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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and enjoying the last few weeks of Summer! I'm now ready to start looking forward to Autumn/Winter now that all of the A/W fashion seems to be hitting the shops, and I haven't been able to resist picking up some boots and jumpers ready for the new season! Anyway, I've always wanted to own a couple of the Benefit beauty kits as I always think they look so pretty displayed at their counters and recently I was given a couple to keep, so I thought I would pop a review of some of them up, starting with the 'How To Look The Best At Everything' kit in the shade 'light'. 

The kit comes in this pretty little case, designed to look like a book which I think is just so cute. Benefit are always hitting the mark with their packaging and this product is no different. The kit also comes with a 'Tips & Tricks' page which unfolds to reveal a decent size mirror on the lid of the kit. I think the 'Tips & Tricks' page is great as it shows you the best way to apply all of the products and some useful tips for creating a flawless base. 

The kit includes a sample size of their Porefessional Primer which I adore, a sample size of their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Champagne, two shades of their Boing Concealer which is another favourite of mine and a little sample size of their Hello Flawless Powder, also in Champagne. One thing I love about this kit is that it includes everything you need for your base, including a primer, and the little sample sizes are a great way to try out some of their products at a cheaper price, before you decide to buy the whole thing. 

The one complaint about this product that I have, is the shade range. I love Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, however I usually use the shade Ivory, so this kit is a little on the dark side for me. Although, apart from that, this kit is perfect in my opinion. I love the Porefessional and I think the two shades of the Boing concealer is great as you can remove it and pop it in your handbag for touch ups on the go. I also think providing the two shades is great because it allows you to customise your complexion if you wanted to use one shade to conceal and the other to highlight, etc. 

I'd really recommend this little kit to anyone interested in Benefit's base products but doesn't want to commit to buying lots of full size products, as that could get pretty expensive. Also, once your done with all of the products, you can remove the inside packaging and use it as a pretty storage box, which is what I plan on doing. 


  1. These are perfect for exactly what you said, trying out products before buying. The whole kit costs about the same as one full sized, so it really is a great idea.

  2. These kits are so useful! I really want to try this one x

  3. Sounds great! I love Porefessional and really want to try Boing..
    I didn't get on well with the Hello Flawless foundations though xx

  4. I love the benefit kits (not that have any haha!) as you get to try everything out before paying full price for each!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. Love the sound of this kit! I really want to try the hello flawless foundation and the boi-ing concealer!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  6. I LOVE this kit but I totally agree on the shade range, I got one for my birthday and sold it on ebay as it was SO frikin dark! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  7. Benefit's kits are pretty amazing! I was eyeing this up a while back but Im not sure if they have a shade for my skin tone!

    BLOG SALE | The little things in life

  8. Oh man, Benefit always comes up with the best names! haha

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  9. Great kit for anyone getting into makeup and doesn't want to fully commit! Thanks for sharing!
    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  10. This would be great for make-up beginners or if you are first just trying out Benefit make-up! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  11. Wow that foundation is way too dark! As a fellow pale girl I feel your pain! hahaha
    Allison from

  12. This is such a cool kit! I think this would be perfect for me but just in a different shade.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  13. The Benefit kits are always cute! I own this one and I agree that the foundation is way too dark, I'm a big fan of the concealer though :) xx

  14. Love all the mini kits Benefit has. It's really reasonable priced and let you try a few things at the same time before buying the full size products! <3

    BonnieBeautyxo ♡


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