21 Before 21: Update

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hello Lovelies! Back last year I published a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 21, so as today is my 21st Birthday, I thought I would republish the list and let you all know what I've ticked off and what I still have to complete! 

1. Live in London - I lived in London for a year while I was completing my year in Industry for my degree and had the time of my life, it's definitely one of my favourite places which I've lived in so far. 
2. Get a placement for next year at Uni - For a while I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't be able to find an internship/placement and complete my Uni degree. Competition for Internships is fierce and there are so many students who want them now, so me being my usual doubtful self didn't think I could do it. However, I was lucky enough to be offered an internship working for Disney, and can honestly say that I had the time of my life working there. 
3. Get 300 followers on my blog (slightly ambitious I know, but a girls got to dream!) - I was so shocked to actually complete this target. I now have over 2500 followers on Bloglovin' and it's a bit shocking to me really, I never thought anyone would want to read me ranting on about lipstick! 
4. Attend a blogger event - I've been way too shy to do this so far! - I attended my first blogging event in May last year for the launch of Benefit's Stay Flawless Primer. To this day, it's still been one of my favourite events and I was lucky enough to meet some of my blogging friends there, who I am still in contact with today. 
5. Get my drivers licence  - I got my drivers licence after 3 attempts at taking the test (nerves got the better of me) and this Summer I'll be getting my first car! This year, I'll be living at home and commenting to Uni to save money as I now live fairly close to campus, so I'll be needing a car to get me from A to B. 
6. Have my own proper income - As I said before, I was lucky enough to be given an internship at Disney which of course came with a salary, I loved earning my own money and being able to treat myself every now and then, so I can't wait to get another job to keep this up. 
7. Get my belly button pierced  This one took me three years to complete, I'm such a chicken and was so scared of it hurting, but now I love it, although I know it's not to everyone's tastes. 
8. Actually start my MAC Lipstick collection - After receiving my first MAC lipstick in a giveaway about a year and a half ago, my addiction to MAC lipsticks got a bit out of hand and I now own about 8 or 9, all in very similar colours!
9. Visit a city I've never been to before - I visited Brighton in November to go see my friend who goes to Uni there, and I've also visited Salisbury, not the most exciting cities but I still did it!
10. Stop being so shy - I wasn't sure whether to cross this one off or not, as I have gained confidence through blogging and working, however I'm still a very shy person, so I don't think I can completely tick this one off just yet. 
11. Buy an Macbook - I was in desperate need to a new laptop and despite the high price, I really wanted a MacBook Pro. So, I saved up all year and finally bought myself one this Easter, and it was definitely worth living off Sainsburys Basics all year! 
12. Learn to stop biting my nails! - I don't think I'll ever be able to stop this, I know its a terrible habit but I just can't seem to stop myself. 
13. Lose a bit of weight - Again, my plans to go to the gym lasted about a week before I gave up, I'm really terrible for complaining about my weight then doing nothing about it! When I get back from Miami, I'm hoping to go to the gym more and get a bit fitter, as all of the American food I've been eating is doing my waistline no favours! 
14. Meet someone who inspires me - This is a tricky one. All of my friends inspire me, they wouldn't be my friends if they didn't, but by this, I meant meeting someone who truly changes your life and although I've met people who have changed my life in small ways, I don't think I've met the person I was thinking of when I wrote this point. 
15. Finally fill my big photo frame (i've been attempting this for a while) - I guess I can cross this one off, as I have filled it. However, I now want to change all of the photos as there are a lot of people in them that I'd rather not remember or have a daily reminder of, so this Summer I'll be attempting to replace them with better memories. 
16. Own something from Tiffanys - I actually only just managed to cross this one off, for my 21st Birthday, my parents bought me a beautiful Tiffanys necklace, as it's something Ive wanted for years. 
17. Work for a cosmetics company - I've also only just managed to cross this one off. I was recently offered a job with Benefit Cosmetics and have just received my starter kit. I'm so excited to start and officially become a Benebabe! 
18. Go on a makeup artist training course - This was something I wanted to do while I was living in London, however once I had looked into the training courses and prices, I decided that this was just something I couldn't do. I wouldn't have gone into being a make up artist full time, so for the money it just wasn't worth it to me. 
19. Own something by Chanel - Okay, so I only own a perfume but it's still Chanel right?, It might not be the handbag of my dreams, but it certainly is my favourite scent. 
20. Get a proper blog design made for me (any recommendations?!) - Since writing this, I've had several blog designs. I love the simplicity and girly-ness of the one I have at the moment, so for now I think I will be keeping this one, or at least until enough people read my blog to warrant me spending an obscene amount of money on a design!
21. Be happy with my life when I turn 21. - I haven't crossed this one off just yet, as there are still some aspects of my life that I would like to change, however, for the moment I am definitely happy enough with my life at 21 - I still have the rest of my life to figure the rest out. 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x


  1. Congrats on how many you achieved so far you are amazing, you definitely don't come across as shy but I think it's a really endearing nice feature, I don't like loud over confident people :) xxx

  2. Happy Birthday lovely, and well done for completing so many things on your list! :) x


  3. Happy Birthday and congrats on completing so many things and best wishes to crossing the rest of them off as well :)

  4. Happy birthday! Sadly I've missed 21, but I think I'm going to have to do something similar before my next milestone! Congratulations on completing so many awesome things!

  5. Happy (late) birthday!
    I love how you aimed for 300 and got 2500- what a blogging inspiration!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

  6. Wow you've achieved a lot of things on your list, happy late birthday too x

  7. Love this list, can't believe how many you have actaully completed, congrats! Definitely want to live in London, start a MAC collection and own something Chanel along with a lot of the other things on your list ahha!

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