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Friday, 11 July 2014

Hello Lovelies! Today I have yet another hair post for you all. I was recently send the Brianna 3/4 wig by HotHair in the colour Ginger Brown. Now, I've never really been one to wear hair pieces and 3/4 wigs, so this review will be based on minimal experience of applying them, etc. 

The Brianna 3/4 wig is an extremely long hairpiece with gentle waves through the ends, which HotHair say is the perfect 'glamour puss' look. The Brianna wig clips securely on to the back of your head, and even with minimal experience of getting them in, I managed it with ease. However, I didn't feel like this was all that secure, but that was probably just because I'm rubbish at these sorts of things. 

The Brianna wig definitely gave me a lot of added length and volume, but it's just not a look I'm used to. I have mid length hair and this hair piece was a lot longer than my natural hair (you can probably see this in the picture) which I know some people like, but for me it just isn't a look I usually go for. It's also a synthetic hair piece which means it can't be styled using heat or dyed. This was something I struggled with as I found that the hairpiece was a lot darker than my natural hair, but the lighter shade would have been too light, and as it's synthetic I wasn't able to dye it to match my hair colour. 

I also found that the synthetic hair was a lot shinier than my natural hair. HotHair say on their website that their synthetic hair looks exactly like human hair, however I don't have shiny hair, so I can definitely tell what is my natural hair and what isn't, unlike the human hair extensions that I've tried. 

I would say that if your a fan of synthetic hair pieces, then you'd probably really like this one. It's definitely great for a night out as the synthetic hair won't react to humidity, and the curls won't drop like your own hair, and it definitely gives you a heck of  a lot of volume and length, but personally it's just not a style I usually go for. 

What are your opinions on synthetic hair pieces?

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x 

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  1. It looks lovely but I do prefer human hair pieces, they are easier to style and look more natural in my opinion! It does really suit you though and I love the flicks and waves in it! xx


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