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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hello Beauties! A couple of days ago, I touched down back in England after spending a fantastic couple of weeks in Florida with my family. A few people have asked what I got up to and to see a couple of my holiday snaps, so I thought I would fill you all in and let you have a sneak at some of my holiday photos. I had such an amazing time out in America, and I'm currently suffering with a serious case of the holiday blues, I really didn't want to come home and back to reality! 

I stayed on an island called Marco Island which is in South West Florida, then we drove into Miami whenever we wanted to visit (mainly for shopping!). If you've never been I'd highly recommend it, I've been about 5 or 6 times now and every time I've loved it. It has everything you could want from a relaxing holiday destination - beautiful weather (It was 30-35 degrees every day!), amazing scenery, beautiful beaches and plenty of activities in the surrounding areas for you to sink your teeth into, not to mention the food, if you like fresh sea food or steak then this is the place for you. It's not really a party town, it's more the sort of place you'd go if your looking to really relax, but there is still plenty of bars and restaurants to head out to at night, and as I only just turned 21 I haven't really had a chance to really do my research into any clubs out there!

This year we stayed in a villa called Bella Solana which you can see here if you'd like to take a look. It was an amazing house and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone, the views were perfect and it's not too far from the main part of the Island. We also had lots of friendly people go past our house on their boats and jet skis, and also saw tonnes of wild dolphins swim right past our deck, as most of the houses out here back on to the water ways. 

Most of my days were spent relaxing by the pool and desperately trying to get a tan, if you've seen me recently then you'll know that I majorly failed at this! However, we did take a few day trips out to explore the island what everything that it has to offer. One day we went deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico which was amazing. I've been before so I knew what to expect, but it's still a really enjoyable day and each trip is different, this time we saw a wild sea turtle bobbing around and before we've seen wild dolphins jumping right by the boat, close enough to touch. I also went to a shooting range and learnt how to shoot, but there's more info on that in my post all about my birthday here

Our evenings were mostly spent either having a BBQ with all of the fresh fish we had caught, or heading out to some of the local restaurants. The Island and surrounding areas are packed with loads of brilliant restaurants, and there's definitely something for everyone. If your a seafood or steak lover, then you will love it here. 

The shopping is also brilliant over there. If you've ever been to America then you'll know that most things are way cheaper over there than they are in the UK, and with the dollar at a pretty good rate right now, we were lucky to find some amazing bargains. If you're over there, I'd highly recommend visiting the Miromar Outlets. There are some amazing bargains to be had there, with most shops offering up to 80% off their stock. While I was at the outlets I managed to pick up some Abercrombie Jeans and tops, a Michael Kors bag, denim shorts and a couple of tshirts and some Converse, all for about £300, and you just can't beat those prices over in the UK. Other than outlet shopping, there's also loads of shopping centres in Naples, the closest town. They have Coconut Point and the Coastland Centre out there, both of which are great shopping destinations and if you're in the Coastland Centre you definitely have to go to the pet adoption store next to Macys - it's full of little kittens and puppys which are just too adorable to ignore! If you're looking for some serious shopping and want to make a day of it though, definitely head over to Miami. The Aventura Mall there is amazing and definitely the biggest shopping centre I've ever been in, and lets just say I spent way more time than necessary browsing the isles of Sephora! 

I had an amazing time in Marco Island and Miami and can't wait to hopefully go back one day. I will also be sharing some hauls over on Lipgloss & Lashes pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled for those, a long with lots of American beauty reviews! 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! I'm glad you had an amazing holiday x


  2. It looks so beautiful, I'm glad you had a really lovely time :)



  3. It looks amazing, lovely photos. I'm glad you enjoyed :-)

    Sarah x

  4. Oh wow this looks incredible & you look gorgeous with the cocktail, I am so jealous! xx

  5. Simply stunning, it looks amazing and I hope it is something you will always remember x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  6. So glad to hear you had a great trip! :)

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  7. Stunning pictures, I've visited Florida many times but I've never been to Marco Island, definitely need to have a trip I think ;)
    xxx Claire

  8. So glad you had a fun time! I am actually from Orlando Florida which isn't too far from Miami so I have been a couple of times to everywhere you mentioned! Want to trade places? You come to Florida and I go to England! I have always wanted to visit! :) Glad you enjoyed yourself in the sunshine state!

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

  9. What a wonderful experience. Sounds like you had a jam packed time. Your photos are beautiful


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