August Birchbox

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hello Beauties! Once again, it's time for me to share with you all what I received in this months Birchbox. Firstly, I apologise for being a little late to the party with this one, as I'm sure you've read plenty of reviews of this month's box, but mine arrived while I was still on holiday and I just haven't had time to get it all photographed and sit down to write this review! This month's box was called 'Away We Go' and contains some samples which Birchbox think would be great for a Summer getaway. 

Liaison De Parfum Sample | RRP £105

The first thing I received in this months Birchbox was this cute little perfume sample. It came in this adorable little envelope and smells quite spicy and musky - definitely more of a winter scent if you ask me. This perfume really isn't something that I would choose for myself as I prefer lighter, floral scents but it does last well on the skin and is very heavily scented. I don't really enjoy receiving perfume samples though, as realistically, I could just pick this up for free myself at a perfume shop. 

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect Sample | RRP  £20

The second product I received was the Number 4 Prep and Protect Spray which is a leave in conditioning spray designed to detangle and protect against heat and sun damage. This was quite a large sample and I'm glad I received it as I've been using it lately to protect my hair from heat damage caused by my over use of the straighteners. I can't say that it did much in the way of detangling my hair though, so this was a bit of a no-go for me as I've seen much cheaper heat protectors that work just as well. 

Sarah McNamara Beauty New York Hydroactive Microderm | RRP £25

Out of everything I received this month, this product is my second favourite. I usually don't like to receive skincare samples as my skin is quite oily and sensitive, so a lot of the products just don't work for me, however, I've really been loving using this product. It's a very fine exfoliator, which is great for my skin as rougher exfoliators tend to aggravate it and it leaves my skin looking smooth and glowing. When I've worked my way though all of my current exfoliators, I'll definitely be considering this one as a replacement. 

Supergoop CC Cream in Light/Medium | RRP £32

In this months box, I received two tiny samples of the Supergoop CC Cream in Light/Medium and I have to say, it's left me a little disappointed. I really don't see why brands create products in the shade light/medium as there is a big difference between light and medium skin, so as usual, this was way too dark for me, meaning that unless I wanted to look like an Oompa Loompa I couldn't use it. Also, for £32 I couldn't see any major differences between this and a lot of more affordable CC creams on the market, so I definitely will not be purchasing the full size. 

Wild About Beauty Creme Eyeshadow | RRP £13

Out of everything I received this month, this product was definitely my favourite. I love eyeshadows and think a girl can never have too many, so this was a lovely treat in this months box. I found the eyeshadow to be buttery and soft, much like the Urban Decay shadows and was highly pigmented, which is always a bonus. I much prefer receiving makeup items in subscription boxes rather than tiny skincare samples, as I find I get much more use from them and they're just generally more exciting. 

The Proposal by Tasmina Perry | RRP £7.99

This months added lifestyle pick was a sample of 'The Proposal' by Tasmina Perry. I haven't actually got round to reading this yet so I can't comment on the story line, however I thought this was a nice little touch by Birchbox and went well with the theme. 

Overall, this month's box has left me a little disappointed. I found that a lot of the samples were either things I could have picked up myself, or things which just didn't suit me or interest me. I've had much better boxes, but there are still some things I could use from this box, so it's not all bad!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x 


  1. I kinda agree with you here! I was left a little disappointed by this months Birchbox, though I'm very jealous you received the eyeshadow! I so wanted that out of all of the products! Great review though!xx

    1. Ohh how disappointing that you didn't get the eyeshadow, it was the only think I really liked from this months box! x x

  2. The eye shadow looks lovely, but I can see what you mean about being a little disappointed! Not as good as the usual birch boxes!


    1. Definitely not, especially after seeing what they gave away with the US Birchbox this month! x x

  3. I've got to say I was really quite disappointed with this months box. Usually Birchbox are on the ball and create fab boxes but this one certainly didn't impress me :( Raspberrykiss xo

    1. I agree, there were no products that I couldn't wait to test out, and it seemed to be packed with more sample sizes than normal :( x x

  4. I thought this box looked great with the book etc but on closer inspection it's a bit of a disappointment, that CC cream is so dark & I am really pale I would've been v annoyed, it happens far too often that they don't tailor for light skinned gals xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I know, its so annoying when brands do that! I would never label that product 'light/medium' as its definitely not light! x x


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