Nails Inc Concrete Nail Polish in Stonehenge

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hi Ladies! I hope your all well and enjoying the 4 day week so far! If you follow me on Instagram (@becky_derbyshire) then you'll know that lately I've been testing out some new Nails Inc nail polishes. The one which seemed the most popular was this beautiful vibrant blue concrete effect polish, so I thought I'd let you know about that one first!

The Nails Inc Concrete Effect Polish in Stonehenge* is a beautiful vibrant blue colour with a unique textured effect. The polish contains grains of what I think is sand (as far as I can tell!) which sets in a semi matte grainy concrete texture. At first, I wasn't sure that I liked this effect but since applying it, its really grown on me, and it's perfect if you don't want to go for a super girly look. 

However, I did find this slightly hard to apply. I'm not the best at painting my nails (I basically end up painting all over my hands and hoping it washes off, eek!) but I did find that you needed an especially steady hand to apply this. Also, much like a glitter polish, this is slightly tricker to get off but nothing too bad that it would put me off buying. 

What do you think of these concrete effects?


  1. Hey Becky!
    I love the colour, it's very vibrant and I can see looking good on an evening out. I do agree with the application, because the grains it's not the easiest to apply but the colour it's worth the effort :)

    Ila x

  2. I wouldn't think i'd like the finish, but it looks lovely on you! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Such a beautiful colour & I love how different the texture is :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  4. I saw your instagrammed pic and whilst I'm not a fan of textured polishes I LOVE the colour.


  5. Gorgeous colour, though I'm not really a fan of texture type nail polishes, they are a pain the the bum to remover so I never think it's worth it, unfortunately ;)
    xxx Claire

  6. This looks amazing on your nails, love the colour!
    Kayla xx

  7. I absolutely love this colour! The texture is really cool too :) xx

  8. Not sure what I think about this kind of texture, but I can see how it adds a bit of interest. And the colour is amazing!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  9. I love this colour and the look it creates, I've recently become a huge fan of textured nail polishes x


  10. I'm not a huge fan of most of the effect polishes, but this looks really pretty! Love the colour too.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  11. Such an intense texture! When you hear the word concrete, you don't expect it to look nice....But I really like it! It's different! :D
    Elephant stories and more

  12. I heard about this a while ago but I didn't think I would like it but it actually looks really nice! I love anything that is in that gorgeous cobalt blue colour.

    Holly | holly la beau

  13. Oh I forgot to say, I really love your new blog design x

  14. I featured this blog post in my top 5 reads of the week here. xx


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