with Kimberley from Kimberley's Beauty Blog, as I got given some tickets to a special Disney screening (yay!). 

Anyway, today I thought I'd let you know all about a beautiful spring fragrance that I've been using lately. Yves Rocher 'Moment De Bonheur'* is a gorgeous light fragrance which I think is perfect for this time of year. It's a lovely fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of Californian Rose and Sweet Apple. 

I love anything fresh and fruity, and the added floral notes in this make it perfect for daytime wear on a sunny day. The packaging is quite simple, but I don't mind that as I love the green colour (it just reminds me of Spring). 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

Elemis Total Glow Moisturiser for Face & Body

Monday, 26 May 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope your all having a lovely relaxing Bank Holiday Monday today and aren't too upset that it's work again tomorrow (it's a 4 day week so you can't complain really!). I'm not too upset that the Bank Holiday is over as tomorrow I'm going out for dinner with my lovely blogging buddy Kimberley from Kimberley's Beauty Blog, I'm really looking forward too it as it will be lovely to catch up before I leave London :(. 

Anyway, Today I thought I'd tell you about the Elemis Total Glow Range*, as they've released the perfect products to get Summer ready! The Elemis Total Glow Range is made up of two gradual tanners - a body moisturiser with gradual tanner, and one for your face too. 

I've never really been one for gradual tanners, mainly because I'm so terrible at remembering to moisturise every day or ever really but since trying this body lotion, I've been regularly taking the time to moisturiser with this lotion and I've really noticed a difference in my skin. I spend so long looking after the skin on my face, so I don't really know why I've been neglecting my body for so long! 

The Elemis Total Glow Body Lotion contains green tea extract which is naturally rich in protective antioxidants, helping to improve skin tone and texture. It also contains Elderberry Seed Oil and Abyssinian Oil to help deeply hydrate your skin and improve elasticity. Usually, I'm not really swayed by all of these natural claims, but with this product Elemis have really got their ingredients right. Since using this, the skin on my body has been softer that it's ever been and my skin tone has really evened out and improved. 

But, does it give you a tan? It didn't really give me a super dark tan which I would expect from instant tanners and spray tans, etc. However, it did give me a lovely warm glow which is easy to maintain. Overall, it just made me look a lot healthier. My skin was glowing and super soft, and as an added bonus, it smells lovely too! I'd say this is a bit like a permanent tinted moisturiser for your skin in a way, it leaves your skin looking glowing and evens out your skin, kind of like a tinted moisturiser would give you coverage. 

I would say that it's best to use this tan daily though, if you want to build up more of a colour, but when a product is so lovely to use, and it sinks in so quickly, that's not really an issue for me. 

Elemis have also released a gradual tanning face moisturiser as part of this range, which I think is amazing as I'd never want to put body moisturiser on my face. The face moisturiser is a lot like the body moisturiser in that it's super hydrating and it leaves your skin with a lovely bronze glow, but I found that the face moisturiser also had some added benefits. 

The moisturiser is a light cream, but don't be fooled, this is just as moisturising as a thick cream but it sinks in a lot quicker and feels a lot lighter on your skin. I found that after using this moisturiser for a few days, my face had started to develop a subtle bronze glow and I generally looked a lot healthier. My skin was glowing and my skin tone had evened out slightly which is something I always look for as my previous acne years have left my skin in a terrible state. I also love this moisturiser as it doesn't clog your pores when you use it. I was slightly doubtful at first as it is a thicker cream than what I would normally use, but after using this my skin looked a lot better than it does after using my regular moisturiser. 

Overall, I think this is a lovely range from Elemis and certainly one I'll be getting a lot of use from over the coming Summer months!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

FOTD | Green Eyed Monster

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope your all having an amazing weekend! I've been feeling a bit rubbish about my blog recently, and as I'm putting off doing my Uni work this weekend I thought I'd snap a couple of pictures of my make up today. This look was inspired by one of the MAC Fantasy of Flowers Collection adverts, and although that collection has been and gone, there's no reason why you still can't recreate the look if you didn't manage to pick any of the bits up like me!

Firstly, I primed my face with the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer as the moisturiser I used leaves my face quite shiny and I suffer with an oily T-Zone. I've been using this primer for a few weeks now after picking it up while it was on offer and so far I really like it. After priming my face, I mixed my MAC Studio Fix with my YSL Touche Elcat Foundation, as I didn't want to go for a full matte make up look today, but I still wanted it to stay in place all day. To finish off my base, I applied the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer under my eyes and over a couple of pesky blemishes, then topped it all off with the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder, as this gives a little coverage and mattifies your skin without looking cakey at all. 

Next I moved on to eyebrows. Today I used the Trish McEvoy Precision Brow Shaper in Natural Brunette. This is by far my favourite eyebrow product as it lets you really control the shape of your brows and leaves you with a natural finish. Next I primed my eyelids with the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original to intensify the colours and make my shadow last longer. To create the green look, I first used a light green shadow with pearl from a Clarins palette which I got forever ago (sorry I think it was limited edition) but any pastel green shade will do. I then used a darker green shade from my Elf Little Black Book Palette to blend through my crease and outer corners to make the look a little more dramatic and vibrant. Also, this palette is now in the sale, so grab it while you still can at the bargain price of £5! To finish off my eye look, I lined my eyes using Oil Slick eyeshadow by Urban Decay and finished off with lashings of the Bourjois Volume Glamour Curl Mascara

To finish off my face, I quickly dusted off any fall out with my powder brush then contoured using  the L'Oreal  Glam Bronze Powder. To finish off my cheeks I applied the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Fearless, which is a really pretty rose colour and such a good combination with the green eyes.  To complete the whole look, I applied Lovelorn Lipstick by MAC for the perfect pink lip. 

I hope you liked this make up look, and if you would like to see more posts like this then please let me know if I should post more or if I just shouldn't bother!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

Smashbox O-Glow Lip & Cheek Colour | Review & Swatches

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! I haven't got too many plans this weekend, so I'm just spending my 3 days off relaxing and sorting through all of my stuff. It's getting nearer the end of my placement now and I'm going to have to do some serious sorting before I move out as I have so much stuff that just won't fit in the car! Anyway, today I thought I'd pop up a review of a Smashbox product thats a little different. 

I've never tried Smashbox before, despite always wanting to try their Photo Finish Primer and hearing amazing things about their powder, as the high price tags and lack of a counter near me have always put me off (I hate ordering make up online!). However, luckily for me, my housemate used to be a make up artist for Smashbox and she very kindly gave me a couple of bits that she just hasn't got round to using! 

One of the things I was given is the Smashbox O-Glow Cheek Colour. The Smashbox O-Glow Cheek Colour is one of those products designed to suit your individual skin tone and colour, which I think is pretty amazing. This works on the palest of skin to the darkest to create a unique blush which is supposed to match the colour you naturally blush. The O-Glow comes out of the tube as a clear gel ,which I found to be similar to the consistency of the Baby Skin Primer except a little less thick, and then turns into the shade of pink which most suits your skin tone. I know that in the first picture the gel looks as if it has come out with a pink tinge but I promise you thats just because while I was faffing about with my camera, the formula had already started to develop. 

As you can see from the pictures, the clear gel turned into a lovely pink shade. What I love about this product is that its super long lasting and doesn't make your make up look cakey, or take your foundation off when you apply it. It leaves you with a beautiful pink glow which you can also use on your lips. When I was speaking to my housemate about this, she told me that they used to sell a lot of these to Brides, and I can see why. The light pink colour would be perfect for natural bridal make up, and also you can be sure it's going to stay on throughout the day! 

The Smashbox O-Glow is £21 from Boots, so it's a little pricey, but a little really does go a long way with this product as you only need a tiny dab on both cheeks. I'd really recommend this to any blush lovers out there, as it's different but at the same time, very wearable. 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

Arbonne 'Calm' Skincare Range | Review

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hi Beauties! I hope your all doing well and loving this summer weather that we've been having! I made the mistake of taking all of my summer clothes home thinking that we wouldn't get any hot weather before I moved out of London - how wrong was I?! Anyway, with this change in weather, my skin has also started acting up, which lead me to testing out some of the samples I've had stashed away for ages, and I thought it would be a nice idea to let you all know how I've got on. Of course, these are samples so I haven't been able to test them out for as long as I would normally like to test skincare, so please bear that in mind when you read my thoughts. 

With all of this hot weather, my skin has been reacting to some of my current skincare and has been getting slightly dry and a bit irritated (funny how the heat didn't make it oilier?!) so I thought I'd start off using the Arbonne 'Calm' skincare range*, which is designed to help calm sensitive skin and help to keep it hydrated. 

The range includes a gentle daily cleanser, a gentle daily moisturiser, a soothing facial serum and a soothing eye gel. The range doesn't really have a scent which is perfect for any of you ladies with sensitive skin, as scents and sensitive skin rarely mix well. The Gentle Daily Cleanser has a lightweight gel consistency which I like to use in the mornings as I never like putting anything heavy on my skin underneath my make up, which lathers up when massaged into your skin with water. After using this, my skin felt refreshed, without any dryness. This is always something I look for from my cleansers as I have oily but dehydrated skin, so any drying products tend to irritate it and increase the dehydration. 

Next up, I used the soothing facial serum (however I only used this at night time). The serum has a watery gel consistency and skinks into your skin really quickly without that heavy product feeling that some serums can leave behind. I've been really getting into serums recently and this one from Arbonne is great if you like a lighter serum which will still give you the hydration that you need. I then followed on by using the gentle daily moisturiser, which I found a little thick for my liking. I love light weight moisturisers which leave my skin feeling fresh but still give me loads of hydration, and although this one did help with the dry patches - it was just too much for my skin. But by all means, if you love a more creamy moisturiser, go for it! 

And lastly, I finished off with the soothing eye gel. For me, this was the stand out product of the range. It is a light gel consistency which sinks in really quickly and instantly has a brightening and cooling effect on my eyes. I get very tired eyes so a cooling and soothing eye cream or gel is a must for me, and so far this one has really worked for me. 

Overall, I found this range to be amazing for when my skin was irritated as it kept it clear and fresh while also helping calm and soothe the irritation. I don't think I would purchase full sizes of all of these products, but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the soothing eye gel pretty soon!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

May Amazing Advertisers

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Image taken from weheartit

Hello Lovelies! Some of you may know that I have started to offer advertising on Lipgloss & Lashes, and May marks my first official month of advertising! This month's advertisers are Vicki from Let's Talk Beauty and Sophie from Sophie Rose Hearts, they both have amazing blogs which I love to read personally ( and no, I'm not just saying that!) so you should definitely head over and check them out. 

I’m Vicki 34 year old beauty addict – currently living in Manchester with my husband John. I like to write about all things beauty / skincare related. I’m a huge hoarder of products and my blog is my outlet. Pop over & say hello x

I'm Sophie (my middle name is Rose) and I am a 20 year old girl from the UK, I live about an hours train journey away from London and as much as people moan about the UK, I love it! I have two younger sisters and I love them to pieces even though they can really annoy me sometimes (don't all siblings?). I have a gorgeous dog, Basil.  He's a mix of Jack Russell and Corgi and is so adorable!  I am now at Brighton University studying Geography and I love it!
I also adore glitter, sequins, sparkles, cupcakes, pigs, snuggly jumpers, massive necklaces and make-up!

I hope you like my May Advertisers and have gone to check out their blogs, if you like reading my blog then you'll definitely like reading theirs! If you'd like to book a slot for June or would like any more information, then please do get in contact or you can take a look at my advertising page at the top of my blog :)

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

Shake Me Baby...A Micellar Water With A Difference

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hi Ladies! I hope your all having a fabulous week. Today I'm going to be talking about yet another micellar water, however this one is quite unique. If you don't know what a micellar water is...where have you been?! Micellar waters took the beauty world by storm a while ago and since the creation of the legendary Bioderma Micellar Water, tonnes of brands have been adding their own additions to the market. A Micellar Water is essentially a make up remover which also tones your skin. They are supposed to take off your make up with couple of swipes of a cotton pad and they're great for sensitive skin too. 

Recently I was contacted by Pulpe De Vie, a french skincare brand, asking if I would like to try out their Micellar Water called Shake Me Baby* and after researching the product a bit more, I just couldn't say no. I've recently come to love micellar waters for taking my make up off after trying the Garnier one (I wasn't keen on the L'Oreal one) and this one looked perfect for my dehydrated skin. 

Shake Me Baby is made from 20% fresh tomato and grapefruit waters, sea water for its trace elements and cornflower water to tone your skin. However, it also contains olive oil to help deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin. Essentially, Shake Me Baby is a mix between a micellar water and an oil cleanser, however this doesn't have to be removed with water like a regular oil cleanser would. 

I've been using this product for around 2 weeks now and I have to say, I love it. It's amazing at removing my make up, especially waterproof mascara and two cotton pads with this stuff on tends to remove my full face of make up - which is pretty impressive considering I wear quite heavy duty foundation. It also leaves my skin feeling fresh but without drying my skin out, in fact it pretty much does the opposite and leaves my skin feeling like I've just moisturised. The bottle says that you don't need to cleanse your face after using this, but I always like to wash my face with warm water anyway just to be sure, but if you were at a festival, this would make an amazing alternative to face wipes when your water supply is limited. 

Overall, I love this product and I would really recommend it to anyone out there who has dry or dehydrated skin as it leaves your skin feeling so soft. 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

MAC Pigment in Antique Green | Review & Swatches

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Firstly, I'm sorry If I'm boring you with all of these pigment reviews, but I managed to pick a couple up in a Blog Sale at a bargain price...then my housemate (who is an ex-makeup artist) decided to give me a load of her kit that she wasn't going to use anymore, including lots of MAC and Smashbox goodies (how lucky am I?!) so prepare yourselves for a couple more pigment reviews over the next couple of weeks, I promise I'll do my best to spread them out!

Whenever I'm going out or dressing up and I don't want to try anything new with my make up (I never leave myself time to try out different looks!) I always find myself applying a golden green smokey eye, so when I saw this pigment I knew I had to have it. Antique green is a beautiful dark green pigment which looks as though it has blue running through it also. It's quite a dark green but it look amazing blended into the outer corner of your lid when you've applied gold all over your lid - very summery and it looks amazing with a tan. 

The great thing about pigments is that they can also be mixed using MAC's mixing medium to turn them into a eyeliner or a wet shadow (great if your not a fan of the fall out), however I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea as they do kick off some serious fall out if you aren't careful. 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Covent Garden Place

Friday, 16 May 2014

Hi Ladies! I hope your all doing well! I'm super tired at the moment and definitely ready for Summer, sometimes blogging can feel like a full time job all in itself! Anyway, today I thought I'd fill you in on my latest Nails Inc addition - one of their Gel Effect Polishes in Covent Garden Place*. 

Covent Garden Place is a vibrant pink colour with a hint of coral, making it perfect for this time of the year and for when the sun finally decides to show it's little face. The gel effect, much like the Barry M Gelly polishes gives you a really high shine finish which I think you can see in the picture (which really doesn't do the beauty of this polish justice). I really like this polish and I find that it lasts a little longer than regular polishes which is always a bonus. 

Have you tried any of the Nails Inc Gel Effect polishes? I'd love to know which ones your favourite!

MAC Pigment in Fuchsia | Review & Swatches

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hello Beauties! If you know me at all, then you'll know that the pigment pictured above is definitely not my colour, in clothes maybe, but make up? definitely not. However, somehow I've managed to make it work for me. I picked up this pigment in a set with some other MAC pigments in a Blog Sale and this was the one colour I wasn't sure about but as it was only £3 I may as well add it to my collection. 

Fuchsia is an extremely vibrant pink colour with a heck of a lot of shimmer. I realise that this probably won't be the most popular Pigment out there, but if your all for embracing colour, then I'd really recommend this pigment. If you don't want to go all out with a bright colour all over your lid, you can also mix this with water or some mixing medium, then use an angled brush to apply it like eye liner. It looks really pretty layered over black cat eye liner for a subtle pop of colour. 

Obviously, being a loose pigment this does have a little fall out but it's nothing that can't be swept off with a powder brush. I think MAC Pigments are also amazing value for money, they may seem pricey at £17 but they will last forever as you get a tonne of product in there, especially as you only need the tiniest amount to get the colour shown above!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

My Creme De La Mer Facial Experience

Monday, 12 May 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and aren't too bummed about going back to work today! Today, I'm heading off to a Benefit Event in London for the launch of their new top secret product, so I'm still not sure what I'll be getting up to later! Anyway, On Saturday I was given the amazing opportunity to have a Creme De La Mer facial* at their counter in Selfridges, Oxford Street. 

When I arrived, I was sat down at a beautiful desk and given a skin consultation whilst sipping on some beautiful champagne, I was talked through each of the products in their range and what their ingredients did for your skin, and then was told which products would be recommended for my skin type. I learnt that Creme De La Mer was founded half a century ago, by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber. Dr Huber received burns in the laboratory and began a personal quest to transform the look of his skin. He hand-harvested sea kelp and fermented it with simple, pure ingredients and after 12 years and 6,000 experiments, he perfected the precious, nutrient rich Miracle Broth, which is at the heart of Creme De La Mer's profound powers of transformation. 

After my skin consultation, I was taken to the treatment room which is actually in the middle of their counter surrounded by fish tanks and cloudy glass, and although it's in the middle of the beauty hall, it's actually quite relaxing. First, I had my make up removed and my skin cleansed using the 'The Cleansing Gel' which is a gently foaming gel for combination skin which draws out excess oil and pollutants, while still maintaining skins moisture. I loved the feel of this gel and it was perfect for my sensitive skin. Next, I had the 'Oil Absorbing Tonic' applied which helps to reduce excess oil which can lead to break outs and helps to revitalise this skin. This was really nice and cooling and left my skin feeling ever so fresh. 

Tahmina (the Creme De La Mer expert who served me) then applied 'The Radiant Serum' to illuminate my skin and refine the look of my skin tone, followed by 'The Concentrate' which is a deeply nourishing treatment that helps with the look of scarring and skin discolouration, and I have to say, my skin did look instantly better after this product was applied. I was then left with 'The Hydrating Facial' on my skin to work its magic, which is a sheet face mask. I'm never usually a fan of these face masks but this one was lovely and so relaxing. It left my skin feeling so hydrated and I'd really recommend it to any dry skin sufferers like I occasionally am. After my face mask was removed, Tahmina used 'The Eye Concentrate' which is targeted at dark circles. She applied this using a little metal ball which comes with the product. This helps to de-puff your eyes as the cooling massage it gives you helps with circulation and cools the eye area. My facial was then finished off with the application of the Oil Absorbing Lotion, which is a lovely light cream which helps to mattify your skin, whilst still keeping it hydrated. 

The whole experience was brilliant and I left feeling relaxed and feeling great about my skin. Above, is a picture of me with no make up on after my facial which really shows the effects of the Creme De La Mer products, not only on my skin but on my self confidence as well. My skin is something which I always try and hide due to years suffering with acne, but my skin looked and felt so amazing after my facial that there was no need for make up, and if that doesn't show how amazing these products are, I don't know what does. Today I left the house without make up for the first time in a couple of years and it felt great. If you really want to invest in your skin care, I really recommend a trip to the Creme De La Mer counter. 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

MAC Pigment in Violet | Review & Swatches

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hello Ladies! I hope your all enjoying the weekend, whatever you are up to! I'm super excited as tomorrow I'm off to a Benefit event for the launch of their new 'secret' product, I can't wait to meet some of my fave bloggers and talk all things beauty with them!

I thought I'd review another one of my blog sale purchases now that I've had time to play around with it a bit more, and this time it's not limited edition - hurrah!

I recently picked up the MAC Pigment in Violet and I have to say, I was a little bit worried at first. As it's such a deep colour, I was worried that I wouldn't get much use from this. But so far, I've been able to use it to create a purple smokey eye and mix it using MAC's mixing medium, or just water, to create a beautiful vibrant eye liner. 

As with all of MAC's pigments, Violet is highly pigmented ( I mean, just look at that swatch!) and the tiniest amount is all you need to get an opaque colour. Violet is, as the name suggests, a beautiful vibrant violet colour with a lovely shimmery sheen to it. If your a fan of purple eyeshadows like myself, I suggest you get yourself down to your local MAC counter, as you certainly won't regret purchasing this. Its highly pigmented, it lasts so long and its a gorgeous colour - if you don't mind loose pigments then what's not to love?

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish in Spitafieds

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope your all having a great Saturday and have lots of lovely things planned! This weekend I've got a skin consultation and meeting with Creme De La Mer to take a look over all of their new releases and get to know the brand and products a lot better so I'm super excited for that, and I'm sure I'll be doing a bit of shopping while I'm there! 

Today I thought I'd talk to you all about an amazing new discovery of mine - magnetic nail polish! Now I know that this isn't a completely new discovery, they've been around for a couple of months now but like with most things, I'm late to the party with this one. 

The Nails Inc Magnetic Fishnet Polish in Spitafields* is a beautiful opaque green colour. I found that I only needed one coat of this to get the desired effect which is perfect for lazy people like me. The bottle comes with a detachable magnet with a finger rest, which you just hover over your wet nails to make the fishnet/snakeskin effect instantly appear. It literally takes a few seconds to create the effect and then it dries super quickly - perfect!

I'm honestly really impressed with this polish, it's perfect for people like me who wouldn't otherwise be able to create any kind of nail art and I'm definitely looking into picking it up in some of the other colours as I think it's just so cool. 

What do you think of this effect? Is it something you'd go for?

MAC Bare My Soul Quad | Review & Swatches

Friday, 9 May 2014

Hey Beauties! I hope you've all had an amazing week and are looking forward to the weekend! This weekend I don't have much planned so I'm going to spend it catching up on all things blog related as I have about 15 posts in my drafts ready to write up! If you read one of my posts earlier this week, then you'll know that I was lucky enough to pick up some MAC goodies from a blog sale, the Bare My Soul palette being one of them. I'm really sorry to say that this palette was limited edition, but I thought I would review it for you anyway incase you are able to pick it up somewhere or you can find any similar colours. 

The Bare My Soul palette contains 4 more neutral colours and one bright little pop of colour which I think is a great addition to the palette. It contains Romantico which is a light shimmery golden brown, Bare My Soul which is a really pretty golden shimmery colour, Friendly which is a deeper brown with a golden sheen to it, and When In Rio which is a beautiful deep blue shimmery turquoise colour which I love for its uniqueness. 

I really love this palette as there are so many looks you can create with it. It has some neutral colours perfect for every day and then you can add in the deep blue/green colour to spice things up a bit and create a smokey eye with a difference. I think this quad will be perfect for creating a golden summer look and I can really see myself getting a lot of use from it, as all of the colours are highly pigmented and buttery soft. 

What do you think of the Bare My Soul palette? 

Nails Inc Concrete Nail Polish in Stonehenge

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hi Ladies! I hope your all well and enjoying the 4 day week so far! If you follow me on Instagram (@becky_derbyshire) then you'll know that lately I've been testing out some new Nails Inc nail polishes. The one which seemed the most popular was this beautiful vibrant blue concrete effect polish, so I thought I'd let you know about that one first!

The Nails Inc Concrete Effect Polish in Stonehenge* is a beautiful vibrant blue colour with a unique textured effect. The polish contains grains of what I think is sand (as far as I can tell!) which sets in a semi matte grainy concrete texture. At first, I wasn't sure that I liked this effect but since applying it, its really grown on me, and it's perfect if you don't want to go for a super girly look. 

However, I did find this slightly hard to apply. I'm not the best at painting my nails (I basically end up painting all over my hands and hoping it washes off, eek!) but I did find that you needed an especially steady hand to apply this. Also, much like a glitter polish, this is slightly tricker to get off but nothing too bad that it would put me off buying. 

What do you think of these concrete effects?

Laurens Way 1 Hour Tan | Before & After

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hello Ladies! I hope your all having a fabulous week and aren't too sad to be back at work after a long weekend! If your anything like me and always leave things like tanning for a night out to the last minute, I have a feeling that the product I'm going to be talking about today may just be perfect for you. 

The Laurens Way Rapid Self Tan* is designed to develop in an hour, so if you decide on a spontaneous night out and want to tan it up, you've got it covered. I opted for the spray formula as recently I've found that these are much easier to apply than the mousse formula that I used to use, but I have to say that I found this one slightly tricker to apply than my usual Fake Bake tan. Obviously there is a difference in the price between the Fake Bake and Laurens Way so it may be down to that or it may just be the Laurens Way formula, as I've never tried anything from the brand before. I just found the formula to be a lot drier than other brands so I had to work a bit more to make sure that there were no streaks. However, that aside, this really is a great tan. 

As you can see from the pictures above, I am ghostly pale. I never get a natural tan as my skin just burns then peels back to pale, none of that 'it'll turn into tan' nonsense for me! So I always have to fake it if I want a golden glow, which I most definitely do. Straight after applying this, it gave me a faint tan, but after an hour it had developed into a natural looking golden brown - amazing after such a short period of time! You could just leave it for an hour then your good to go, but I decided to leave it for 3 hours then wash it off (I'm way too clumsy to trust myself not to spill anything on my tan!). After I'd washed it off, it left me with a natural looking faint tan which was just what I was looking for. As I'm so pale I only applied one coat of this, but you can definitely achieve a darker tan if you so desire by just applying more. 

Overall, I'm really impressed by this tan. I honestly did't expect it to develop in such a short amount of time, but it lived up to its claims and it will definitely come in handy for those unplanned nights out!

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