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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

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Hello Lovelies! Some of you may know that I have started to offer advertising on Lipgloss & Lashes, and May marks my first official month of advertising! This month's advertisers are Vicki from Let's Talk Beauty and Sophie from Sophie Rose Hearts, they both have amazing blogs which I love to read personally ( and no, I'm not just saying that!) so you should definitely head over and check them out. 

I’m Vicki 34 year old beauty addict – currently living in Manchester with my husband John. I like to write about all things beauty / skincare related. I’m a huge hoarder of products and my blog is my outlet. Pop over & say hello x

I'm Sophie (my middle name is Rose) and I am a 20 year old girl from the UK, I live about an hours train journey away from London and as much as people moan about the UK, I love it! I have two younger sisters and I love them to pieces even though they can really annoy me sometimes (don't all siblings?). I have a gorgeous dog, Basil.  He's a mix of Jack Russell and Corgi and is so adorable!  I am now at Brighton University studying Geography and I love it!
I also adore glitter, sequins, sparkles, cupcakes, pigs, snuggly jumpers, massive necklaces and make-up!

I hope you like my May Advertisers and have gone to check out their blogs, if you like reading my blog then you'll definitely like reading theirs! If you'd like to book a slot for June or would like any more information, then please do get in contact or you can take a look at my advertising page at the top of my blog :)

Lots of Love, 

Becky x

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